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This may surprise you, but used car dealers have spent the last several years stretched a bit thin.
At the same time, a deluge of used cars can’t help but lead to greater competition—and thus, to lower prices.
Experts say that those who are looking to get a great value on used vehicle should look at the makes and models that have been among the most-leased over the past five years.
Though it is worth noting a lack of pickup trucks on this list—a class of vehicles that is not leased nearly as often, with most truck-lovers preferring to buy them outright—there is still plenty of diversity to choose from here. Another tip: The best deals will be found in the markets where leasing is most common, which tend to be major metropolitan areas.
Beyond that, we recommend simply educating yourself about the dos and don’ts of used car buying.

The dealers who have long struggled with low inventory are suddenly finding their lots explode with options. Certainly dealers have been longing to broaden their selections of used vehicles, luring in more and more customers simply by offering a more diverse product lineup. Indeed, consumers who are in the market for a used vehicle will find price stickers looking more and more favorable over the coming months.
For those in California, Los Angeles and Orange County should boast burgeoning used inventories and competitive prices. Sell your used cars and car parts as car related other materials you can sell on this site.
This has proven to be a boon to those selling their vehicles, as dealers have been willing to pay top dollar simply to replenish their wares.

The reason for this is simple: Many two-and-three-year-old vehicles are coming off their leases, and as such they are making their way to used lots. Note that, for most dealerships, used cars come with a wider profit margin than new ones, so any chance to spike the used car inventory is welcome. Even so, those who have been looking for used vehicles may have noticed slimmer pickings than usual.

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