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The Vauxhall Mokka has plenty of storage space and a large boot, although adults may find the rear seats a bit tight.
Despite being closely related to the small Vauxhall Corsa supermini, the Vauxhall Mokka is quite practical.
Thanks to a large windscreen, big side windows, good-sized door mirrors and compact dimensions, the Mokka is an easy car to navigate in tighter spots than many rivals, even without the optional parking sensors and reversing camera.
Perhaps the only big issue the Mokka has in terms of practicality is that rear legroom may be tight for taller passengers – especially if all three back seats are being used. At 360 litres with the rear seats in place, the Mokka’s boot offers a decent amount of space that should be enough for the needs of most buyers. Folding all the seats down frees up the maximum 1,372-litre load capacity, which – in conjunction with the car’s boxy shape – should prove useful for carrying larger and more cumbersome items.
Furthermore, similarly priced crossovers from the class above are far more practical than the Mokka – the Skoda Yeti, for instance, has 416 litres of space with its rear seats in place and a massive 1,760 litres when they’re folded down.
Unsurprisingly, the least powerful engine in the range (the 1.6-litre petrol) is the least capable when it comes to towing a trailer. GTA 5 on PC looks far from a knock-off port, which makes us feel quite a lot better about the lengthy wait. PCGamer has collected screenshots and details of all the graphics options screens as well as the mouse control options, which are likewise pretty robust.

We have all the details on new features for the PC version of GTA 5, which releases April 14. We offer a broad variety of custom textile and woven clothing labels to suit your individual needs.
We can give advice to your designer team on the layout format, colours, dimensions and type of weave required for their label. Widely used clothing label materials: Tafetta, Satin, High definition, Denim, Wool, Cotton yarn.
Clothing labelsWe offer a broad variety of custom clothing labels to suit your individual needs. As expected from one of the more spacious compact crossovers on the market right now, there’s enough room in the boot to worry some family hatchbacks, as well as a surprising amount of headroom for front and back-seat passengers. Its raised roofline leaves plenty of headroom for people in the front and back, while the many cubbyholes dotted around inside mean there’s sure to be somewhere for all your odds and ends. However, this shouldn’t be an issue if the back seats will primarily be used by children or small to average-sized adults. The 60:40 split-folding rear seat means you can fit larger items in the back while still being able to carry one or two back-seat passengers. However, while luggage space is a fair bit better than what you’d find in a Volkswagen Golf or Ford Focus, rivals like the Renault Captur do have more marginally more spacious boots.

It’s quite high up, which could prove to be a troublesome obstacle when loading heavier items. All folds and finishings available (Heat sealed, End fold, Centre, Loop folded, Mitre, Manhattan).
Its wide are of usage includes the automotive (air bags, children car seats, carpets) and the furniture industry as well.
Of particular note are the pair of gloveboxes and sizeable door bins: the former are a clever solution while the latter are deep and wide enough to accommodate large water bottles. The rear seats fold down almost completely flat as well, although you do need to remove the rear seat bases in order to do so.
However, the boot lip itself is quite shallow, so sliding them back out again should be much easier. Our minimum order for custom woven labels is 500 pieces, and prices depend on the size of the label, colour choices and material. We also happy to help you with self-adhesive backing, heat transfer backing, or overlocked badges.

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