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North Hollywood Used Car Dealer Good Vibes Auto Sales carries a vast selection of cars, trucks, and vans at very good prices. I waltzed into the dealer office to sign on the dotted line, feeling extremely confident in my used-car-buying prowess when all of a sudden I was stopped in my tracks.
But to save you the stress, I decided to do the research anyway, and share with you what I found BEFORE you enter the dealership.
Whether or not a used car warranty (also called a service contract) is worth it or not comes down to a couple of factors.
Comprehensive warranties cover other more common repairs like brakes, stereo systems, door latches, etc.
So when faced with a used car warranty the first thing you need to do is carefully read through what’s covered. However, if you have a local mechanic who can do things for you on the cheap – or the car is in good condition and unlikely to need many repairs – the warranty is probably a waste of money.
And don’t forget – while an extended warranty is optional – auto insurance (at least in Maine) is not. You also have the right to have the vehicle inspected by a mechanic prior to purchase on or off the premise. I got it from a used car dealer and was pretty proud of myself for my hardball negotiating and stellar credit score that I used to land a serious deal on a 10-year-old CR-V.

Primarily, the details of the warranty and what it covers, and secondly, your financial situation. So it’s in their interest to convince you to buy one, not to give you all the information – unless you ask for it.
Think about the mileage of the car you’re buying and what repairs you will realistically need in the coming months or years. One benefit of a warranty or service contract is that it can often be financed into your auto loan.
We prefer that you take the vehicle to a local mechanic if you decide on an inspection off the car lot. I like to research everything extensively – to the point where my husband rolls his eyes and pleads with me to please just choose one way or another.
If the car you’re buying has a 70,000 mile factory warranty, and only 15,000 miles on it – there’s no sense in buying an additional warranty. Powertrain warranties are typically cheaper and cover only the major systems of the car – things like the transmission and drive train. If the likely repairs are actually covered by the warranty, and the cost of those repairs would be more than the cost of the warranty – then it’s a good buy. That way you pay a little extra money every month and your repairs are already covered – instead of needing to come up with $1200 at once to replace a blown transmission a few years down the road.

He’s got a reputation for having one of the best Buy here, Pay here pre-owned used car dealerships in the area.
Faced with an on-the-spot decision, and the knowledge that by law, all used car dealers in Maine must provide a 30-day, 1,000 mile warranty free of charge on all purchases – I decided to decline the warranty and walk out. If your savings are minimal consider choosing a warranty – OR – setting aside $50 or $100 a month into an “auto repair” savings account so that you have the money available when the (inevitable) repairs come due.
We take credit cards too (Visa, Master Card, and Discover) We do some financing but we primarily sell are cars for cash. So if you are looking for a North Hollywood Used Car Dealer you should definitely check Good Vibes Auto Sales out. We will also help you maintain your car getting you wholesale prices on parts, and repairs.

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