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Turkish Airlines will commence flights to Asmara in May, according to a source who recently visited the country. The announcement comes just three months after Turkey and Eritrea signed Civil Aviation Agreement in Asmara. May is traditionally the start of peak tourist season in Eritrea when tens of thousands of tourists flock to the country to take part on Independence Day festivities. The extent of the damage has surprised many after the photos were posted on TwitterThe pilot relayed the incident to air traffic control, and two other flights scheduled to land had to abort and perform a go-around.The nose cone, splattered with blood, shows extensive damage, and the aircraft was towed to a hangar for maintenance. We provide a specialised air service for shipping pets to any main destination in South Africa. Furthermore this service focuses on the safety & comfort of your pet throughout the shipping process. Our service will ensure that your dog, cat or any other pet is safely uplifted from your home & delivered to the specified address.

Ventilation holes should be small enough not to allow any limb of the pet to extend through the hole.
Containers should also be large enough for your pet to stand, turn around or lie down comfortably.
As a final precaution & before collecting your pet we will email you a check list from the airline company. To find the cheapest available flight from Dubai to Kiev (the capital of the Ukraine); make use of our comparison tool (on the left) as well as the list of airlines (with links to their respective online booking forms) below. Direct flights are available from flydubai and Ukraine International Airlines; while 1-stop flight services are provided by Turkish Airlines. The distance between Dubai International Airport and Kiev's Boryspil International Airport is some 3,488km.
We suggest setting your watch to Kiev's time as soon as you board your flight (the earlier you begin acclimatizing to the new time zone the easier).

View the map centred on Kiev below with its Boryspil International Airport pinpointed (click on the link to find directions to locations in and around the city). Kreschatyk comes to life during the weekends and public holidays when it is closed to traffic and is crawling with street performers and musicians. It also provides a kitchen with all the necessary tools and an outdoor lounge area with bean bag chairs and tables.

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