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Caddy Trailers are constructed of high quality galvanised pressed steel which ensures maximum corrosion resistance.
VIN Plates: All Caddy Trailers come complete with VIN plates (Vehicle Identification Number) which provides an exclusive serial number for each trailer. From the entry level 430 to the top of the range 640T twin axle model, there is a Caddy trailer model to suit all domestic and light industrial uses. Caddy Trailers come complete in flat pack form for ease of transportation and self assembly, the pack comes complete with full easy to follow instructions, a fully wired lighting set and a handy tool kit. Caddy trailers are so versatile that they are used in the leisure, domestic, utility and light commercial trade and have been used in the farming, building and medical industries, as well as a host of other occupations where the quality of the trailer is essential. See Figures 1, 2, 3 and 4The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is stamped on a plate located on the top left hand side (driver's side) of the instrument panel so that it can be seen by looking through the windshield.
As the star of the Fast and the Furious film franchise, it is safe to say that Vin Diesel is a man who likes his boys’ toys. The enormous, 1100 square-foot vehicle is the 44-year-old star’s home away from home when he is filming his action blockbusters.
It was even shipped to Puerto Rico where he filmed the latest Fast and the Furious installment. The spacious trailer has a pop up top floor and features granite countertops in the kitchen. As well as a media lounge, Diesel also has a private office space and had part of the upstairs turned into a special play area for his kids.

The luxurious trailer was created by Anderson Mobile Estates, who have been commissioned by Mariah Carey, Sharon Stone and Will Smith to make vast vehicles to their extravagant specifications.
Ashton Kutcher also calls one of Anderson’s trailers home on the Two and a Half Men set. Vin is currently filming the Chronicles of Riddick film after providing the voice for the video games. The big screen adaptation sees Riddick fighting against alien predators after being abandoned on a desolate planet.
The sci-fi thriller is due for release next year, while yet another Fast and the Furious film is in the pipeline. What is Social News?Social News is simply the latest news about everything you might want to read about, all in one place. It is about interesting news being curated, shared and distributed in a personal and targeted way by other people.
Each model is fitted with ribbed panels for extra strength and rigidity and don’t require painting. This number is also stamped into the trailer chassis itself, providing obvious advantages in identifying the model for parts or spares and also if the trailer happens to be stolen. With Caddy trailer stockists across the UK, many of which also offer mail-order delivery of your flat-packed Caddy, and others offering a professional build-up service for users who would prefer to tow their new, ready to roll, Caddy trailer away. In short we are committed to giving you the highest possible quality and the best value for your money.

At the moment it is residing on the set of The Chronicles of Riddick: Dead Man Stalking, which the actor is currently filming. From the latest celebrity gossip, fashion trends, political news and the economy, funny and amusing news, community and lifestyle news to trending comments from well known people and links to interesting things that you may want to know about. Unlike a newspaper which provides a single packaged source, social news is drawn from many different sources all over the world. All Caddy Chassis are joined by using a unique pierce rivet system ensuring strength and reliability and constant quality.
It's easy to find a dealer of the range of outstanding value for money trailers, with spare parts backup and advice. It can be shared through discussion comments and, on some social news sites, you are able to submit your own story. Gross weight is defined as the maximum weight capacity of the trailer combined with the actual weight of the trailer itself. With a full range of accessories including cover kits and high-side expansion kits, the Caddy trailer is not only tough, durable and economical, but incredibly versatile.

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