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We live in an age where even children have excellent command of advanced technology, so it is hard to imagine how things happened a century ago.
Many historians will tell you that the basis behind Henry Ford history lies with the man himself. Constant review of the automobile assembly line reduced the manufacturing time of a single car to 93 minutes in 1914.
After the historic English industrial revolution that broadened the largest horizons of mass production to date, several products in the United States were made on the automotive assembly line. Ford was quoted on numerous occasions stating that the production system was tedious and slow.
An engineer in the assembly of flywheel magnets tested a new way of assembling the pieces of this component. On that historic day, Ford set up a car assembly line in Highland Park, where the chassis were still being pulled slowly across factory floors by a rope and a rail. Car assembly line methods would never be the same once Ford began production of the Model T in his Detroit factory. With all this pressure, Henry Ford finally succeeded in developing a very revolutionary concept: instead of bringing his workers to the task, it was necessary to take the task to the worker. Parts, components and 140 assemblers were positioned at different intervals along the line.

In 1912, Ford had produced 82,388 units of the Model T due to automobile assembly line production. When it comes to facts about Henry Ford, his overall observation and the creativity he had for automotive innovation are at the top of the list. Ford’s facilities originated in 1903 at the Piquette Avenue factory and soon expanded to the unit of Highland Park, both of which are in Detroit.
He and Charles Sorensen, the Danish immigrant hired as an assistant in 1905, did tests to seek out the solution. The workers were instructed to put a single part on the assembly line before pushing the flywheels to the next worker. In 1914, Ford produced 308,162 cars, priced at $600 each, which was more than all other manufacturers combined. The switching relay is rated to 40A so you could wire 10 or more driving lights (depending on the wattage).
When the first car was assembled on the production line, the workers were surprised with the time they had saved.
The handmade cars required several hours of skilled labor which was very expensive, and that resulted in high prices. Instead of 13 hours to build a single car, they managed to perform the feat in just 6 hours.

Ford decided it was necessary to a think of a way to mass produce his cars, which also used the unskilled labor and kept things inexpensive. Later, the workers of Ford tried to move the pieces from the production line via inclined treadmills. Gradually, this strategy was applied to other parts of the construction process and the assembly time dropped further. The assembly line efficiency was confirmed, and thus with it a new era of the industrial expansion. Automakers today are pushing cars off the line at record numbers and it is all due to Ford’s innovative thinking a century ago. There is technology to thank because of this but a lot is owed to the man who started the revolution. Henry Ford’s history shows us the persistence and the personality of a great pioneer and his greatest gift to industrial development that changed the world for the better.

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