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To become a truly data-driven enterprise, many business leaders recognize that they must extend the capabilities of self-service business intelligence (BI) and analytics to more of their business users. Get answers to questions, share tips, and engage with the SQL Server community in our Forums. WOODBRIDGE, Va., July 29, 2016 -- Working its way up the seaboard, E85 is now available for the first time on I-95, in Woodbridge, Va. Today the AR-15 and its variations are manufactured by many companies and are popular among civilian shooters and law enforcement forces around the world due to their accuracy and modularity (for more history on the development and evolution of the AR-15 and derivatives see M16 rifle). Aircraft grade forged 7075-T6 aluminum receiver is lightweight, highly corrosion-resistant, and machinable. Straight-line stock design eliminates the fulcrum created by traditional bent stocks, reducing muzzle climb. Wide array of optical aiming devices available in addition to or as replacements of iron sights. Direct impingement gas system (as designed) with short or long stroke gas piston, or direct blowback operating systems available. Synthetic pistol grip and butt stock that do not swell or splinter in adverse conditions (regulated in some states).
Ergonomic design that makes the charging handle, selector switch (safety), magazine release, and bolt catch assembly easy to access. Semi-automatic AR-15s for sale to civilians are internally different from the full automatic M16, although nearly identical in external appearance. Automatic variants have a three-position rotating selective fire switch, allowing the operator to select between three modes: safe, semi-automatic, and either automatic or three-round burst, depending on model. The bolt and bolt carrier together form a piston, which is caused to expand as the cavity in the bolt carrier fills with high pressure gas. Behind the bolt carrier is a plastic or metal buffer which rests in line with a return spring that pushes the bolt carrier back toward the chamber.
The AR-15 rifle is available in a wide range of configurations from a large number of manufacturers. Due to the rifle’s modular design, one upper receiver can quickly and easily be substituted for another. Some manufacturers offer upper and lower receivers machined from a solid billet (block) of aluminum as opposed to an aluminum forging.
Upper receivers utilizing a monolithic rail system that combine a railed hand guard and upper receiver into one uninterrupted piece are made by companies like Colt’s Manufacturing Company, Lewis Machine and Tool (LMT MRP), POF-USA, and VLTOR.
Standard issue magazines are 20 or 30 round staggered-column magazines, traditional box magazines exist in 40 and 45 round capacities, and usable magazines have been constructed from a variety of materials including steel, aluminum, and high-impact plastics. We are 100% dedicated to your complete satisfaction and we welcome the opportunity to earn your business!
Market-basket analysis is a technique used to determine how items in the data warehouse are related.
The Potomac Mills Mobil convenience store at 14496 Gideon Drive, Woodbridge, VA, 22193, will now offer both E85 and higher ethanol blend products. There are over 385,000 FFVs in Virginia, and over 100 FFV models on the market today that can run on high-octane, emissions-reducing E85. E85 is a blend of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline that can be used in flex-fuel vehicles (FFVs).
After a tour by Colt of the Far East, the first sale of AR-15s was made to Malaysia on September 30, 1959, with Colt’s manufacture of their first 300 AR-15s in December 1959.
Other AR-15 manufacturers make AR-15 clones marketed under separate designations, although colloquially these are sometimes referred to by the term AR-15. Civilian Colt AR-15 models do not have three-round burst or automatic settings on the fire selector, though some other makers may mark that way for collectors and re-enactors, even though the guns will not fire in that mode.
Gas is tapped from the barrel as the bullet moves past a gas port located above the rifle’s front sight base. The bolt is locked into the barrel extension, so this expansion forces the bolt carrier backward a short distance in line with the stock of the rifle to first unlock the bolt.

A groove machined into the upper receiver traps the cam pin and prevents it and the bolt from rotating into a closed position. These configurations range from short carbine-length models with features such as adjustable length stocks and optical sights, to heavy barrel models.
There are many aftermarket upper receivers that incorporate barrels of different weights, lengths and calibers. For example, a conversion to 9 mm typically would involve the installation of a magazine well block (to accommodate a typical 9 mm magazine, such as Uzi or Colt SMG), replacing the .223 hammer with one designed for 9 mm ammunition, and depending on the original stock, replacing the buffer, action spring and stock spacer with those designed for the new 9 mm AR-15 configuration. Larger quantities mean bigger savings so contact us today to learn how much we can save you. Retail businesses frequently use market-basket analysis to evaluate customer buying behavior. Colt marketed the AR-15 rifle to various military services around the world, including the U.S. The bolt carrier and internal lower receiver of semi-automatic versions are milled differently, so that the firing mechanisms are not interchangeable. In semi-automatic only variants, the selector only rotates between safe and semi-automatic. The gas rushes into the port and down a gas tube, located above the barrel, which runs from the front sight base into the AR-15’s upper receiver. As the bolt carrier moves toward the butt of the gun, the bolt cam pin, riding in a slot on the bolt carrier, forces the bolt to turn and unlock from the barrel extension.
The bolt’s locking lugs then push a fresh round from the magazine which is guided by feed ramps into the chamber. The 9mm cartridge fires from an unlocked breech, or straight blow-back—rather than a locked breech, because the spring and bolt provide enough weight to allow this type of functioning. When fired, DGI systems dump high pressure hot gas through the gas tube to the bolt carrier key and into the bolt carrier group.
This rail section is used for the mounting of sights, laser aiming devices, night vision devices, and lighting systems. Since the charging handle is attached to the bolt carrier making it a reciprocating design, it can be utilized as a forward assist device as well. Low-capacity magazines, usually of a 5- or 10-round capacity, are available to comply with some areas’ legal restrictions, hunting, and because larger magazines can inhibit shooting from a benchrest. We do this primarily because some competitors take our pictures and use them on their sites. Nationally, these agreements will help fund nearly 5,000 pumps at over 1,400 stations in 21 states across the country. This was done to satisfy United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) requirements that civilian weapons may not be easily convertible to full-automatic. Due to this, weapons modified to full automatic using a lightning-link are capable of full automatic fire only—unless a special full automatic fire select mechanism and modified selector-switch is substituted. As the bolt’s locking lugs move past the barrel extension, the cam pin is allowed to twist into a pocket milled into the upper receiver. These guns do not utilize the direct gas impingement method of operation like the original. This can rapidly heat up the bolt carrier group and cause excessive fouling, one of the main complaints about the design.
There is much controversy and speculation as to how differing twist rates affect ballistics and terminal performance with varying loads, but heavier projectiles tend to perform better with faster rifling rates. Surefire is now offering extended capacity magazines in 60- and 100-round capacity configurations. Once the bolt is fully unlocked it begins its rearward movement along with the bolt carrier. Gas piston operating systems alleviate these problems, but can be the cause of other issues such as bolt carrier tilt.
Colt continued to use the AR-15 trademark for its semi-automatic variants (AR-15, AR-15A2) which were marketed to civilian and law-enforcement customers.

Such modifications, unless using registered and transferable parts made prior to May 19, 1986, are illegal. The original AR-15 was a very lightweight weapon, weighing less than 6 pounds with empty magazine.
The bolt is much heavier than the projectile, and along with the recoil-spring pressure inside the stock buffer-tube performs the cartridge ejection function and chambers the following cartridge. Competition is forcing businesses to become more innovative, and this innovation can bring with it more products and services in combinations that might not have been considered before. Colt AR-15’s use a metal alloy wall separating the Fire Control group from the sear, preventing use of such items. This innovation also maps to increasingly complicated business models, and subsequently, to more complex data warehouse designs. A business intelligence (BI) analyst who knows how to evaluate customer buying behavior can extract information from the data warehouse to determine which combinations of products and services will entice a customer to make a purchase. Information gleaned from market-basket analysis helps retailers understand buyers’ needs. Based on this analysis, retailers can better appeal to buyers by doing things such as reorganizing a store layout. Understanding the buyers’ mind-set can enable retailers to develop cross-promotional marketing programs, capture new buyers, trim inventories down to the products that sell best, and design intelligent sales events.
As a data warehouse designer and DBA, you need to know how to model your database to support market-basket analysis so that your BI analysts can extract the information your business needs to beat the competition. The free features might include a check card with reward points (choose your favorite rewards program), online banking, bill-pay service, email alerts, no minimum balance, no direct deposit required, and identity theft insurance.
Customers choose some or all of the free features and one or two of the premium features; these features are bundled into a customized checking account.
Then customers can choose as many additional premium features to add to the custom account as they want for a fee of say, $2 per feature per month. This schema stores each account configuration, with general account information stored in the Account table and the features for each account stored in the AccountFeatures fact table. What’s not included in this figure are tables to capture the many types of transactions associated with an account, such as check-card purchases, purchases made with paper checks, bill-pay records, and ATM withdrawals. They want to measure the efficacy of the free features versus the premium features and determine which features sell the best, so they can better direct the bank’s marketing efforts.
Why does a customer pay for a purchase one time with a check, but pays for his or her next purchase with a check card?
Complexity in the schema arises from the fact that to answer the CFO’s questions, a transaction needs to link to one or more features in the AccountFeatures fact table, and each of the Account- Feature records needs to link back to its parent account. This complexity mandates a M:N relationship between the Account dimension and the Transaction fact table, as shown in Figure 2. The Account, Location, Customer, and Time dimensions are all conformed, meaning they can participate in multiple star schemas. Taken as a unit, the Account, Customer, Location, and Time dimensions and the Transaction fact table comprise a standard star schema model, which enables BI analysts to create cubes from these tables and extract information without regard to which account feature was used to generate the transaction.
The M:N relationship between the Account dimension and the Transaction fact table, which is manifested in AccountFeatures, is the structure that will enable market-basket analysis without having to create a separate star schema. By linking each transaction with the account feature that was used to generate the transaction, BI analysts can begin to find answers to the questions asked about customer buying behavior. If you were to combine the Account and AccountFeatures tables into a single dimension, that dimension would swell by a factor of 15—more if additional features are added to the build-to-order checking account program. Denormalizing the Transaction fact table by incorporating account feature attributes wouldn’t be the best idea, either. The fact table would contain the most records of all the tables in the schema; increasing its size and adding more keys would diminish performance and cause locking and blocking conflicts when the conventional BI analyst and the market-basket BI analyst run their programs simultaneously.

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