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I believe what I have is a 2009-10 Epiphone Les Paul 1960 Tribute made in China (although the Guitar Dater Project lists it as Fuji-gen Japan). The guitar has aged very nicely, the original frets are still on there with the original nibs intact and the 5 piece neck sets it all off with a touch of class. Well that explains it - bummer, I don't think I can get that sticker off to see what was under it.
FYI - I found this while trying to get info on MIRC - thought it might be of interest in this thread. My understanding is the company refurbish guitars from many manufacturers which do not consider the guitar is of adequate quality for dealer distribution. I'm a little concerned that it may be a knock-off (a knock-off of a Fender knock-off even!). The hockey stick head stock sure looks like an Epiphone guitar, though the logo looks a bit off.

The guitar and neck are most likely from the 90's and Epiphone had some metal guitars that might have had a bullet truss rod and 2 string trees!!!! Unfortunately, the person who listed this guitar seemed to know as little about it as I do. We've got Gibson & Epiphone forums, member galleries, classified ads, and more for you here. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser.
I have searched all over the guitar and I don't see a serial or product number anywhere. First thing, I wouldn't worry about the logo, EPI has had many variations through the years. Also the pickup magnets are rusty with the same consistency as the string tees which makes me think the head and body have been traveling together for a while.

After doing some research on these forums and elsewhere on the internet, it seems to most closely resemble an S-310b. I myself had it freshly rewired with new pick ups, so really about all that's left and original is the wood.
I've seen other mentions of P month codes in this thread, but never an explanation of what it means.

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