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Most vehicles will have one battery only and if you plan to fit a second one there will always be the question:  how do I connect the dual battery set up? They relay will make the 2nd battery charge as soon as the relay has been switch on by the alternator, so when your engine is running and the alternator starts charging it will operate the relay. The current charging the battery is very high which means you need a thick cable going from the alternator to the battery and on some Land Rover vehicles this will be a thick brown or red wire.
The thick black cables on the drawing are the battery leads, the positive one will go to the starter motor and the negative one will go to the earth via the cut out switch. It’s always wise to have a cut out switch for you battery and this one will disconnect both the batteries in one go from my vehicle.
I did strap the unit into my 2nd battery box but you can also keep it separate if you don’t want to fit it permanently to one vehicle only. My questions are that as I plan using the second battery for starting only, will the relay prevent it from helping during start – as in for second storage only?
Visit the Certified Service technicians at your local Chevrolet dealer for vehicle maintenance and repair.
Inspection includes: Check fluid levels, steering, suspension, wiper blades, exhaust, battery, brakes, belts, hoses, andtires. Brake Controller 7- & 4-Way Installation StepsThe ETBC7 installation kit works with your existing 4-way connector and brake controller.
Nokia has revealed a new speaker dock for the Lumia 920, the JBL Power Up wireless speaker, which can pair and stream with the Windows Phone 8 handset without wires. On the top of the lozenge-shaped speaker there's a wireless charging pad and radio set: hold the Lumia 920 close to the platform, and it automatically pairs and re-routes the audio through to the JBL.
Because of the 920 has wireless charging support too, and that's built into the JBL, you can stream music without running down your battery. There's also Monster's new Purity Pro headphones, announced earlier in the week, which also include NFC for pairing and Bluetooth for audio streaming.
You can buy an ‘intelligent high tech unit’ costing you a lot of money or you can go for the basic way by fitting a split charge relay. It might first go to the starter motor and from there via the positive battery lead to the battery. However the same can be done with a cheap plastic 30amp one which you can buy at every corner!
The red one is operating the relay and is connected to the warning light feed also coming from the alternator. This one uses two battery clamps but smaller once can be operated through the cigarette lighter. Take advantage of the current service offers and Everyday Value Pricing on our most popular vehicle services a€” including oil changes, brake services, tires, batteries, and more a€” only available at your local Chevrolet dealer. These offers are available from the tire manufacturer when tires are purchased at a Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, or Cadillac dealer.
Getting your battery tested by a Certified Service expert can help you avoid potential trouble down the road.

If you do not have a 7-way plug on your vehicle, but want to use your electric trailer brakes, you will need to upgrade your wiring to support the brake controller.
If you do not currently have a 4-way connector on your vehicle, you can use the Vehicle Wiring Fitguide to locate the custom-fit wiring harness, and the Brake Controller Fitguide to find the brake controller for your application. Plug the 4-pole adapter coming out of the 7-way connector into the vehicle's 4-pole trailer connector. Ground the 7-way connector by screwing the white wire with a ring terminal on it into the frame of the vehicle. Make a small cut in the rubber sheath of the duplex cable and slightly separate the two wires inside, being careful not to nick these wires. Use a butt connector to connect the black wire in the duplex cable to the 12-volt hot lead (black wire) on the 7-way connector. Route the duplex cable under the vehicle all the way up to the engine compartment under the hood, being careful to avoid hot areas or moving parts that might pinch the cable.
Once the duplex cable is under the hood, you will need to separate the white brake wire from the black 12-volt hot lead. The black 12-volt hot lead will stay under the hood, where it will be connected to the positive post of the battery by using a 40-amp circuit breaker.
Using a butt connector, connect the blue wire coming out of the brake controller to the white brake wire from the duplex cable that was routed through the firewall.
Mount the 20-amp (or 30-amp; see brake controller instructions) and the 40-amp circuit breakers in a safe location under the hood.
The 12-volt hot lead from the trailer connector in the duplex wire (black) gets routed to the 40-amp breaker. With the brake controller mounted and connected, zip-tie any loose, excess wires underneath the dash and under the vehicle. Unveiled alongside the Lumia 920 in NYC this morning, the JBL dock uses a combination of Bluetooth and NFC to pair and stream music, but can also recharge your phone while it's playing. As we've seen in other Nokia speakers before, that happens on-the-fly even if you're in the middle of playing a song.
The benefit of the expensive kit will be that it should start charging your main battery first, if full it will start charging the 2nd. The split charge relay is operated by the same wire as your charging light so all you will have to do is to connect a 2nd wire to this one (just split it and make a joint) and one will go to the warning light, the other wire to your relay. Since this kit supplements your brake controller, please review the instructions included with your brake controller before beginning the installation. If you will be using your reverse trailer lights, attach the purple wire coming out of the 7-way connector to your reverse light wire, using one of the quick splice wire connectors included with the kit. Then do the same for the white wire in the duplex cable and the brake wire (blue wire) on the 7-way connector.
You will then route the white brake wire through the firewall (on the driver's side under the dash) into the vehicle, where you will connect it to the blue wire on the brake controller. If none is available, you can drill a hole on a section of the firewall where there is no obstruction on either side.

In this photo, you will see it was mounted to the right of an existing ground wire on the firewall.
It will be too short to reach the battery, so you will have to use excess wire from the duplex cable to complete this connection. Basic relays will charge both batteries at the same time and if you want to DIY here you can find how to connect it into your car.
The thick red & black ones with clamps can be clamped on the battery to operate the inverter get the 220volt.
Use electrical tape to keep the wires together and then install the black loom over the wires. Using a circuit tester, test the wires to locate the wire that carries a signal only when the brake pedal is engaged.
Do not allow the wires to interfere with the brake and gas pedals and keep them away from areas that get very hot. Actually it is very basic, you will need a 30amp relay, connectors, some thick alternator wire and some battery cable.
The thick black cable (partly covered in the protecting flexible hose) is the negative lead coming from the negative pole of the 1st battery.
Another thick red cable like the brown ones (covered with flexible hose for protection) is connected to this one.
The units are available in several sizes depending on the output in Watts and 300W to 600W is a normal one which will allow you to run some basic equipment.
August 13, 2016This is relevant to TD5 motors - I obtained a secondhand pas hp pipe (from pump to box), but on inspection the end appears bent - not having seen one of these before it looks a bit odd, so wanted to check with someone who has seen one before. So as soon as the red wire is supplying a current it will operate the relay and inside the relay the brown and red (2nd battery feed) will be connected. I understand that it is supposed to come one once per indicator activation without a trailer and every indicator flash with a trailer attached. When the ignition is on the glow plug warning light comes on with the oil pressure and charge lamp.
August 11, 2016The Defender and its predecessors had a very long production run which included numerous variations of engine, gearbox etc yet so many people come here asking quite technical questions yet fail to state basics such as is the vehicle a 90 or 110, what year it was made, engine fitted and so on. August 10, 2016As I am stripping the front axle down to change bearings, seals and swivel joint seals, I have heard mention of checking drive shaft end float?
Particularly noticeable when changing down into 3rd and 2nd, but it is there underneath the engine noise when accelerating in both.

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