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Talk:Des Moines, Iowa - Wikipedia, The Free EncyclopediaThe southside of Des Moines Iowa is known historically for its high population of Italian and Irish Americans.
ISOSWO BOARD MEETINGISOSWO BOARD MEETING Friday, June 5, 2009 Metro Waste Authority, Des Moines, Iowa Minutes The monthly ISOSWO Board of Directors meeting scheduled for Other expected legislative agenda items are auto salvage yards, waste tires, and pharmaceuticals.
The Iowa Automotive RecyclersThe scrap yards that have shredders are very hungry for this product and the competition for this is at an all time high.
Unlike the CARS 2012 and CARS 2014 conferences, this year the event included the metals recycling sector.  All attendees’ focus at CARS was to look at new opportunities to expand and grow businesses. The Automotive Recyclers Association’s PAC provides contributions to Members of Congress or political candidates who have demonstrated a willingness to support the professional automotive recycling industry and ARA’s legislative initiatives.
ARA’s PAC can accept personal contributions from individuals who want to make a difference.
To make a contribution to the ARA PAC in an effort to continue our progress toward a better industry for all recyclers, please visit the Members Section of the website or contact ARA staff. As the voice of the professional automotive recycling industry, the Automotive Recyclers Association is dedicated to promoting and protecting the interests of professional automotive recyclers through legislative and regulatory efforts at the federal level, in all 50 states, and around the world.
Through its daily advocacy efforts, ARA works to represent the interests of professional automotive recyclers on issues impacting the industry. For more information on any of these issues, please visit the Members Section or contact ARA staff. The professional automotive recycling industry is continuously evolving to keep pace with the developments in motor vehicle technology and the dynamic automotive parts supply chain. The ARA University is the premier online training resource of the professional automotive recycling industry.
The ARA University is the premier online training resource of the automotive recycling industry. The ARA Educational Foundation recognizes that high quality training and education are essential to ongoing professional achievement in the automotive recycling field.  At our eLearning Center we provide a web-based training portal with interactive coursework ranging from management to sales to automotive recycling specialized training. The professional automotive recycling industry places significant emphasis on the importance of certification.
The CAR program—created in 1994—provides a set of standards for general business practices as well as environmental and safety issues and offers guidance for member facilities seeking to adhere to those standards.  For more information on CAR, please visit the CAR page available on the left-hand sidebar menu. The ARA University is the premier online training resource of the professional automotive recycling industry, offering a virtual training campus that serves as a platform for training automotive recyclers around the world. The Automotive Recyclers Association strongly supports the reuse of non-deployed, OEM airbags which have met specific industry standards and whose evaluated recycled airbag components have been determined a safe, economically-smart repair alternative to restore vehicles to their pre-accident condition.  In a proactive measure to ensure safety standards are met, ARA’s subsidiary, ARA Product Services, launched ARAPro™ in 2006.
The ARA Scholarship Foundation is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote education through the awarding of scholarships annually to students on the basis of academic achievement. First-time applicants must have achieved at least a 3.0 grade point average, or the equivalent, in their previous educational program. For over 20 years, the CAR Program has provided professional automotive recyclers with a set of standards for general business practices, environmental and safety issues.
With a customer complaint system and minimum CSI score standards, mechanical parts warranty, and the requirement of all Gold Seal members to use the ARA parts grading system, why would you buy recycled automotive parts from anyone else? The Automotive Recyclers Association is proud to offer a growing library of safety and environmental programs and services to its members and the broader automotive recycling community.
Thanks for your interest in the Automotive Recyclers Association.  To contact ARA, please use the information below or the Contact Us form at the bottom of this website.
The Automotive Recyclers Association is proud to assist consumers by providing a listing of ARA member company advertisements and websites to facilitate the search for genuine recycled, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) automotive parts.

This Website Disclaimer for External Links describes the terms and conditions that apply when you (a) use any of the links to third-party web pages above or (b) contact any of the ARA member automotive recycling facilities displayed above to search for automotive parts or other products or services offered by that member or party.
The Automotive Recyclers Association strongly believes that consumers should have choices when it comes to how their vehicle is repaired. Professional automotive recyclers have partnered with the collision and mechanical repair industries for many years.
Most insurance policies allow for the utilization of recycled parts in vehicle repairs, and know that recycled OEM parts offer quality, safe parts at a fraction of the cost of new OEM parts. The professional automotive recycling industry has long been an advocate for consumer choice and a competitive automotive parts market.
The genuine recycled, original equipment manufactured (OEM) automotive parts sold by ARA member facilities play a critical economic role in the market, providing consumers with a choice for their vehicle repair needs. In addition to insurance and collision repair industry recognition of the value of OEM recycled parts, state court actions also have ruled on this issue. Professional automotive recycling operations have robust product assurance and quality control procedures in place to identify parts that do not meet industry accepted standards.
Parts sold by professional automotive recycling facilities are recycled, genuine, original OEM parts that meet OEM requirements.
The automotive recycling industry has become increasingly sophisticated in methods of processing, inspecting, evaluating and analyzing OEM parts harvested from salvage vehicles.
Using recycled OEM auto parts for your vehicle repair is the ultimate environmental choice. Approximately 86 percent of a vehicle’s material content is recycled, reused or used for energy recovery. In addition to conserving natural resources, automotive recycling plays an important role in reducing air and water pollution, and solid waste generation.
Since 1943, the Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) is an international trade association which has represented an industry dedicated to the efficient removal and reuse of automotive parts, and the safe disposal of inoperable motor vehicles.
As an automotive recycler and small business owner in your community, you are uniquely qualified to communicate with your elected representatives and help them understand the value of recycled auto parts. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry’s standard dummy text ever since the 1500s, when an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book.
The Automotive Recyclers Association is proud to offer a library of industry standards and resources for professional automotive recycling businesses.
The ARA University is a virtual training campus that serves as a platform for training automotive recyclers around the world, offering a comprehensive curriculum of courses specific to automotive dismantling as well as general business and workplace skills. ARAU courses are the choice of hundreds of US and International automotive recycling businesses. Two cornerstones of ARA are our Certified Automotive Recycler (CAR) and Gold Seal certification programs.
Using the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) as well as other inventory management interchange reference sources, ARAPro™ enables the repairer to accurately match the make, model, and year of the replacement component to the vehicle under repair. The Automotive Recyclers Association maintains the Scholarship Foundation for the benefit of members and the professional automotive recycling industry. Renewal applicants must have achieved at least a 2.75 grade point average, or the equivalent, in their previous educational program. The program is one of the cornerstones of ARA and industry partners recognize CAR members as market leaders, driving business to those facilities that value quality and safety enough to incorporate the CAR standards into their business.
The website acts as a location for parts sellers to advertise their business and for buyers to locate vendors of parts or otherwise contact third-party sellers.

Being informed about your vehicle and how it works, knowing your consumer rights, and the options for replacement parts available to you will help your decision making. Repairers are some of the strongest advocates for using recycled, OEM automotive parts because they realize that recycled parts reduce costs to consumers without sacrificing quality.
The federal Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act makes it illegal for motor vehicle manufacturers or dealers to void a motor vehicle warranty or deny coverage simply because a recycled part was installed or used on the vehicle or simply because someone other than the dealer performed service on the vehicle. Each day over 500,000 recycled OEM parts are sold directly to vehicle owners, repair shops and automobile dealers. Due to the complexity of the today’s motor vehicle, for a consumer driving a 7 year old vehicle that is involved in an accident, that vehicle will be declared a Total Loss 75 percent of the time. They are OEM parts, designed by the OEM, and built to meet the OEM requirements for fit, finish, durability, reliability and safety.
At a typical professional automotive recycling facility, these processes may include a review of the vehicle’s build codes, capturing images of the vehicle and its component parts to track the vehicle part record, verification of interior colors, conditions and option lines (seats, dash board, door parts), assessing the extent and type of any damage, and checking the vehicle identification number. Automobiles are among the most recycled commodities in today’s marketplace and the reutilization of quality OEM parts provide preserves natural resources, reduces the demand for scarce landfill space, and plays an important role in reducing air and water pollution. ARA is the only trade association serving the automotive recycling industry in 16 countries internationally. It is important that decision makers have access to valid, reliable information about quality recycled auto parts — and hearing from ARA members is the first step. It has survived not only five centuries, but also the leap into electronic typesetting, remaining essentially unchanged.
ARAPro™ Airbags, the brand name that applies to recycled airbags complying with the Airbag Protocol, are supplied with a certificate that can ultimately be used by a state Department of Motor Vehicles to verify that a Protocol-compliant airbag has been used in the repair. Any links to third-party websites are provided for your information and convenience only; ARA has no control over the contents of any linked website and is not responsible for these websites or their content or availability. When having your vehicle serviced, make sure to ask your technician what alternatives are available to expensive new OEM parts. Professional automotive recyclers stand behind the OEM parts and assemblies they sell and many offer established warranty programs. Utilizing recycled OEM parts helps extend the lives of many vehicles that would be prematurely taken off the road.
A inspection of parts or assemblies may take place after the disassembly process has taken place.  These practices described are industry practices of well-run professional automotive recycling businesses.
It was popularised in the 1960s with the release of Letraset sheets containing Lorem Ipsum passages, and more recently with desktop publishing software like Aldus PageMaker including versions of Lorem Ipsum.
The appearance of external links on this website does not constitute endorsement by ARA of the linked websites, or the information, products or services contained therein. Many times automotive recycling facilities can also give recommendations for a repair shop that is familiar with using recycled parts.
Recycled parts will significantly reduce your vehicle repair costs without sacrificing quality.

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