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Rely it or not, you are only judged by your grammar skills whether you are a businessmen or research scholar.
If a paper, essay, assignment or any document is not proofread meticulously before it is turned in, a document that may have deserved an “A” grade may earn “D” just because of minor mistakes such as misspelled words, misplaced commas or full stops, improper homophone. True to its mid-19th century American origin, this phrase was originally "hold your hosses".
Since rainbows are so much fun, I thought it would be awesome to use them for a learning activity (you know, so learning is fun too!) I am currently working with my oldest son on reading, so I wanted to try something along those lines.
This will require a little know-how from parents, but you can find many great English resources and sight word printables online if you need some extra guidance. Bonus tip: After you cut out the rainbows, you can use the scraps to make even more rainbows! This post may contain affiliate links and sponsored ads; using these links helps support my blog.
Blood is Thicker than Water means: People who are related have stronger obligations to each other than to people outside the family.
Interestingly, the origin of the idiom “blood is thicker than water” is believed to be a Scottish novel. An email, letter, research papers, dissertations, reports or any document may be the first impression of your firm or organization.

A homophone is a word that sounds like another but is spelled differently and means something different. Some of these are above the level my son is at, but you can work your way up to the different educational opportunities. Once you have  your rainbow cut out, place the white construction paper near the base and draw a cloud that will cover the width of one end of the bow.
If you decided to make multiple cutouts of each color, you can write words directly onto the construction paper bows or glue words onto them. Make a few different sentences and write them down on another piece of paper to tell a story. Now, I know there are all sorts of ways to write and order the words of a sentence, but you need a place to start.
Use them for more word building activities and rainbow crafts or frame them as rainbow wall art!
The saying is attributed to the Scottish poet and novelist Sir Walter Scott, and is seen in his 1815 novel, Guy Mannering.
You obviously know that a single or minor mistake involving a comma or a full stop can portray an unprofessional image and may spell disaster for your business. If you are not using proper homophones, it will change whole meaning of a sentence and may ruin your business.

Start off with 5-10 words per category and you can always add more or change them up later! Keep in mind when you are cutting this that you will need to fit the larger bows (violet being the biggest) on the same size piece of construction paper. You only need to trace the top as this will be the base for the orange where it meets the red. If you choose to reuse one of each, cut out thin strips of white construction paper and write a bunch of words on them and cut out each word. Proof Read My File is here with its best online proofreading service which ensures you that your writing is meticulously checked by at least 2 of our experts to make sure there aren’t any errors at all.
Syntactical errors are fixed, grammatical errors are corrected and your document is checked for good style and flow, both of which are essential for good and impressive reading.
If you are doing method B, you only need to cut the outer layer of the rainbow and not cut out the center.

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