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Although Vine is not as big as Twitter or Facebook, it has millions of members that generate a lot of engagement. March 19, 2014 by Marc Guberti Leave a Comment I took off from Vine for some time because I did not see the engagement I wanted to see from putting in my hard work.
The formula to getting more followers and engagement for your vines is a simple process to follow because there are only two parts. Ever since applying these methods, my Vines went from having 2 likes to having well over 10 likes.
If you have a big following, people will gravitate towards you and see what you are all about. Only like the vines that are relevant to the vines that you either post now or plan on posting in the future.
If you gave me the option of having 10,000 targeted followers or 100,000 non-targeted followers, I’ll choose the 10,000 targeted followers on any day and on any social network. Building a targeted audience will help you succeed and get more Vine followers because now that you have people who are genuinely interested in your Vines, you’ll get more engagement for each of your Vines.
For some of my Vines where I provide social media advice, I’ll write each method on an index card and focus the camera on those index cards. For other Vines, I talk in front of the camera and say a motivational thought. With just six seconds of my time, I am able to motivate thousands of people. By using the social networks you have already built a strong presence on to spread the word about your vines, you will attract more people from your existing audience to your 6-second vines. Each time you post a new Vine, the social network will give you the option to share your Vine on Twitter.
If you do enough Vines in a given week, you can combine all of the Vines together into one YouTube video. Even though Vine’s 6-second videos make it very different from other social networks, the rules of getting more followers are similar. When Instagram came out with its 15 second video loop, many people thought that Vine was dead.
Although the first method grows your following without requiring you to post on Vine, you will be able to spread faster on Vine by posting often.
Your friends may be the first ones to like and revine your vines (which allows your vines to spread). It seems as if there multiple groups of famous viners who happen to know each other and appear in each other’s vines. Vine allows you to create 6 second videos that repeat in a loop, but they do not allow you to take pictures. Vine will continue growing, but in order to take advantage of Vine’s growth, your content needs to spread.
If you give away a $25 Amazon Gift Card to one person who revines your video, then most of your followers will come by and revine your video.
If you already established a strong presence on one of your social networks, don’t try to reinvent the wheel.

You may not a substantial difference in the amount of revines you get within a few days or weeks. In addition, the people who like one of your Vines are also likely to like your other vines as well. The more popular you become on Vine, the more people will pay attention to your six-second videos. Before you thrive on Vine, you need to build the credibility and get the big following first. That way, you’ll be growing a targeted audience of people who will appreciate your content instead of a big number of people not interested in what you post.
When you do this, be sure to only follow the followers who are very likely to follow you back.
Your vines then get put in front of a larger audience that already appreciates what you do. Enabling that option gives you the link which you can promptly share on Facebook, Pinterest, and others. Within that YouTube video, show your Vine username at the bottom of the video so your viewers know where to get more of your Vines.
Getting the audience and interacting with that audience will lead to more followers and engagement on Vine. Remember when people tweeted out things like, “Vine (2013-2013)?” Those days are over, and people are now searching for ways to get more followers on Vine. The people with millions of followers on Vine are the ones who post new vines consistently. The likes and revines may not come right away, but if you tell enough of your friends about your vines, some of those friends will help your vines spread. If you get a group of friends together to do the same thing, you will all have each other’s audiences. Some people have gone viral on Vine while others struggle to get one person to revine their Vine. By building your following, you will build an audience of people who will be more likely to revine your videos. Some of these people will revine you back while other people will revine you so they get a revine back.
Use your strong following on one of your social networks to get some awareness for another social network. In addition, you will be able to revine each other and then get more revines from your followers. Now, I am gaining over 600 followers every day on Vine and know exactly how to become the next Vine sensation.
The most famous people on Vine post at least once every day while some post more than 5 times on other days. If you have 50 people who like one of your vines, chances are your other vines are not far behind.
I may even get over 100,000 followers on Vine before 2015 and become the next famous viner.

Others have gained millions of followers on multiple social networks because they have mastered the art of creating a 6-second video on Vine.
As the engagement for your vines increase, more people will hear about you and decide to follow you. Their added engagement will allow your vines to rank better on Vine’s search engine thus exposing your vine to more people. If you continue tweeting your vines, your Vine audience will grow as your Twitter audience grows.
If you get five of your friends who have 1,000 followers each, that’s an audience of 5,000. Getting more revines is super important towards you going viral on Vine and gaining hundreds of followers every day.
I wrote an entire blog post that goes more into detail about how you can get more followers on Vine.
It only takes six seconds to create a video (unless you are doing stunts and need retakes). That does put imagination and creativity to the test when you have to think of an idea for a Vine every single day. Whether you know how to create a good 6-second video or not, the amount of followers you gain on Vine will have an impact on how popular you are on Vine.
As you gain an audience and continue posting Vines that people love, your followers will share your Vines more often, thus allowing you to reach a larger audience. The best part is that if you consistently post vines every day, the people in your audience will know when to check in for a new 6-second video.
If people who happen to see your vines think they are good, then those people will decide to follow you.
As you tag each other in various vines, members of the audience will learn to enjoy your vines and your friends’ vines. Famous viners are also gaining over 5,000 followers on Twitter every day while others gain more than that. The more social networks people follow you on, the less likely they will be to forget about you.
Then enter in “ifollowback.” On other social networks Team Follow Back has been criticized because you don’t get a target audience. If a follower likes one of their vines, that follower tends to like more of that person’s vines. However, doing this on Vine will result in people who are eager to share anything that is cool, shocking, or hilarious.
The people who are getting over 100,000 likes for their vines also happen to have 1 million followers.

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