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Officers from multiple detachments executed a search warrant on a home in Komarno, Manitoba at around 9 a.m. A man and woman were arrested and face multiple charges, including property and firearms offences. After an extensive under cover operation during which State Police Detectives, from the Connecticut State Police Auto Theft Unit and other State Police Task Forces, were able to discover and breech an auto theft ring. The four-wheel-drive Ford F-250 crew cab pickup is the vehicle most vulnerable to theft, the group said. But determining what vehicle is truly the most popular among thieves is not as cut-and-dry as some may think. In fact, a separate survey from The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicates that the Dodge Charger is the most stolen vehicle. Regardless, boosting cars has become tougher as automakers add anti-theft technology as standard features. According to NHTSA’s research, some of the most popular parts for thieves to steal include engines, transmissions, air bags and radios. A Mercedes-Benz CLK 320 had been reported stolen from Leicestershire and the tracking unit fitted to the car was activated. Stuart Chapman, police liaison officer for TRACKER says, “It is amazing how many vehicles these professional car thieves will fit into one container. A favoured target of car thieves, last year over £2 million worth of Mercedes-Benz were recovered by TRACKER, the stolen vehicle recovery (SVR) expert. TRACKER is the ONLY stolen vehicle recovery system operated by all Police Forces across the UK. The Long Beach Police Department’s Detective Division, in cooperation with City of Long Beach’s Business Licensing Division, Code Enforcement Division and Fire inspectors conducted a two day compliance check of businesses that are involved in the selling, storing or repairing of motor vehicles in the Long Beach area. On July 28 and August 1, 2014, detectives inspected nine locations and over 400 vehicles and vehicle components.

During the course of the operation, nine citations were issued for violations that included employee compensation, child labor laws, fire codes, unpermitted construction, operating outside the permitted license, and failure to abide by California State overtime regulations. The community should be aware that properly licensed businesses that operate within the City of Long Beach will have the appropriate licenses and permits posted in public view at their location. Anyone wishing to report unlawful business practices involving automotive-related businesses should contact the LBPD Auto Theft Detail at (562)570-7362. NOBOB — His English is a little slow for now, but his bashful-seeming smiles come quickly and easily. LOUISVILLE — Louisville coach Bobby Petrino says his Twitter account has been hacked after material including a link to an adult website and sexually suggestive hashtags were "liked" by his profile.
Customs officials in Southern California say they’ve intercepted 16 of the stolen luxury vehicles as they were bound for Asia from the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. According to Associated Press, most of these supercars were seized after they had already left the docks labeled as used exercise equipment. According to Carlos Martel – Director of Field Operations, four more cars from the operation were seized in Vietnam. Other than the Ferrari, the Audi and a Toyota Tundra pickup, most of the seizures were of luxury SUVs including several from the BMW 5 series, along with others made by Lexus, Mercedes and Infiniti. Rather than using insurance claims to measure theft, NHTSA cites the FBI’s 2010 Uniform Crime Report which showed nearly 73% of all motor vehicles reported stolen were passenger cars. For example, ignition immobilizers came standard in 89% of 2012 model vehicles sold in the United States, the HLDI said. Still, auto theft continues to be a big money headache for drivers and insurance companies. While theft claims comprised only 4% of all comprehensive claims made in 2006, they accounted for about 21% of all claim payments, NHTSA said.
But thieves also go after other valuable stuff that owners leave behind, such as GPS units, iPods, laptops and purses.

Due to the strengths of TRACKER’s technology, the VHF signal was still picked up by the police helicopter despite it being in the container. Also assisting with this operation were members of the Los Angeles County Task Force for Regional Auto Theft Prevention (TRAP), National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), California Department of Labor, California of Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR), California Board of Equalization, California Department of Insurance, and California Employment Development Department (EDD).
The purpose of the operation was to locate stolen vehicles and vehicle parts; ensure businesses were in compliance with State and local laws and regulations, as well as operating in a safe manner. In addition to the citations, over 18 notices of violations were issued, which require follow-up compliance checks over the next several weeks. Unlawful practices may include any business dealings with stolen vehicles or parts, unfair labor practices, operating outside the scope of their permits or operating without licenses in an area not zoned for such use. This operation came to a successful conclusion at the I-95 exit 22 rest stop in Fairfield where three vehicles were seized at the scene and four individuals were arrested for a variety of charges related to an organized auto theft ring. The estimated total value of vehicles stolen nationwide was more than $4.3 billion in 2010, according to NHTSA.
Items stolen from pickup trucks, which are often used as work vehicles, include tools and job-site equipment. In some cases, payroll audits will be conducted by the California State Board of Equalization.
Uniformed Officers from the Bridgeport Police Department and the Fairfield Police Department assisted at the scene.
In other cases, major Long Beach municipal code violations were discovered, which will require a massive clean up effort for unlicensed businesses operating within residential neighborhoods. The arrested persons were transported to Troop G for processing and are being held on bond for court appearances.

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