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Whether you’re involved in the Sherlock fandom or not, it would be almost impossible for you to evade the question as to whether or not John Watson and Sherlock Holmes will end up in a romantic relationship together. Although Moffat recently said on a panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2016 that media could stand to see more diverse representations of sexuality, he clarifies in this interview that his comments were not intended to be taken as a confirmation that Sherlock‘s male leads would start dating any time soon. Fans reacted to this interview with such disbelief and disappointment that Gatiss had to clarify on Twitter that this was, indeed, a real interview and not fake. I also think in my case, I was talking about representation, as was Bryan, in quite a serious way. Although I can understand that it would be frustrating to hear fans voice their feelings of betrayal in response to this, I do hope that Moffat and Gatiss and the rest of the creative team try to understand the sentiment behind those feelings. The Conan Doyle estate has already weighed in on this question in the past with a very firm no. McLaughlin’s research goes on to point out the ways that Sherlock has made this subtext into text and has implied the possibility of a romance between the pair. In their interview, Gatiss and Moffat seem accepting of the fact that regardless of their characters’ canonical sexual preferences, fans will continue to create alternative works that present other possibilities.
The most ironic part of this whole controversy, to me, is the ongoing implication that fans today are somehow more entitled than fans in the past, because the original fans of Conan Doyle’s stories were definitely entitled as all heck. It makes sense that fans would feel so attached to Conan Doyle and his work, though, especially if you go back and read the original stories. I mean, obviously attacking a fiction creator on the street with your umbrella is taking it a bit too far. Ezra Miller is about to get to work on The Justice League Part One, in which he stars as The Flash.

Textiles showed up looking freshly beefcaked to the London premiere of Superhero Face Punch last week. After all, this is a question that fans have asked about these characters for decades, and it’s a question that has plagued many other adaptations of the series in the past. The show’s creative team has been dumping cold water on the pairing for several years now, but in a recent interview on With An Accent, showrunners Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss tackled the question directly and gave a firm nope. What they did was scale back that conversation and make it about something extremely silly. Again, the nature of the relationship between these two characters has been a question in fans’ minds across many adaptations over the years. Of course, we can’t ask Sir Arthur Conan Doyle this question directly, but reams of academic scholarship have been devoted to the nature of the relationship between Holmes and Watson. Since the characters exist in our modern world, where homosexuality is no longer illegal as it was in the Victorian era (but still not universally accepted), the question has to be addressed.
But what we don’t know, and can never know, is whether or not Conan Doyle would have been opposed to a potential re-interpretation of the stories in which the characters are gay. When Sherlock Holmes died within the canon, Conan Doyle got pressured to bring the character back to life due to the huge backlash he experienced from his own fans. The relationship between Holmes and Watson plays out like a tale-as-old-as-time romantic comedy. And I think Moffat and Gatiss probably know that, and they knew that when they signed up to do this show. The one-in-a-million relationship between Holmes and Watson has existed for so long and has meant so many different things to so many different fans. If you saw Superhero Face Punch over the weekend, you saw him in a cameo as out-of-costume Barry Allen, as well as a super-confusing dream sequence in costume as The Flash that had even veteran comic book nerds going what the hell?

After all, Sherlock (and many other adaptations) is obviously not a note-for-note recreation of the original stories; the characters are in a different time period, for one thing, but also they have many other personality and biographical differences.
As another example, Elementary changes John Watson’s gender and race, and the Conan Doyle estate was fine with that. Now that is entitlement. Of course, it all worked, because the character did end up getting brought back to life. But Textiles is committed, and did the regimen, and now he looks like a guy playing a superhero. And if people want to write whatever they like and have a great time extrapolating that’s absolutely fine.
It’s just a sign that fans relate to your characters so much, that they can see themselves in their shoes—and maybe those fans are, themselves, not straight and want to see those characters representing them.
But I am legit interested to see what ole Textiles does with a character like The Flash—generally one of the more chipper, fun superheroes.
Mark isn’t saying other people can’t write that version of John and Sherlock getting together. We’re not engaging in a clever conspiracy to write something under the radar, we’re just writing the show we’re writing.

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