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It's quite a collection of parts car Mustangs, but at closer inspection there aren't many diamonds in the rough hiding in this junk yard.
According to the seller there are several Mustang parts included also: hoods, doors (fastback & coupe), door panels, vent window assemblies, front fenders, rear deck lids, rear quarter panels, grilles & grille bars, bumpers, rear spoilers, fastback rear window louvers, fastback quarter-vent grilles, Fastback interior parts, consoles, gauge clusters, rear quarter & headlight extensions, taillights, FoMoCo glass, front & rear seats, trim & mouldings (some NOS), shifters, bell housings, transmissions, radiators, steering wheels & horn rings, and nice wheel covers. Don’t suppose anyone knows whats going to happen with all these jewels in this junk yard do they? Post vehicle, car insurance claims advice and help question (below) or, get car insurance claims advice and answers involved with a total loss car auto claim at your.
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Keep in mind there are some parts you may want to remove from the vehicle before bringing it to the yard so you can get a better price per pound for them. We hope everybody had a great Labor Day weekend is enjoying these last few weeks of warm weather.
Non-Ferrous metal prices are also taking a hit our prices at the scale will likely be dropping over the next few weeks on items like Aluminum, Copper, Brass and Stainless Steel. Nobody likes falling prices, but with lower scrap values and the cold weather coming, hopefully there won’t be as many people hitting the curbs and you can get more material to balance it out. Lawn and Garden tools are commonly found on curbsides this time of year and just about all of them have some scrap value. We hope you find the updates here on our blog and our facebook page to be useful and informative. While our blog focuses more on what is happening locally and price updates at our yard, there is plenty of information out there to be discovered on the web. While it might seem like scrap metal recycling involves simply driving around, picking up metal, and delivering it to the scrap yard, in order to scrap safely, smartly, and efficiently you need to have all of the right equipment to help you identify and clean your metals.
There are several tools that will help you identify metals, but none is more important than a magnet.
Spring seems to have arrived early this year in Michigan, and it seems like not long from now we will have the air conditioning running at full blast. Larger parts of vehicles, such as front end clips, truck beds, and half vehicles can be brought to the scrapyard with paperwork from the body shop they came from, or some sort of proof that you have the right to sell the material. There are several parts of a car that contain cast aluminum that typically are not worthwhile to clean. Older radiators will be made of Copper and Brass and are worth more than Aluminum Radiators.
Even if your vehicle can’t get you where you want to go, there is still some value to it. The different grades of scrap insulated copper wire work off of the same principles as clean copper. Common wires with low recovery rates include Christmas lights, telephone cords, harness wire, and wires clipped off of cell phone chargers and similar items. You can download Old junk car in desert HD Wallpapers in high resolutions to bring beauty to your desktop. Items like Batteries, Aluminum Wheels, Transmissions, Alternators, Starters, and Radiators are some examples of Non-Ferrous Material that can be sold in the metal shop for a better price. We have a price update for you as we head into the fall months, and the outlook is not too bright.
We have not dropped our price yet, but expect to see lower prices for ferrous metals on Monday. If you have been stockpiling these items we suggest you sell them as soon as possible, and to keep selling them as you get them throughout the fall.
Stay tuned to our blog and facebook page and we will update you when we feel like prices are ready to bounce back. Hopefully we can start putting away the winter clothes, snow shovels, and ice scrapers and start getting ready for some warmer weather.
A lot of patio chairs and tables are made of aluminum, but even if they are steel you might as well add them to your load.
However, this is the information age and there are countless other sites and publications that have valuable information about scrap metal recycling. It not only allows you to see our price list in real time, they also have explanations of the various grades of materials on their website. This is a very active forum with a lot of information on topics ranging from how to clean and sort material, to how to start and advertise a scrap hauling business. Mike has several videos posted showing the best way to break down some of the most common items brought to scrapyards. Their website features more frequent updates on market conditions, new recycling practices, and mergers and acquisitions.

Are there any sites you frequent for news on pricing or to get some new ideas to improve the way you scrap? It is important to wear leather work gloves when handling scrap metal to avoid cuts and slivers. Hammers, drills, knives, ratchets, and crowbars will all help you break pieces down and remove any contamination. If you are replacing an Air Conditioning unit this year, it is important to know that your old unit has value at the scrapyard. Whether you own a body shop, are junking an old vehicle, or getting a few parts replaced, recycling your junk parts can put some extra cash in your pocket while also preserving the environment.
When bringing pieces like this to be recycled, it is best to call first so we can verify that the paperwork you have will suffice. Steel parts, such as doors, hoods, axles, and fenders can all be unloaded at our steel pile. Transmissions are bought by the piece at our yard and are worth more when sold as is than when disassembled.
Steel block engines are to be unloaded at our steel pile and will be paid at the sheet iron price. If you decide to remove all the jackets, attachments and plugs, it will be bought as #2 insulated copper wire.
You can always check what we are paying for auto parts and all metals by visiting our price list on the iscrap app. Freon is very harmful to the O-zone and the environment and it is important that all CFC’s are properly reclaimed from all material before they are brought to the scrapyard.
Venting refers to simply cutting the copper lines and allowing the refrigerant to escape into the atmosphere. For Stainless to be graded as clean it cannot contain contamination of any kind, including steel, plastic, insulation, or even other non-ferrous metals like brass, copper or aluminum.
Breakage items will contain more contamination than we can buy as contaminated aluminum for example, but not so much contamination that it has to be bought as sheet iron. Today we would like to explain the different grades of scrap Copper, Insulated Copper Wire, and Brass. Any copper gutters, downspouts, roofing material, pots, pans, tubs, or decorative pieces will be graded #3. Any wire that is plated will be graded #2, while wire that is pure copper can be graded as #1.
These low recovery wires will be bought as Christmas wire in our yard, which is based off of a 25% recovery rate.
The rarest of the bunch are a couple of 1965-1966 fastbacks, a 1970 Mach 1 and a 1968 California Special.
K-bid auction did not know where the vin was on this car and the drivers door would not open. This wallpaper has been viewed in 4374 times and can be set as backgrounds, desktop wallpaper, ipad wallpaper, iphone wallpaper or other mobile devices. We do not intend to infringe any legitimate intellectual right, artistic rights or copyright. When you get to the yard you will weigh the vehicle on the steel scale and be paid for it by the pound. There is a good chance prices will bounce back early next year after the cold weather slows the flow of material into scrapyards, but for the next few months expect prices to decline. Another wonderful thing about spring is all the scrap that starts showing up on the curbs as people start to do their spring cleaning.
Be sure to remove all glass, plastic or other contamination to get the best possible price. Their website also includes a forum in where you can ask questions and have them answered by other scrappers and scrapyards. Experienced scrappers and scrapyards frequently weigh in on the topics posted to this forum. Not only does Mike show you how to dismantle the items and what kind of material he finds inside, he also shows the weight and value of each material to help you decide if it is something worth taking apart.
American Metal Market is another trade publication with a lot of information pertaining to the scrap metal business. If the material draws your magnet it is ferrous material, and if not you have likely stumbled upon something more valuable.
Wire cutters are useful for removing cords from appliances and other items, and a wire stripper will come in handy if you have the time to strip the insulation off.
Whether you are replacing a small residential unit, or a large rooftop unit, it is worthwhile to recycle it. Weight deductions may be taken for seats, tires, upholstery, and windows if they have not been removed.
Cast iron drums and rotors will be graded as auto cast, and most of the time are worth a slight premium over sheet iron.

There are also several parts of a car that are made of cast aluminum, but it is important to remember that pieces that have a high amount of steel contamination will be bought as breakage. Without removing those items, the harness wire can still be sold at our christmas lights price.
Freon bearing appliances include refrigerators, deep freezers, air conditioning units, and pop vending machines. Copper wire also is graded based on the percentage of copper that can be recovered from the wire once it is stripped.
Red brass, commonly referred to as gunmetal, is most commonly found in valves, gears, and castings. If you are searching for high quality Cars - Vehicles pictures, wallpapers, backgrounds, photos then download these wallpapers in the suitable resolutions to brighten up your desktop background. Wearing eye protection is highly recommended as it only takes on mistake with scrap metal to permanently damage your vision.
Bolt cutters are useful to cut copper tubing out of appliances, and to cut brass valves off of copper plumbing. Cylinder heads are an excellent example of a cast aluminum piece that you may want to clean.
While we accept all of these items as scrap at our yard, all Freon must first be reclaimed from such appliances and it must either be tagged by the technician who reclaimed the refrigerant or have the compressor removed so we can verify all the lines are empty.
When Freon is reclaimed by a certified technician they will either recycle it, or properly dispose of it, so no harm is done to the atmosphere. Alternators and Starters are also considered breakage, but they are worth a few cents more per pound than standard breakage. Red brass is worth more than yellow brass because it contains a higher percentage of copper.
This eBay auction includes a whopping forty-six 1965-1970 Mustangs, a pair of '72 Mustangs plus a collection of stored FOMOCO parts. You can bring them in whole or tear them down if some of the parts are non-ferrous metal and you want to upgrade the value. Boots with good soles are a must because where there is scrap metal, there is typically nails, screws, and sharp metal fragments on the ground.
For example, filing the coating off of silver plated flatware will reveal the metal underneath, and then by looking at the color you can determine if the material is brass or copper. If this coil has steel flanges it will be graded as a dirty aluminum copper radiator, but removing the steel flanges will earn you the clean aluminum copper radiator price.
Once the compressor is removed, both the appliance and the compressor can be sold as sheet iron.
Most heating and cooling companies and appliance stores will have a certified technician on staff to reclaim Freon from your appliances before bringing them to our yard to be recycled.
Transformers that contain copper windings are also worth more than standard breakage, while transformers with aluminum windings will be graded as standard breakage. It is wise to try and cut the soldered fittings off so the rest of the tube can be graded #1.
Any wire that will not recover 50% copper will be priced less, while wire that will recover more can be priced higher. For material to be graded as Red brass it must be free of all contamination including handles and pipes off of valves.
You will also find a lot of parts off of lawnmowers for sale on the internet, wheels in particular. Wearing a hard hat never hurts, both while collecting scrap and unloading it at the scrapyard. You can also cut all of the copper wiring out of the unit and sell it as insulated copper wire. If you take the time to remove all the pistons and springs, what’s left will be upgraded to cast aluminum. Other varieties of stainless, such as 316, contain more nickel than 304 and will be worth more per pound.
The same principle applies to electric motors; the ones with copper windings are worth more than standard breakage.
Red brass that is brought to our yard containing any contamination will be graded as yellow brass. Light ballasts are also considered breakage, but they are worth less than standard breakage.
It is important to note that when copper oxidizes it will turn green, but this is not considered contamination.
If you know you have a higher grade of stainless than 304, bring it to the scale operator’s attention so he can give you the right price.

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