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I had a Citroen C2, in that car the information and radio Display was always pitch black when I had my shades on, I had to put my head almost horizontally to see something on that display. If I incline the head to one side the display gets darker, and if i incline the head to the other side the display gets brighter. Full brightness with my head in vertical position and dark display putting my head in a horizontal position, but I don’t usually drive in that position ??And what about the HUD? Not really, because the inclination of the windscreen might be the reason, but it is a problem that could have been corrected during the development of the HUD.At the end of the day, new Saab should take care of such details, and I think they will. I’m not sure if these will apply completely to other markets as the models listed do seem to be quite specific, but many of the digit positions will match. There has, of course, been the True Electric joint venture, but I didn’t think that was so close to being ready for public consumption. I know a few of you were asking questions as to what the final verdict was, so here’s your answer.

The original problem was diagnosed as a faulty fuel pump, but $500 and new pump later, the car was starting but it took quite a bit of cranking before it would do so. You’d turn the key and the car would be trying to start for 7-10 seconds before actually starting.
Steve hooked up a pressure gauge to the fuel system, started the car and the gauge immediately went up to around 2.5 bar, which is OK.
Apparently there was some gunk (technical term) in the fuel pressure regulator that was stopping a valve from sealing properly.
Two demo cars have already been presented this year and these have been very well received. These five parties have shown that there is a unique and competitive concept rooted in reality. Based on the positive experiences of demo vehicles, which have already been seen since the summer of 2009, they have now decided to go ahead and extend the electric car project.The project ZE Saab 9-3, which recognized the zero emission of CO2 (Zero Emission), Swedish engineering gives a boost and encourage the dissemination of knowledge in the world in one of the hottest technology shifts that are currently unfolding.

From the start of the project includes a unique combination of vehicle manufacturers (Saab), driveline supplier (Electro engine) and battery manufacturers (Boston-Power), Project Coordination (Innovatum) and the demonstration and power skills (Power Circle). At the same time, the proposal to provide for a Swedish kompetensnod for electric car development.The team reflects the mix of skills needed to quickly get the vehicles in a demo fleet and thereby ensure a Swedish-based and competitive electric car solution. The cooperating parties behind the Swedish electric car has received support from the Energy Agency of 86 million kronor.

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