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But Ryanair says that they only accept EEU passport, but isn't a Swiss B permit is valid to travel to Spain? You need an acceptable Travel Document as airlines will refer to TIMATIC if you can board or not. If you are from a country that Spain requires to have visas to visit then yes, you had better make sure you have a valid visa before you travel. As a non-EU with a Swiss C permit, I can't check-in online with say Wizz Air and have to proceed to the check in desk for a doco check.
However Non EU residents in Switzerland who have a B permit are legally allowed to travel to Spain and Ryanair cannot deny you boarding. Despite making travel increasingly affordable, there is stiff skepticism towards budget airlines. Any airline anywhere in the world knows that crashes or a reputation for poor safety is bad for business.
The reality is this: full-service airlines offer extras that can easily be charged for on an as-needed basis. Rather than having higher-priced tickets that include hefty weight allowances, budget airlines typically allot a small carry-on amount, such as 7-10kgs (~15-22lbs), or provide none at all. To prevent this issue from ever happening to us again, we always carry with us this ultra light, sturdy luggage scale from Japan. RyanAir confirmation e-mail which clearly states in its opening line you must print your ticket!
It’s true that sometimes budget airlines land at airports further from your destination.
Whether you fly budget or full-service airlines, great and terrible experiences happen anywhere.
The interior of budget planes – not the infrastructure itself – have some noticeable differences.
Some airlines will charge a fee for credit cards, or even a basic processing fee when buying your ticket online. Looking now, one can see a flight from Sydney to Honolulu is $412 with Jetstar, plus $39 luggage (unless you pack light like us and use free carry-on only – learn how to do that here). JenJen is a five-foot-short fireball with a curiosity for all things quirky, foreign, and funny.

Changes to Ryanair’s online check-in rules are forcing agents to make customers buy allocated seats for packages of more than seven days.
Last week the airline told passengers that online check-in was only available between seven days and two hours before departure for those not taking its regular or premium seat reservation option, which cost €5 or €10.
Previously, Ryanair allowed non-reserved seat boarding passes to be printed 15 days before departure, which catches a normal fortnight family holiday. The owner of one agency in the UK said hotels had been happy to print boarding cards for existing bookings, but that this would create problems in the future. Find news for the Nordic travel industry, including trends and analysis, news briefing, job vacancies across the Nordic area, and an informative global travel trade calendar.
This is how your name and profile photo will appear on Panoramio if you connect this Google+ account. Ryanair strongly recommends that customers travelling on Tuesday and Wednesday, ensure that they have checked in online and printed their boarding passes by Monday, August 10. New bookings and changes on existing bookings cannot be made during the above-mentioned times. Actually my visa is now expired, but my B permit is valid, in this case, is it OK to check at RyanAir? Contrary to popular belief, lower-priced airline tickets aren’t cheaper due to subpar safety. That reputation will lose an airline far more money than it would (gain) by cutting corners on safety. Before purchasing your ticket online, you will be clearly prompted to add luggage (see examples below). If you want to be ultra savvy for beverages, it’s worthwhile to invest in a reusable, foldable bottle like the Platypus water bottle. RyanAir offers cheap tickets to the Beauvais airport, but it is 1.5 hrs from Orly (the main one), and is much further from the city (see image below).
Cushions may be firmer, seats likely much smaller, and in the case of RyanAir, there could be advertisements on the walls, like on a bus or subway. We booked it as two separate legs, with an intentional 5-day stopover in Hawaii (for other hacks like these plus a list of budget airlines worldwide, read our cheapest flight booking tips here). That’s a grand total of $451, compared to the next cheapest flight with of $572 – a savings of $121 per person!

For those who can live without the extras for a snippet of time, the savings are absolutely worth it. A pediatric nurse by trade, her interests include global health and the welfare of women and children. This means we get a small commission, at no extra cost to you, for recommending a product we personally use, trust, and own. But the change means agents packaging a week’s holiday with Ryanair flights cannot now issue the return boarding card before clients leave home. We currently have 15 000 daily visitors in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland and the Baltic countries. In fact, airplane location, not airline type determines crash likelihood, and the 10 biggest aviation disasters in Europe and North America involved non-budget airlines, save for 1.
This is only fair as greater weight = greater fuel consumption that you didn’t pay for.
This means if you want food or drink (often even coffee or water), you’ll have to pay for it.
With RyanAir, this is clearly stated (in ALL CAPS) in the first confirmation e-mail you are sent, as seen below. You’ll likely not have a TV screen, so plan ahead and bring a book, magazine, or music. Her other shameless vices include beer-fuelled nights with good company, road trips to remote places, and squealing at adorable elderly dogs. So, if flying no-frills in exchange for a cheap flight seems like the cure for your travel bug, here’s 7 must-know facts about flying budget airlines! Often the savings are significant, especially for long-haul flights where you could save hundreds.

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