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Who can ever forget that line from the hit movie Forrest Gump, which had Tom Hanks running like there was no tomorrow! Running is an excellent form of cardio exercises, as it helps to increase your heart beat rate along with helping you to lose a lot of calories which directly translates to weight loss! Moreover with running being considered as an intense vigorous activity, it fits with the description of the 1 hour and 15 minutes of required vigorous physical activity as recommended by the U.S. Running with the wind whipping across our face and the rhythmic pounding of the ground underneath our feet makes us feel good for sure along with helping us to relieve the stress. Also opting for running is a good idea for weight loss, as it a vigorous physical activity which helps to burn more calories as it raises your metabolism and trains your body even more calories. Most beginners are in a shock if they expect to lose weight the moment they start running, in fact a much bigger shock awaits once they start running to lose weight, in the form of a weight gain!
To go deeper in the science of weight loss due to running, we first need to understand that the body prefers to burn carbohydrates for fuel as compared to fat. Running regularly trains the body to rely more on burning fat rather than carbohydrates for fuel purpose. The best way to achieve weight loss from running is to use the High Impact Interval Training or HIIT method of running, which includes a combination of sprints and light jogging or running at slow speeds.
This method works because according to recent research it has been proven that running at a constant speed over a period of time, helps the body to adjust itself to that speed thereby reducing the number of calories burnt and slowing down the weight loss. Another way of losing weight is trying to run as long as you can at least once a week as this will not only help you build up your stamina but also let you burn more calories with the more number of miles that you will cover! So, now that you know how to run, where to run and most importantly why to run, we are sure that you’ll already be looking out for those old sneakers to put on and get set to go running!
The Heart Rate Watch Company has named its top 5 running watches for 2012 after significant testing of all models. Number 2 - Garmin 610 is a touch screen GPS watch that provides runners with speed, distance, elevation and even cadence with an optional foot pod.
Number 3 - Timex Run Trainer has proven to be Timex's most successful GPS watch release ever.
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If you walk into a gym anywhere in America, you'll see rows of women sweating it out on treadmills.
Here's why: Most people operate under the assumption that the more they run, the more weight they'll lose. In other words, you'll initially drop some pounds, but your progress will flatline as soon as your body adjusts to your exercise regimen. If you work out, you've probably heard of intervals—short bursts of intense exercise with periods of recovery in between. And these quick-but-killer efforts may be the closest thing you'll find to a magic calorie-burning bullet. Intervals come in a variety of sizes, and you can count on the fat-melting effects no matter how long an interval you do.
Find a flat section of road, or hit the track or treadmill, and speed up to a hard but sustainable effort (really huffing and puffing) for 15 seconds. Find a flat section of road, or hit the track or treadmill, and speed up to a hard but sustainable effort for 30 seconds. Beginner: Run a quarter of a mile (equal to one loop of a track) on flat or rolling terrain at a hard but sustainable effort, and recover by jogging or walking for two minutes. If they gave best supporting actress awards for weight loss, strength training would take home the trophy every time. And resistance exercise helps keep you injury-free, so you're not stuck on the couch when you could be incinerating calories on a run.

If your schedule allows it, try lifting before you run to increase fat burning while you run. Do three sets of 12 to 15 reps (unless otherwise noted) twice a week; rest for 30 seconds between sets.
Grab a dumbbell in each hand, stand on one leg (keep it as straight as possible), and lift the other leg slightly off the floor.
The good news is that you don't need to log more than one long run a week to get the max calorie-burning benefit, and a long run means 30 minutes or more. By logging in, you confirm that you accept our terms of service and have read and understand privacy policy. By clicking "Sign in", you confirm that you accept our terms of service and have read and understand privacy policy.
By clicking "Create Account", you confirm that you accept our terms of service and have read and understand privacy policy. His character of Forrest uses running as a means of staying away from trouble in his formative years. Going for a 30 min run, regularly, helps you to build up a strong set of legs with toned muscles along with protecting you from a bevy of diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular diseases. But what really makes our bodies feel good about running is the fact that it helps to burn more calories as compared to say walking on the treadmill in a gym. The weight gain is a result of development of muscle in the early days of running for a beginner, once he gets past this slight weight gain, his body begins to burn calories which gets him the expected weight loss. This is because fat takes a lot of time to burn and metabolize and contains more calories as compared to carbohydrates, as a result of which the body prefers to store fats and burn carbohydrates when in need of immediate fuel i.e. To make it even clearer 1 pound of body fat contains 3500 calories, thereby burning fat leads to a greater weight loss. Hence HIIT includes sprints mixed with light jogging to not let the body get accustomed to a pace, which helps to burn more calories and lose more weight.
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Really appreciate the fantastic, clear and precise advice that you are giving.Thanks again for the wonderful and prompt advice. In the list are the Polar RCX5 Run, Garmin 610, Timex Run Trainer, Garmin Forerunner 210 and the Suunto Ambit.
This is the same watch Ryan Hall used when recording his mile times as laps and uploading it when he ran a 2:04 in Boston in 2011. No reproduction, transmission or display is permitted without the written permissions of Rodale Inc. Stop in again months later, and many of those same women won't look that much slimmer, despite the countless hours they've spent pounding away on that moving belt. Plus, running long distances on a regular basis takes a physical toll (in the form of injuries, like runner's knee) and can seriously dampen your enthusiasm.
By learning how to make your runs more efficient at burning fat (by running with more intensity and by making your body stronger), you can get more benefits in less time, says Andrew Kastor, a running coach in Mammoth Lakes, California.
Here's why they work: When you chug along at a comfortable pace (as most people do), your body gets energy easily from the oxygen you inhale. You not only log less sweat time (which is kinder to your body) but also continue to incinerate calories at an increased rate even during the walking or jogging recovery periods, says Westcott. Jog or walk back to where you started, or reset the incline to zero, until you completely catch your breath (it should take about 45 to 60 seconds). Think about it this way: Strength training makes you stronger from head to toe, so you can run harder every time you pound the pavement. A recent study in the journal Clinical Biomechanics found that female runners who did six weeks of lower-body exercises, like the ones that follow, improved their leg strength, particularly in the hips—a common source of pain and injury for runners.

So if you burn 200 calories in a 20-minute strength session, count on sizzling an additional 50 calories after your last rep.
All you'll need to complete the routine is a pair of five- to 10-pound dumbbells and a resistance band. With your raised foot stationary, lean forward with your arms straight and extended toward the floor as you bend at the hips (not the knees) and keep your back flat. Stand with your feet hip-width apart, then step to the side with one foot, keeping your toes facing forward.
This sustained effort will improve your endurance by increasing your heart's capacity and strengthening ligaments and tendons, so you feel stronger during your short runs, says Kastor, who created the "Run Off the Weight" training plans, above.
Sure, all of us aren’t Forrest Gump, but just like him we can all outrun our weighty troubles. Running also serves to strengthen leg muscles such as calves and tendons which get toned in the process. It is the only non-GPS watch in our top 5 but for marathons, trail running and training this watch just can't be beat.
It does lack a barometric altimeter but this can be corrected in the Garmin Connect software. It gets accurate speed, distance, pace and even maps but if you use a foot pod for cadence it overrides the GPS for both pace and distance.
In the meantime it gets accurate altitude thanks to a barometric altimeter and has a large display that is easy to read. You'll still need to run three to five days a week (depending on which of the two programs you decide to follow), but rarely for more than 20 minutes a pop.
But once you switch into high gear, your muscles start working harder to process that O2, so they expend extra energy recruiting other chemicals in the body (adenosine-triphosphate and phosphocreatine, in case you're interested) to get the job done. In a study in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, women who ran hard for two minutes followed by three minutes at a low intensity torched more calories in the 24 hours following their sweat sessions than those who did slow, steady mileage.
For the most slimming results, switch up your workout—don't just stick with the interval routine that feels easiest.
A review of studies in The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found that runners who did resistance-training exercises two or three days a week, in addition to their weekly cardio regimens, increased their leg strength and enhanced their endurance—two things that contribute to weight loss.
This total-body strength workout designed by Kate Moran, a trainer at Equinox gym in Chicago, takes no more than 20 minutes and complements the running plans above. Slowly bring them back to the starting position, keeping your lower back against the floor. Moreover daily running also ups the body’s metabolism, which means that the body keeps on burning calories even after we have stopped running! It has a nice large display screen and is super light at 1.75 ounces, plus it fits women and they like it too. It's the smallest GPS watch and even fits women but the battery life between charges is only about 7 hours. The construction is stellar and for trail runners or mountaineering types it is a fantastic choice. They also lost 4 percent of their body fat in the weeks that followed, while the continuous-pace group didn't lose any. So running up a 5 percent grade (a gentle hill) will burn 50 percent more calories than running on a totally flat surface for the same amount of time.

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