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Then there's the mid-range, the ones whose ads boast of sex-appeal such as the $40,000-plus range including the Honda Odyssey, Mitsubishi Grandis and the Dodge Journey. Somewhere in that mix sit the people movers that started life as vans including the offerings from VW and Mercedes. At $39,990 it combines both the price range of the smaller people movers and the van-like conversion capability of the larger movers. But it is also so big that it offers heaps of luggage space in the rear even when the third row of seating is in operation.
Sat-nav and indeed even a display screen with trip information such as average fuel use etc is also missing here. Having said that the improvement in road noise is significant when it escapes the city and hits the highway.
Surprisingly the revs don't climb significantly as this happens, indicating there's plenty of torque (392Nm) in the diesel power plant but it is noisy. There is a wide-range of options including even a fridge but as a standard unit the car lacks a family-friendly feel. If you don't need to seat eight large people and their goods on a regular basis there are plenty of more suitable options available on the market today. THE BOTTOM LINE Fit for a purpose that will suit only a few families but a lot more companies.

You may think that they can be simply lumped together as the family bus or van that people with a lot of kids need to buy.
There's the small, such as the Kia Rondo, Toyota Avensis, Renault Grand Scenic and Citroen C4 Grand Picasso which really should be considered five-seaters given the lack of real rear legroom and even smaller cargo areas. That's something very few people movers, and basically no SUVs that offer third-row seating can boast. Essentially it is a commercial vehicle likely to be mainly used as a company shuttle or by basketball teams needing head room and walk-through space.
On the steering wheel where cars half the price have push-button controls the iMax just has holes where the controls should sit.
There's distinct rattles from the sliding doors as the car hits potholes and Sydney's damaged roads. This is particularly annoying for the driver who constantly feels as though they are sitting too high. Hyundai boasts that is significantly cheaper than its true competitors but comfort and features are also important. So big that the aerial smacks the roof of underground carparks, so big that the driver sits high enough to nearly eyeball bus drivers, so big that the huge rear door is a wrench to open and shut and so big that you can almost walk through it. But as a family van, as tested as a holiday escape machine on the recent long weekend, it lacks a lot of the features seen in comparitively priced cars.

The 2.5-litre 125kW diesel engine is reasonably quiet on startup and on the open flat road, but not when hills are encountered. You feel as though you are sitting too upright, which only serves to enhance the idea that you are driving a mini-bus rather than a car. Well, as someone who has driven most of them, through both need and interest, I can tell you they're not.
There are the luxury machines such as the up to $77,990 Chrysler Grand Voyager and the Toyota Tarago.
The huge gap between the two front seats cries out for a console where you can put cups and mobile phones etc. Laden with two adults and four teenagers and their luggage, it roars when it sinks through the automatic five-speeds of the gearbox up decent hills.

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