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Join our weekly update alert so you never miss out on pictures of the finest, most expensive, fastest, and most exciting exotic cars. It gives you far more confidence coming out of a slow corner, with better traction meaning more power transferred to the road rather than being lost through a spinning front wheel. Like the standard vRS there's a positive-shifting six-speed manual gearbox as standard or a DSG automatic as an option.
While the new front diff makes a difference, the 10PS is barely noticeable in everyday driving. What the vRS 230 does get is plenty of extra standard equipment to help justify the additional £2100. A Village of Orange Blossom Gardens resident was arrested after he allegedly trashed a hotel room. Hawk is already facing charges of burglary and grand theft in an incident earlier this year on the Historic Side. Village Palms management … Read MoreVHA representative wants speed bumps repaired in her neighborhoodA VHA representative appeared before Community Development District 2 supervisors on Friday morning, calling for repairs to speed bumps on her street. Put him together with the idiot the accosted the woman on the square and the numnut that shot up the woman’s door. Will you ever have a valid solution to your ignorant ramblings about crime other than “jail time”?
Opie, this guy trashes a hotel room while waiting to stand trial for burglary and grand theft and you think jail time is not appropriate…and you call us ignorant?
If the standard Jaguar F-Type isn’t quite quick or exclusive enough for you then fear not. On paper it will do 0-60mph in just 3.5 seconds and on to a top speed of no less than 200mph if you choose the coupe. Thanks to that wonderful V8 engine and a bespoke titanium exhaust - which is also lighter – the F-Type SVR howls along under acceleration, popping and crackling when you come off the power.
All that power means the F-Type is monstrously quick away from the a standstill and with huge reserves of torque, it's a car that effortlessly builds speed. The all-wheel drive system ensures superb traction, particularly away from a slow corner, yet it's set-up with a rear-wheel bias which means the SVR is still fun to drive. The interior is another highlight, with the F-Type's high quality cabin taken up another notch by 14-way adjustable SVR performance seats in leather with a 'lozenge' quilted pattern. The SVR certainly feels even more special, but that price tag puts it up against some top competition like the Aston Martin Vantage V8, Mercedes-Benz AMG GT and of course the Porsche 911 Turbo, while the Audi R8 is £10k more.
Despite boasting 220PS as standard we've always stopped short of labelling it a 'hot hatch'.

Well compared to a standard vRS you won't notice any big change when you're nipping to Sainsbury's with the kids in the back. As a result the 230 is more grippy and surefooted, helped further by a 13mm (12mm in the hatch) lower ride height.
We'd always go for the manual over the DSG - it suits the vRS well and is more reliable than the dual-clutch DSG which has been plagued by problems. This includes the Amundsen touchscreen navigation system, electrical door mirrors, privacy glass plus leather heated vRS sports seats that are also electrically adjustable - things which are optional on the standard vRS.
The only disappointment is that while Skoda has given the vRS the option of four-wheel drive - like the Golf R - it's only available with the TDI engine and DSG gearbox.
Well the new diff will certainly find favour with keener drivers and the fact the 230 is a more exclusive model gives it some added allure for vRS aficionados. Hawk of 1310 Debra Drive was arrested on a charge of criminal mischief after he allegedly flipped over a mattress, left blood on towels and broke lamps at the Holiday Inn Express on Avenida Central in The Villages. If you had half a clue you would understand that is not a solution…then again, common sense and ignorance are not often found together.
Jaguar is keen to point out that the F-Type SVR is designed to be a refined and everyday useable supercar.
You’re pretty unlikely to ever see that in the UK, but as supercar willy waving goes, 200mph puts it up there with the Porsche 911 Turbo S and Bentley Continental GT Speed. Jaguar has stripped out 25kg yet it retains the all-wheel drive system of the R, albeit it with a bespoke calibration. Instead, Jaguar has worked to increase the breadth of performance and the everyday usability of the F-Type.
Yet even with the drama of that V8 engine noise, the F-Type SVR is not a frantic sports car.
As you'd expect given all the changes, the F-Type SVR is superb in corners with huge amounts of front end grip and impressive body control, even when thrown into a tight bend.
It's incredibly responsive but doesn't inspire the same confidence that a Porsche 911 or Cayman does when you're going into a corner at speed. The seats come in jet black as standard but you can have Siena Tan or Red Leather as options. The SVR is more than a match though and shows that Jaguar's Special Vehicles Operations is serious about making sports cars. The old car had 200PS and was more than quick enough for most, yet the new model boasts a mammoth 310PS.
After all, while the vRS is a sporty Octavia - it's still an Octavia - a practical family car.

This also has benefits in high speed corners, where the vRS 230 is mightily impressive for what is essentially a big estate. The extra power is more a token in order to differentiate this from the standard vRS and make it seem distinct enough to justify the extra outlay. Aside from that, the interior is identical with the same quality feel, good fit and finish and a great driving position with lots of adjustment. It's still good value against the competition too, especially the estate which has few natural competitors aside from the Ford Focus ST.
Management told police it would take about $300 to repair the damage, according to an arrest report from the Lady Lake Police Department. Sitting above the R, this is the first SVR from Jaguar and follows in the footsteps of the Range Rover Sport SVR, launched last year. It’s not just about performance either - not that the SVR is lacking - but also about the noise. It gets special Pirelli P Zero tyres and unique 20-inch forged aluminium alloy wheels, again to cut weight.
But there are no such issues with the Quickshift gearbox complete with steering wheel paddles, which provides super fast snappy changes. Is that immense figure really necessary in a hatch? Or is it something for men in pubs to boast about how much horsepower their car has. True it may not have the raw edge of a Focus ST or the engaging handling of a Civic Type-R, but the Octavia vRS is an outstanding all-rounder when it comes to blending ride comfort, everyday practicality and strong performance.
That's enough to make this the most powerful car to ever wear the vRS badge - but in the world of performance hatchbacks, it's pretty ordinary. But if you get the opportunity to drive the vRS 230 with a bit of gusto, the front diff comes into its own.
It uses the same supercharged 5.0-litre V8 engine as the R, but with power boosted to 575PS and a bowel-moving 700Nm of torque. You can make the SVR even lighter be choosing the optional carbon roof on the coupe and the ceramic brakes, which cut a further 25kg.
Although that's dependent on bodystyle - the Coupe is firm but comfortable, however the Convertible is a different matter, with a very stiff set-up that struggles to settle down over poor surfaces.

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