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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. The automobile industry is one of the most impacted by social media conversations, which have a significant effect on opinion and purchase. Through leaderboards that they have created, the report will help auto brands to monitor their performance vis-a-vis their competitors over a period of time. Tata Motors was the most mentioned brand online, in the month of June 2013, overtaking Audi which was the most mentioned brand online in the month of May 2013. Negative feedback for Toyota Etios contributed to a dip in positive sentiment for Toyota overall. Porsche, Audi and BMW are June’s most vibrant brands, displacing Lamborghini and Jaguar from the last month. For Tata Motors, Nissan, Renault, Honda, Hyundai and Skoda – it appears that there is a correlation between mentions, sentiment and sales. The launch of the Ford EcoSport resulted in Ford Motors’ jump in rank, from the 4th position in May to the 2nd position in June 2013, in terms of volume of mentions.

In the month of June 2013, at the time of the launch, the mentions around the vehicle grew by 162%. The high mentions around the vehicle were due to public anticipation towards the launch and comparisons with the Renault Duster. By Brand Vibrancy Index – Luxury sedans were the most vibrant category in the month of June, 2013, overtaking sports cars in May, 2013.
An in-depth look into which channels the conversations are taking place on, and how we can categorize the participants according to whether they are Spectators, Owners, Experts, Prospects, Media, Online Influencers or Bloggers. Technology and Market Report of Indian Car Industry is a exclusively Technology Intelligence report. Expected new Government policies and regulations policies and their impacts on power train and competitive landscape. SWOT is an important tool to understand the internal and external that affect on company's operations. Also, given the capital intensive nature of the business, and the criticality of new launches, brand owners are increasingly looking at the social web for marketing and deeper analysis to understand brand and sales impact.

To be updated every month from here on, the report will show monthly online movements in brand conversations and impact. Lamborghini was the top gainer by rank as it gained 7 positions to reach the 17th position in June, from the 25th position in May 2013. An increase or decrease in volume and sentiment led to a corresponding increase or decrease in sales.
There are several components of Indian car market which analysed closely to develop future Business and Product strategy. This is a presentation on Swot analysis of automobile industry in India; that will help students of MBA, BBM and other discipline during exams and presentations.

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