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According to the 2012 United Nations E-Government Survey, most African countries are lagging in the global effort to improve e-government services. In the tables below, as you can see there is no Single African country in the Top 50, and sadly most have lost their previously higher rank from 2010 report. More optimist is the 2012 e-government report by The Waseda University Institute of e-Government, which includes 4 African countries in the top 55 countries: South Africa coming at rank 32, Tunisia at rank 48, Egypt at rank 50, and finally Nigeria at rank 53.
Now, here are the 10 untapped opportunities to create and sell solutions for e-government in Africa. Hiring, retaining, and motivating great people are challenging thing to do for anyone, but much more for African governments which are all struggling to attract great talents. For governments which are looking to upgrade themselves, and staff their organization with talented and motivated individuals, tools like recruitment and career management solutions are a must have.
No country could be built without a strong human resource development, deployment and management skills.
This a very sweet opportunity to explore, because most of governmental institutions have very little expertise in the area of procurement tools, world class logistic, and warehouse and inventory solutions and innovations are things most governments don’t have the skills for. The benefits for government are quick and easy to demonstrate: centralized purchasing and budget management, enhanced supplier management and information sharing, automated purchase order generation, reduced duplication, administration, and overhead costs, etc.
The implementation of this kind of tools will require high level political decision, because most of African government corruption is possible exactly because of the lack of tools like this.
Most of African governments are  vulnerable to foreign countries spying, intrusion and data integrity corruption. If some highly trained local hackers, acting with integrity and trust would come up with solutions and tools that would help local officials, they would make loads of money. This segment is one of the most profitable area where smart entrepreneurs could make a difference and make loads of money. IT solution here should focus on assets and inventory management tools, then and move to field report services.
Land Information Management solutions will help people secure land tenure, improve land rights registration, and civil records management.
Invoicing the public sector, getting paid and paying the governments in many countries are not easy things to do.
Top level entrepreneurs would focus on this area, backed with sufficient seed funding, and staffed with highly qualified IT and management people in the core team. The above 10 ideas are very exciting, and working on them will give you a sense of mission as they will affect the lives of millions of people.
Most African government need help for their domestic branding and international public relations.
About Mawuna Remarque KOUTONINMawuna Koutonin is a world peace activist who relentlessly works to empower people to express their full potential and pursue their dreams, regardless of their background.
People are judged for being poor, which in turn, can also cost them opportunities for advancement. For the first time ever in America, we are seeing people who are working two full time jobs just to barely scrape after bills and feeding their children. Some people say poor southerners vote Republican because of the large amount of areas that are gerrymandered. The Southern Strategy is actually a Republican tactic in which conservatives use things like racism and bigotry to sway the vote in favor of their candidate. The last time we saw the Southern Strategy used was in the early 1980’s when Lee Atwater resurrected it from its 20-year grave.
When big industries set their sights on mainly Northern states, many black families had no choice but to leave the south, leaving white people to reign once again.
Also with this migration of blacks to the north, there was a subsequent migration of whites to the south. So, the reasons that poor and uneducated white people in the south vote Republican is that poor and uneducated white people in the south have always voted Republican.
They vote Republican because the Republican Party learned long ago how to keep them appeased, yet a complete slave to the system. Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn is well-known for his exposure of waste, duplication, fraud and corruption in Washington, D.C. This 42-page booklet is well-written, easy to read, well-footnoted, with numerous pictures and examples.
If we start treating public money with at least as much care and concern as we manage our own personal budgets and finances, maybe we can reverse this headlong rush to national bankruptcy and rescue some semblance of our once-great country for our kids, grandkids, and their kids.
Uttarakhand government has confirmed reports of a Chinese Army incursion in Chamoli district. Rawat's statement confirms an ITBP report to the home ministry on July 19 which informed about the Chinese presence in the state. Uttarakhand which shares a 350 Km boundary with China have in the past too reported intrusions from across the border.

According to a 2013 report by the then state government from 2007 to 2012 there were around 37 such attempts by the Chinese.
Beijing also has a long history of sending its troops into areas of Arunachal Pradesh which it calls South Tibet. The move also came days after India deployed 120 T-72M1 main battle tanks (MBTs) to Ladakh along a portion of the 4,057 km Line of Actual Control (LoAC). In its response China had said the two countries should abide by pacts to maintain peace in border areas while Chinese media warned that the move may affect flow of investments into India. Ever since the Chinese snub of India at NSG and the recent developments at the South China Sea, the ties between the two Asian giants which had improved in the recent years had strained. We recommend going back to the same bus stop one hour later and ask the driver to check the bus for you.
Please call the Citizen Contact Centre 780-538-0300, and provide the date, time, route and description of the lost article.
Today the EU Commissioner for Home Affairs has revealed €120 billion may be lost through corruption within the EU a year. This amounts to ?10 billion a month and is the result of corruption within public contracts, Cecilia Malmstrom revealed at an anti-corruption seminar. Public procurement contracts have an estimated value of 10-15 % of GDP per year within the EU and the Berlin-based Transparency International (TI) noted in a report out in the 2012 that the worse offenders in public procurement cases are Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Italy, Romania and Slovakia.
However, what Commission Malmstrom didn’t mention was the further corruption associated with other projects through the EU. This includes the EU Court of Auditors highlighting corruption within farm subsides to some of these member states. This shows the vast waste of public funds that is presided over by the EU – something that has not changed much since.
The upshot, according to Tim Congdon CBE, is that the costs of waste, fraud and corruption amount to the UK taxpayer amounts to roughly €500 million a year.
Better Off Out is a campaign run by The Freedom Association, a non-partisan pressure group dedicated to principles of freedom and national sovereignty. The Washington Redskins have lost Junior Galette to a season-ending Achilles injury, according to a report from National Football League insider Rand Getlin. Now the people of Nepal would not have to face the difficulty it future like it had at the time of border blockade, he said. He had 22 sacks over the 2013 and 2014 seasons for the New Orleans Saints, who signed him to a $41.5 million contract extension. Images on social media show the attacker with a bloodied forehead but alive on the ground after police arrived on the scene. Washington could be dramatically improved on defense in general, even with Galette out for the season.
I had wished that they had offered me a contract just in the beginning, and that didn't even happen. The Saskatchewan government says oil from a pipeline has spilled into the North Saskatchewan River.
In this second article of the series, I’ll will present 10 untapped opportunities for startups to empower African public administrations to serve their citizens using internet and mobile technology, also called e-Goverment and m-Government (m for mobile) opportunities.
For Startups looking for opportunities to serve African governments, it means there are lot things left to be done, and loads of money to make too. They are in direct competition with the private sector, and international organizations which are more flexible, more attractive and also pay much more. The good news for startups which want to go into this area is that I don’t know one single African government which has already deployed this kind of human resource management tools. Most of the information on government building, and states infrastructure are now kept in large boxes of papers, hardly accessible, and which doesn’t help in anyway to manage the states resource properly, and also plan maintenance, upgrade or extension.
Smart entrepreneurs will have a lot of fun working on those opportunities and will be rewarded with long term, convertible assets and with loads of recurrent money. It’s time consuming, and frustrating and you have to face outdated procedures being applied by unskilled and poorly trained employees. They should be able to design top level network, and plan government wide IT infrastructure, and have savvy political skills to navigate in the messy political scene without compromising their integrity and code of honor.
Most of them are poorly equipped to do so, and have to call in foreign PR companies to help them build their brand and recruit their network of influencers domestically and abroad.
Most of current solution are built by foreign countries firms and financed by foreign countries organizations which are not generally neutral in the outcome of the local elections. We need people who care about education to start find ways to leverage effectively IT for better school and hospital in Africa.
Koutonin’s ultimate dream is to open a world-class human potential development school in Africa in 2017.
Why is it that the south’s poor, uneducated white people typically vote Republican when Republicans typically cut the funding for federal programs that help the poor?

Whether it be blocking equal rights for women and LGBT members, infringing on female reproductive rights, cutting funding for welfare and social security, raising taxes on the poor, or selling their souls for a big fat bump in salary, Republicans have been consistent in making the country worse, one election at a time. There is an old stereotype that says all poor people must be lazy, because anyone who works for a living cannot be poor.
No longer are young people eager to start families or purchase houses because the federal government is no longer trusted to care for the consumer. The purpose of the Southern Strategy was to slowly turn every blue state to a red state through institutional racism, and over time, it certainly worked.
This can still be seen today, even though there are now higher numbers of minorities in these areas.
The south is made up of mostly middle class to poor white people who can’t seem to get enough of the oppressive rhetoric that is continually spewed by the Republican Party.
These whites were of a different mindset than southern whites, and their presence helped to boost the southern economy.
They had no interest in racism or discrimination, and that made the fanatical extremists look less ominous and overbearing. They have little to no knowledge of the repulsive actions of the GOP, and when confronted with facts, usually end up spewing some sort of birther crap in retaliation. Federal grants to the State of Oklahoma totaled more than three times the total collected in state individual and corporate income taxes during the year. Items lost on the bus will be brought in after the shift and will be accessible the next working day. We will do our best to find any lost articles and help return them back to their rightful owner!
He challenged the next government - likely to be formed by the Nepali Congress-Maoists alliance - to "perform" (well). He had made a near complete recovery and anticipated practicing fully once training camp began on Thursday.Washington signed Galette to a one-year deal last offseason. Local authorities have identified the man as a 21-year-old asylum-seeker from Syria who was known to the police. Smith, who recorded eight sacks as a rookie, had an impressive spring practice season and still had a chance to start despite Galette's anticipated return.The injury marks the second year in a row that Galette has had to deal with a torn Achilles tendon.
Governments spending on e-government worldwide has reached more than 10 billions dollars last year, and will be sharply increasing during the upcoming years, analysts predicated. Computers networks are poorly secured, many African businesses are victim of online and physical fraud. There are only few governments with a decentralized payments gateways that are automated and connected to a centralized payment and accounting system.
This last resolve comes with huge amounts of money wasted on temporary endeavors with limited results. African countries should develop their own electoral system which they control and could validate the integrity of the data at any single time. The GOP has been using this tactic throughout history by keeping most poor people from being able to cast a vote. This means that any Democrat in the south is a pretty scarce species, and their votes would be more useful in a blue state, where their candidate actually has a chance.
The share of federal contributions to state revenues has grown from 34 percent in 2001 to 47.3 percent in 2010. Chris Shore reminded us that following publication of a report on March 15 1999 by a Committee of Independent Experts investigating allegations of ‘Fraud, Mismanagement and Nepotism in the European Commission’ , the entire College of Commissioners resigned, plunging the Commission into the most serious political crisis in its 42-year history. At this point, it wouldn't be shocking to see the Redskins move on from Galette after this season.Galette was signed by the Redskins prior to the 2015 season after the New Orleans Saints released the outside linebacker after domestic violence allegations. Do they not know that Republicans act in a way that causes them and their children direct harm? They do this by closing nearby polling stations or requiring up-to-date IDs that some may not be able to afford. All told, the federal government spent more than $22.4 billion in Oklahoma in federal fiscal year 2010. I am sure the central government will take cognizance of the issue," Chief Minister Harish Rawat said.
Stepanova declined to compete as a member of the Russian Team and asked to be admitted to the Rio Olympics as a neutral athlete.

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