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The man was allegedly driving a farm tractor that he used to run over eight vehicles in the parking lot of a Vermont police station. Officers claim that “the radios are ruined, the radar detectors, the cages in the cars… We’re going to have to get the jaws of life up here to pry the trunks open and see about the rifles and shotguns,” Sheriff Kirk Martin stated to the Associated Press. Police claim that because he crushed all of their vehicles, they were unable to pursue Pion after he drove away in the tractor. An unlocked door makes it a “crime of opportunity.”  In a recent rash of vehicle vandalism where small items were taken, only one car out of 13 was locked. Falls Church City police offer free house checks and home security assessments to city residents. Meeting attendees and police did identify some action items to be taken, which included checking into the status of the lighting survey for streets and the park, contacting Metro about plans to install surveillance cameras at Metro stations, and most importantly, to identify a communications strategy to get information from both area police departments to the communities that they serve in a timely manner.  Police promised to follow up with the organizers of the meeting within the next few weeks. Could the locations of serious crimes (murder, rape, aggravated assault, assault, kipnapping, robbery, breaking and entering) be indicated with the date and time of occurrences on an internet accessible map, e.g., Google Earth? Could the most recent residences in the community of arrested and convicted offenders be shown similarly? I was a little confused by the persistent reference to our proximity to EFC Metro as a contributing factor to crime.
If they were talking about folks walking to and from Metro as crime victims (as one attendee related his experience) I can understand the Metro theme. I give far more credence to the reference to Falls Church’s many easy in-out roads as a factor. I think the most important topic was the desire of the attendees to be able to receive timely information about crime happening in their neighborhoods. I look forward to a report back to the community about the steps that can be taken to address our concerns.

Strictly a guess but I suspect that there is more crime on the south side of Broad Street than on the north. I think we should all be concerned about the incidents of crime in the entire City and not just by neighborhood. I am surprised by the statement that it is difficult to catch someone since this was an isolated incident. Also, if the city can only put 3-5 officers on the street per shift, why do we need 42 officers? Stacy – it seems our police force is quite adept at catching the drunk and urinating in public – remember that when you work in your yard!
Once again, I would like to point out that the kid who stole my car and GPS is known by the City police, left fingerprints, told other kids he did it, took pictures of himself in action, and yet he was never arrested. If anyone hears about a follow up meeting to discuss the issues raised at the meeting July 27…would you be so kind as to post it here? Falls Church Times, Falls Church, VA is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License. Actor Jeff Garlin was arrested this weekend after smashing the windows of another motorist's Mercedes during a dispute over a parking space in Studio City, C.A. Garlin, known for his appearances on HBO's "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and "Arrested Development" became "upset" on June 15 when another driver took a parking spot he was going to use according to a report by CNN. The 51-year-old was booked on a felony vandalism charge at the LAPD's Van Nuys jail and was later released after posting the $20,000 bail according to Los Angeles Police Department spokeswoman Lisa Forseberg. An astute attendee posed a question about relationship of crime stats to the two Metro stops here. This is a good opportunity to note that the FALLS CHURCH TIMES is now publishing the weekly report as prepared by the City Police Department.

I have no idea what’s going on in other neighborhoods until the crime report is published.
I do think it would be noticed if someone was standing on the platform with arms full of Blackberries, Tom-Toms, cameras, and other loot. Turns out EFC and WFC have different neighborhood characteristics so comparisons are difficult. We can get severe weather and emergency information by signing up for FC Alert so an information distribution model does exist.
I found it interesting that the dividing line for crime seems to be either side of Broad St. I’m wondering if a community meeting like the Town Hall meetings for the budget is in order.
Probably the first ever in the island?s history, now that?s PowWow!One of Honolulu’s pricey new rail cars was covered with elaborate vandalism overnight, and Honolulu Police are trying to figure out who is responsible.
A giant mural stretches across the full length of one of the four cars that arrived on the island just last month.
The intricate graffiti reaches all the way up to the car’s roof and over its windows.

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