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Despite efforts by officials to curb illegal handicapped parking, the problem still persists nationwide. Moya said hat he confronted the officer because both of his parents had disabilities and he knew that people with disabilities had trouble finding parking because of people abusing the privileges of parking in a handicapped spot.
In Springfield, Ohio, a sheriff’s deputy faced disciplinary action for parking in a handicapped space. A civilian in Grand Rapids, Michigan went a tad too far and got a response he likely had not anticipated. The intentions of the civilians in these scenarios were honorable enough, but their action poses questions.
This entry was posted in Advocacy, Disability Law and tagged handicap parking space, handicap parking space abuse, handicap space, handicap spot, handicapped, handicapped parking, WCSH 6, wheelchair, WHIO news, WOOD-TV on November 18, 2013 by Jill Liphart. Jill is a writer, blogger, social media and Internet marketer, work-at-home, single mom of 5. So lets give out tickets and if they get more than 1 the should get a larger fine the more they do it! I think all the handicapped parking signs should have phone number of the police department to call when I see an illegally parked car. I would also like to say that you need to be careful because not all disabilities are visible. I don’t understand those photos…where is the zoned out part on some of those spots? Chris, like you I am a disabled veteran with spinal problems although I haven’t had as many surgeries, I believe that people who are in constant pain develop a high pain threshold and find ways to compensate for their disabilities. Hi, Danita—it’s very likely the apartment manager is unfamiliar with the ADA parking laws in your state. We can’t tread in the murky waters of who is more handicapped and should have access. Two permits were stolen from parked cars , including one in North Massapequa on April 17, cops reported. Recent news stories have featured civilians who took matters into their own hands, as in the case of one man in Houston, Texas.
WOOD-TV recently reported that 36-year-old Matt Milstead came out of a YMCA to find an angry note left on his BMW. He assumed some jerk had parked in a handicapped spot that shouldn’t be, and so he was really trying. She provides news about issues that are important to people with disabilities, their loved ones, disability advocates and their friends.

Your idea about designating certain handicap parking spots only for people whose disability requires them to use a wheelchair is a really good one! My daughter is autistic and getting her from the car to where we need to go safely can be a big challenge which is why we have a placard. Another AMS Vans blog reader commented on the same parking issue—dirty looks from people until you get your child in a wheelchair out of the vehicle. In most states it is illegal to use a handicap spot if the handicapped person is not in the vehicle or present on the premises. When I get out of the car it is, because it takes me a long time to stand up (up to a minute), but I do get dirty looks when I walk back! WCSH 6 News reported that Brian Moya confronted a parking enforcement officer who was illegally parked in a handicapped space.
Officials stated that the parking enforcement officer was a new employee who was on probation. The deputy was on his phone and didn’t notice the handicapped markings on the pavement. He probably felt like a good person and thought he was doing a good thing, but the problem is he was wrong,” Leslie said. The worse are the younger people that just park in the walk way between the handicap spots so that I can’t get my chair out.
Also I think they should have a separate designation for wheelchair user parking only.I am a hemiplegic in a wheelchair and so many times we have to park in regular spots and my wife push me through a parking lot with traffic in my chair , not to mention trying to get out of car and into wheelchair in a regular space. Using that standard, people nearby when the driver parks illegally can logically question why the driver or no one in the car is in a wheelchair after everyone exits, and they can report the license plate number to the authorities knowing the accusation is legitimate. While it’s annoying having people give you dirty looks before they realize you have a daughter in a wheelchair, sometimes we have to remind ourselves that their hearts are in the right place. When I get out of the vehicle I get dirty looks until I come around to get my son out of the vehicle. My trunk release is on my dash and many times if I park without the lines to my left I have someone parked too close for me to wheel in and open my trunk so I can load my wheelchair. Ignorance is hard to turn around in a short amount of time, like going from your car into a place of business. I recommend you call your state’s disability office to determine if the person is parking there illegally. They would not elaborate on what disciplinary action would be taken, but WCSH reported that it appeared the officer would be terminated.
He was not cited because the space had no elevated sign to properly indicate it was a handicapped space.

We absolutely love your solution for handling insensitive younger people, and we agree that second and third illegal-parking offenses should result in higher fines—at the very least! And, unfortunately, Ohio law states that in order for a spot to be legally labeled it must have an elevated sign.
Once again, hidden disabilities can come into play when assessing whether someone is qualified for a handicapped parking spot.
There doesn’t appear to be a simple solution to the illegal handicap parking problem that will satisfy everyone all the time. I know the supermarkets have 20 odd spaces but why choose the one closest to the door if you INSIST on parking where you shouldn’t? The zoned spots have another large, striped space adjacent to them, making room for a wheelchair van with a ramp, so the person in a wheelchair can exit and re-enter safely and easily.
I will even occasionally wear heels, because they prevent my knees from bending painfully sideways.
I will go to the back of the parking lot and take up two parking spot to get my son out if I have to…yet I still get dirty looks. Of course, people with a disability and a handicap placard can park in zoned spaces, too, and even those spaces are often taking by insensitive people who park illegally.
If the manner is still not resolved to your satisfaction, follow up with the state disability office to learn about your options to get the apartment complex to comply.
One guy is supposed to look like a military drill sergeant and the other like a hippy slacker. That lack of awareness could be remedied by widespread education about handicap parking rules.
They think they’re doing something good—and every once in a while, the person who gets their dirty looks is parking illegally in a handicap spot.
It absolutely frustrates me when we go out and see people that are obviously not handicapped parking in these spots. Also, another major problem that was stated in the earlier comment is the elderly that seem to think that they are automatically entitled to these spaces even though they are perfectly healthy. I used to be that way about it, but now I just keep my mouth shut because I realize they could have a disability that I just don’t notice. And what I’d like to know is if the BMW owner displayed a handicapped placard or plates when he parked in the spot.

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