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Abandoned vehicles cannot remain in public places or on the roadside for reasons of health, safety and general untidiness.
To report an abandoned vehicle, please contact Council during business hours with the following information. If the vehicle is close to your house, it would pay to ask your neighbours if they know anything about it. In 2014 around 96% of abandoned vehicle reports that we received were for vehicles that were not abandoned.

Has a vehicle that you or your neighbours have never seen before suddenly appeared in your road and no-one is claiming ownership? When a vehicle has been reported as abandoned the Council ensures that it is actually abandoned and arrangements to remove and dispose of the vehicle cannot be made until this is clearly established. Checks are made through the DVLA, the vehicle is visited and assessed using the criteria above. If the vehicle is possibly abandoned, depending on the location and condition either a 24 hour, 7 day or 15 day notice will be placed on the vehicle.

After the notice period has expired, if the vehicle has not been claimed or moved, the vehicle is removed and becomes the jurisdiction of the Kent County Council who decide which further action should be taken. On some occasions, abandoned vehicles have been used for crime related activities, in which case the police may wish to seize the vehicle for investigation purpose.

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