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The actor was supposed to be discussing his current Emmy nomination for “Fargo” at HuffPostLive, but talk turned to his experience filming what has become one of the most popular sex scenes on the Internet. A big thing we’ve seen a lot of over the past year or so, has been timing chain problems on the Chevy Traverse, Saturn Outlook, GMC Acadia, and Buick Enclave. This was first thought to be caused by lack of oil changes, and there was a recall to update the vehicle’s computer to shorten the oil life monitor.
Once you can get your hands on the chains, you can easily feel the excessive play in the chain from being too far stretched out. Luckily for most customers, the powertrain warranty covers this repair up to 100,000 miles. Rick8 days 6 hours agoHi my 2009 Chevy Travese with 105,000 was fully covered for the Timing Chain repair by my Chevy dealership. Check, manufacturers comments, specify engine to narrow your search, there is a link to click where you can download the service bulletins on the vehicle! I told my coworker 3 weeks ago to get rid of her vehicle NOW, same year, same engine, same miles as mine. Get rid of this vehicle now or as soon s it runs, you will be sorry you waited another minute if you don’t! Can anybody tell me if its worth getting this fixed or am I just wasting money and it will break again soon?
I will never be so quick to buy a car or trust a salesman, dealer or service technician for a dealer again! If the engine seizes from a lack of oil supply, the rear wheel may lock up suddenly, increasing the risk of a crash.
After 2010, General Motors has seemed to correct the problem with updated chains and ECM calibrations. This was supposed to get customers in sooner to change their oil, thus hopefully eliminating sludge build up, heat, and excess wear and tear that leads to the chains actually stretching some. After removal of the valve covers, intake manifold, power steering pump, belt, tensioner, water pump pulley, alternator and crank pulley, the aluminum front cover can come off. This leads to the timing being off, setting the check engine light on, and usually a rough idle.

Now the engine can be placed at top dead center and the holding fixtures installed on the cams once the timing marks are lined up on the crank gear and oil pump cover.
I have a 2011 Traverse and my timing chain is just about to break, or stop working, any day.
Was driving 50mph on busy city highway when I lost all power, power steering, and brakes felt hard.
I have been meticulous with its maintenance throughout ownership, with no oil changes exceeding 5000 miles; yet this $50,000+ vehicle is heading for its second set of chains with only 130,000 miles. GM should be ashamed of these vehicles that cost a huge amount of money in the first place. Due to an oil pump problem, the oil pressure in these motorcycles may not be properly regulated.
What is happening on these vehicles is that the timing chains are stretching which leads to correlation errors with the cam sensors and actuators. There are quite a few bolts that hold it on and they all have a small rubber seal that goes on each bolt. The left chain goes in first, following the timing procedure, then the primary chain, then finally the right side cam chain. So, if you’re having these symptoms, don’t wait another minute to go in to your dealership and get this checked out! Have to flat bed the car their in two weeks told me do not drive it at all.after he takes it apart he will be able to see if it is only that.
Took it back the following Monday got a phone call from the service advisor my pistons are knocking need a new engine WTF!!!
Was about $500 to repair, but GM issued a recall on this issue late last year, so I was reimbursed for the repairs.
The service department that I took it to said engine sludge was the problem and they were not going to fix it. As a result, the oil pump drive gear may fail and cause the engine to seize from lack of oil supply. There is also some special tools needed, such as camshaft holding tools, etc, that are needed to do this job.

Once all the chains have been installed, and their guides and tensioners, the process of putting it all back together can begin. I pursued this tenaciously, but ultimately my arguments were unheeded by GM’s management and Customer Service minions. I bought used in January and just did my second oil change since purchase even though I have only put 2400 miles on it.
It will take even the most experienced technicians the better part of a whole day to do this job, sometimes longer. But yet service advisors are pushing me to pay a engine tear down fee of $500 why idk when the tech’s have confirmed my Pistons are knocking hello moron it needs a new engine Pistons are knocking . The 3.6L engine design was clearly flawed from inception, with the direct injection version released in 2009 proof of another engineering failure as these engines succomb to stifling carbon builup on the intake valves. As me how I know – I just finished walnut blasting all 16 intake valves to remove this cancer.
In my 35+ years of owning and turning wrenches on GM products, never before have I seen a more problem ridden platform (Acadia, Traverse, Enclave or anything else equipped with this 3.6 engine). The shift linkage, complete engine harness, upper and lower radiator hoses, and fuse box just all come out just to name a few.
Not looking forward to replacing the timing chains myself, but a necessary evil to avoid a $2500 – $3000 dealer repair bill. I’m fortunate that I can do it, but my heart goes out to those that are blindsided by this repair. Other model years are widely impacted, but GM has taken specific and calculated measures to limit their corporate liability.

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