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It is very straightforward to add a TemplateField in the page designer to add a column of radio buttons to a GridView. Allow for client-side enabling and disabling of action buttons based on the record that is currently selected. In an appropriate folder in your project, add the SelectorRadioButton.js code file from the demo project. Code also needs to be added to support pre-selecting a record when the page containing the GridView is displayed, and to determine the selected record when the page is posted back. It is recommended that you use a public class constant for the value of the Name property as it will be used in three places in your project. In the demo project, SelectedOrderIDField is a public constant that has been defined in the code for the Default.aspx page.
By default, when a page containing a GridView control is displayed, none of the radio buttons will be selected. Note: It is recommended that you use a public class constant for the value of the Name property as it will be used in three places in your project. Note: It is recommended that you use a constant for the value of the ValueDataField property.
When the page containing the GridView is posted back, it may be necessary to determine the record in the GridView that is currently selected.
Note: the radio buttons that are rendered are not ASP server controls, so cannot be accessed in code directly.
When the page is posted back, the Form variables of the request will include a variable with the name of the Name property of the SelectorRadioButton and the value of the Primary Key for the currently selected record. The value of the Primary Key of the selected record (the selected Order ID) is retrieved from the collection of Form variables (Request.Form).
The second constructor extends the first constructor, and allows the values of the Name and ValueDataField properties to be set.
The attribute name that is used as the Dictionary key is validated to ensure it is not one of the attributes for which a specific property is provided (name, value, and onclick).
Provided there is at least one radio button with this name, we iterate through the array of radio buttons and examine the value attribute of each. If there is at least one radio button with the given name, but no radio buttons with the given value, then the first radio button with the given name will be selected.
If a radio button has been selected, the selected radio button is returned by the function.
A common requirement for web applications is to display images along with the radio buttons.
One easy solution would be to use the Repeater control to display the radio buttons with the images. However, adding such a radio button in code dynamically, at runtime, is not as straightforward.

If you use the default constructor (no parameters), you must set the Name and ValueDataField properties. This needs to be the column name of the Primary Key column of the DataTable that will be bound to the GridView control.
Alternatively, if your application uses Typed DataSets, you can use the property for the Primary Key column that is generated by the DataSet Designer.
If all the columns in the GridView are added in code, you can simply use the Add method of the Columns property of the GridView. Buttons are usually provided on the page to invoke each of the possible actions for the currently selected record.
For example, if the user has clicked a button to perform some action for the currently selected record, the selected record can be determined based on the particular radio button that was selected by the user. Therefore, you should create a private method that determines the Primary Key of the selected record and returns it as the appropriate data type. The ItemStyle of the TemplateField is set to be center aligned horizontally, and set to a width of 40 pixels. This is the name of a column in the data source that will be bound to the GridView control. This will be added to the child controls of the container control in which we are being rendered.
SelectorRadioButton needs to be inherited at least from Control in order to support data-binding. The only method added to these classes is a new Add method that hides the Add method of the Dictionary.
By default, when the containing page is displayed, none of the radio buttons will be selected. If the value attribute matches the given value parameter, then that radio button will be selected (checked attribute set to true). Unfortunately, the default implementation of the RadioButtonList does not have any support for the images. This will be the preferred approach unless you want to reuse the radio button list with images on many different pages. This requires creating a new class that inherits from TemplateField and a new class that implements the ITemplate interface in order to provide the customized rendering of the radio buttons. The web application consists of a single web page (Default.aspx) with a GridView that displays the records in the Orders table from the Northwind database. This function is used to select the instance of a radio button on a page with a specific name and value. To provide access to the Primary Key value of the record to be pre-selected, we will add a public read-only property (and private backing variable). A second constructor takes values for each of these properties so they do not need to be set explicitly.

If you want to enable and disable some action buttons depending on the record that is currently selected, then include client script to enable and disable buttons in the OnClick property. This method can then be called from the Click event handler methods for the action buttons. The selected Order ID is then used to perform the requested action for the selected record. This reference can be used in the JavaScript that is executed when a radio button is selected.
The ItemTemplate property must be assigned an instance of a class that implements the ITemplate interface. This allows a JavaScript function to be called when the user selects one of the radio buttons.
In this article we are going to implement a custom control which will add the functionality of images to the RadioButtonList control.
For the sake of this article we will assume that you are interested in using the custom image radio button list control on multiple pages of your web application. There are also classes that provide for some of the common controls that you would want to use in the HTML table columns: check boxes, images, buttons, and links. The data is stored in an XML file that is part of the project, so you don't need to have a SQL Server database with the Northwind database in order to run the demo project. The value of the property used for the pre-selected record should be used as the value parameter.
In addition, the TemplateField class is provided for completely customisable representations of data in a GridView.
Below you can see the screenshot of the rendered HTML of the  RadioButtonList control. The value of an AtrributeBindings item will be the name of a column in the data source that will be bound to the GridView control.
By looking at the generated HTML it is clear that we need to add an image control to the equation.
Before adding or overriding any methods we need to expose a new property which will hold the image URL information. It is built on WordPress, hosted by Liquid Web, and the caches are served by CloudFlare CDN. Take a look at the code below: Inside the CreateChildControls method we are creating our Image control.
With the above tweak the image control is only displayed if it is associated with an image.

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