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QuickBooks 2014 for Mac, the latest financial management software update from Intuit, comes loaded with features both old and new. Right away, you’ll notice that the QuickBooks interface has undergone a pretty extensive overhaul. One of the new features that’s been added to QuickBooks 2014 is the ability to export to QuickBooks Online, a concept that makes it quick and easy to do my taxes offline—such as on the bus or in a coffee shop without Wi-Fi—and then transfer it online as soon as I get home.
What I consider to be the best new feature of QuickBooks 2014 is the Income Tracker, a tool that lets me easily and visibly keep track of everything paid and unpaid.
The income tracker gives you a birds-eye view of your receivables that isn’t available anywhere else in the program. This isn’t as big of an issue for me anymore, but I can understand why it can be a hassle for certain businesses. Even though it’s missing a handful of features that I was really hoping for, QuickBooks 2014 for Mac more than makes up for it with its new streamlined UI and dashboard.
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Sachin is a member of the QuickBooks product management team, specializing in inventory tracking.
2) Recurring Transactions – ability to sort the Recurring Transaction list by any column (example Next Date) gone. It is great to see these improvements but we still need a few more to be closer to the old qbo. Was in the middle of a reconciliation and went to adjust an item…now I am trying to figure out where the good ol’ register went?
Hi Jay, you can find registers at Transactions > Chart of Accounts, and then click Register in the rightmost Action column.
The Customer Split View is a step in the right direction, but please change it so it does not display inactive (deleted) customers. Please bring back the Total Due amount that used to appear in the upper right corner of a Customer’s page! The lack of info on the customer screen without having to mouse over things is very annoying. I agree with this, I like to see the total amount due or overdue in the upper right corner!!!!
Hey Adam, we can solve the problem with the clutter like this: Go to the settings icon on the top right side of your screen. Yes, we absolutely do have an option to increase the size: Go to the settings icon on the top right side of your screen.

I agree with Stephanie, I would rather have the screen available for viewing then forcing me to see superfluous stuff, make the split screen an option.
We have a way for you to improve the size on the screen: Go to the settings icon on the top right side of your screen.
You can improve the space and view it in full mode like this: Go to the settings icon on the top right side of your screen. To increase the space and remove the clutter: Go to the settings icon on the top right side of your screen.
Not loving the surprise split screen and dropping of the, memo box and account balance that was previously in the upper right corner. Great another Update, I do appreciate the constant work that QBO makes and maintains this service. So I’ve used your suggestion but now all that I gain is limited access to the Left navigation bar which is necessary and a bit more room. Any way we can have the option of matching transactions WHILE viewing the register, like it used to be before the major update this Spring? We also need to see the the First and Last name and all the phone number fields to show all the time. Click the Gear in the top right, go to Company Settings, select Sales in the left menu bar, select Customize Look and Feel Button. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Two other new features that Intuit’s added are batch invoices being created in alphabetical order and more choices for the option “use current date as default for new transactions.” Having my batch invoices sorted alphabetically, instead of having to manually do it like before, makes it so much quicker to access them, while being able to change the default date setting was something long overdue.
Intuit replaced the old Collection Center with the new Income Tracker, and this new dashboard gives me a true snapshot of my business, and provides the ability to batch-print and email transactions right from a list. You can click on any of the four colored bars that run across the top of the screen – Estimates, Open Invoices, Overdue and Paid Last 30 Days – to change the data that appears below.
These aren’t terribly big issues, especially when compared to all the great features that have been added with QB 2014, but they’re a little buggy and keep the program from being perfect. The ability to process payments on the fly or send someone an invoice from my phone would be a really nice addition to this product suite. Labor Law Posters for California, Texas, Florida, New York, Ohio, Illinois, Nevada, Wisconsin .
When you click a transaction and select Find match, the Match transactions window lets you filter transactions by type. You can order new checks by selecting Transactions > Banking > Ў to the right of Update > Order checks. When you group items on a sales form by adding blank lines between items, these blank lines now appear on printouts. The following lists have been refreshed with enhanced list features: Chart of Accounts, Recurring Transactions, Products and Services, Locations, Payment Methods, Terms, and Classes.
It’s taking a little longer than expected to roll out new sales form customization to everyone.
We understand that the action button can take up a lot of space and we will work through it.
Either revamp the split screen into the new version and make it look good or just leave it out! I use to be able to see the contact info just looking, now I have to mouse over a little telephone to be able to access it. Not having the amount due, past due, and income showing on the customer screen is a huge step backwards. When you have a small screen, it makes for very hard viewing and I really don’t see a use for it.
The check numbers and the values are correct, the date range is correct, but with or without the filter, QB simply cannot find them. Not force updates, we should have the option to view customers in split screen and be able to look at it in the regular view as well!
I used to make notes on when a tenant had prepaid for months and now I can’t see my notes unless I switch screens.

I like the left nav bar to have the full names, because the icons are really not very helpful. From the member page I click the small gear (settings) and there is nothing that says Quickbook labs.
It’s frustrating to have to leave the match transaction section, go to the register, find the transaction I need to edit, then go back to the Match Transaction screen, and match it.
This is a reflection of the standard held for the quality of work, the character of the person and the values we uphold. There are a number of subtle and obvious changes that really improve a typical workflow in quickbooks.
The income tracker dashboard is highly flexible and has quickly become an important tool in my workflow.
For whatever reason, automated reoccurring billing is available on the windows version of QuickBooks but not on the Mac version.
Click Customers in the left navbar, and then click a customer in the list to enter split view mode. Choose which rules to import, and then set up payees and categories in the destination company to support the new rules. We know this is an important feature for many of you, and we’re actively working to address this issue.
Go to Gear > QuickBooks Labs > Collapsible Left Navigation, turn it on, and then refresh your browser! This one takes up way too much space and we should be allowed to make it smaller so that it abbreviates the text, especially for Receive Payment. However I want to make sure that you guys see the importance of continuing to improve this area because right now I still can not see enough of the field info that I need to work. Or just make a blue action bar a Tab window like the Other Plus Sign, magnify glass, and recent transactions. For example, I can look at a credit card charge and select the appropriate chart of account, but cannot go the extra step to bill to client.
Where can I navigate in company settings to eliminate this latest “new” QuickBooks split screen update? The latest update forced upon my company is the way the customer account is viewed and the lack of an open balance. If you improved the icons in a way that actually made them sufficient to remember which is which, that might be fine, but currently the collapse-left-nav is not worthwhile. Verify the Print Status stamp box is checked in the Company & Transaction Information box on the left. You should make it possible to collapse the customer list down to nothing, either through a setting that simply disables it entirely, or by having it disappear completely, being restorable by clicking some small icon. Also, now when you customize the fields in your view, the label bar doesn’t line up with the content. I use this a lot when I’m capturing QBO screenshots for the blog and need to fit in all the details. You will get the ability to minimize the left navigation bar so you get more space on the screen.
Also, why can’t we see the notes and email address in the dashboard for a single client anymore. It is cumbersome to have to go to details to get info that used to be clearly on the dashboard.
Finally now you can’t select the drop down to quickly get to All invoices, Recently Paid etc.

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