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75,000 Bonus Qantas Frequent Flyer Points, After first eligible purchase within the first 3 months. Qantas will encourage passengers to check in earlier for domestic flights in an effort to get more flights away on time, although 'premium' passengers travelling only with hand luggage will be given an extra 10 minutes' grace. If you're flying without checked baggage, as so many domestic business travellers do, you'll have to check in for your flight 30 minutes prior to departure instead of the current 15 minute window. But with Qantas' tap-and-go check-in towers available to all frequent flyers at the airport, plus online check-in through the airline's iPhone and Android smartphone apps, Apple Watch app and three-click mobile service, the tighter timeline shouldn't be an issue.
If you've got bags to be checked in for that domestic flight, the 30 minute window remains in place.
Qantas says the earlier cut-off will speed the processing of preflight paperwork, and that "less than two per cent of customers" are currently checking in during the 15-30 minute window. David Flynn is the editor of Australian Business Traveller and a bit of a travel tragic with a weakness for good coffee, shopping and lychee martinis. Good move QF, plenty of ways for people to check in these days, and the 2% can use one of those methods or just learn to get to the airport earlier.
The Australian seemed to think that QF Club members were included in the list of premium pax. I look forward to laughing at the reviews on Skytrax where passengers blame their inability to manage time on Qantas.
Virgin Australia is rolling out a new check-in system this week, in a move designed to streamline the travel process and make the most of its investment in the SabreSonic booking system.
In addition to a simplified design, the check-in screens also show the weather at your destination. Desktop users will be able to generate an SMS or email boarding pass, something which until now has been an exclusive perk of mobile check-in, and also purchase additional baggage and extra leg-room. Travellers can already select and pay for an exit row seat when booking a Virgin Australia flight, but can also nab one of these prized seats for free at the airport if they haven't all been snapped up. A Virgin Australia spokesperson confirmed to Australian Business Traveller that there are no changes to this process, but that the new online check-in option will give travellers one last chance to lock-in that roomy seat before they're made available at no charge. And, if you're in control of a group travel booking, there's also the facility to check-in the entire group before everyone arrives at the airport.
Seems VA is more interested in keeping travel agents happy than the premium FFers who upgrade using points. I heard that this is a custom built product that VA has done themselves, has nothing to do with Sabre.
LAN primarily uses Qantas check-in services at Sydney, meaning the check-in process and location should be familiar to those who have travelled internationally on Qantas services before. The seat is LAN's full long haul business class product, with a seat pitch and width of 56" (142cm) and 20" (51cm) respectively, and a nearly flat, 175 degree recline. LAN served a brunch consisting of a warmed ham and cheese croissant, a beef and capsicum foccacia, crackers with Chilean marmalade and an apple and cinnamon dessert which I can't quite describe, as no menu was offered. This is a cheap way of racking up status credits for QF FF as long as you can throw in 4 Qantas flights per year. At least there is the Novotel, 70m from AKL, so you don't have a long way to go that early in the morning. Ever-improving business class seats are making many airlines rethink the need for first class. Virgin Blue has announced that it will shut its web and kiosk check-in services from October 5-7 as the airline transitions to its primary check-in system following a hardware failure during the previous week. Virgin CEO John Borghetti said in a statement that the initial problem which caused chaos at airports around the country on September 26 has been identified and resolved and that it will revert to its primary operating system by the morning of October 6. The failure of the airline’s New Skies reservations system on September 26 was traced back to the failure of a solid state disk device, and forced the airline to switch to manual processing of passengers until it was restored the following day. IntroductionTravelling from Sydney to Jakarta, you have two choices: Qantas or Garuda Indonesia. Qantas offers a three-times weekly service, while Garuda flies the same  daily on brand new Airbus A330-200 planes -- with fully flat beds for the nearly 8-hour flight. With no online check-in, Garuda's flights feel a bit 1980s retro, what with the check-in desks and all.
Garuda's desks can be found on the far side of the International Terminal, near the Virgin Australia end. Note that Garuda's Bali flight departs an hour or so before the Jakarta flight, and the Jakarta flight isn't open to accept luggage. The lounge was absolutely jam-packed when I arrived at around 0930, and it was hard to find a seat with a table, let alone one of the elusive power points. During the morning the lounge thinned out a little, but the Telstra wifi was absolutely glacial for the whole time, kept dropping out and was barely there when it did connect.
Upmarket moisturiser is a plus, though we're not fans of in-flight cologne since other travellers tend to bathe in it. The flight was called from the lounge 30 minutes before departure, and I headed out for the short walk down to gate 30, just the other side of the duty free maze. Takeoff -- and in fact the whole flight -- was very quiet indeed, even though my seat was right next to the engine. The flight itself was a real visual treat from my window seat: hours of gazing out the window at puffy clouds over Australia while picking from the in-flight entertainment's music selection. A very welcome -- and unique to Garuda -- service are the on-board immigrations inspectors, who come down the aisles with trolleys as if they're serving duty free. Garuda offers a tiny office with a two-seater sofa for business class passengers to wait while staff pull Executive Class-tagged luggage off the belt. On the plane, I noted a fresh, modern cabin, with sculpted overhead bins and window surrounds, widescreen LCD cabin monitors and comfortable-looking business class seats.
Garuda's new business class seat is very good indeed: a 180-degree fully flat bed (not a slanted angle-flat seat) that's fully adjustable from seat to bed.

Pitch -- the distance between your seat back and the one in front -- was a pleasing 74 inches, making for a comfortable sleep for just about everyone. A decent table fit my 17" laptop comfortably, and there's both an overhead light and a separate dimmable reading light for night flights.
The seat controls are nearly infinitely adjustable, so you can lean back and put your feet up in exactly your favourite position for reading, eating, watching a movie or getting some work done. Business class is split into two mini-cabins: rows 1-3 come before the small bar area and galley kitchen, with rows 4-6 following behind. The seats are laid out in a 2-2-2 configuration, with A & B on the left, D and G in the middle, then H and K on the right hand side. Since I was sitting in the bulkhead seat at the front of the second cabin, the entertainment screens popped up from a console at arm's length rather than being fixed to the seatback in front. That also meant an extra bit of separation between my feet and my seatmate's, which felt more private than non-bulkhead seats, but it did make for a slightly tricker clamber out from the window seat. The food service started with some slightly odd mini-canapés and a bowl of roasted nuts and pulses, plus a choice of drinks.
Impressively, the red wine -- a choice of a French Minervois or Australian Cabernet Merlot -- wasn't refrigerated. Also on the tray were a set of actual salt and pepper shakers -- no little packets here -- a full set of metal cutlery, and a pat of soft butter.
The crew passed through twice with several choices of warm bread: white, brown, seeded, and garlic.
I was also impressed with the main course -- I chose the beef over fish or chicken -- which was cooked to about medium-well, and came with delicious sweet potato mash, carrots and crunchy green beans.
The cheese course was disappointing by contrast: a single package of shrinkwrapped supermarket Edam cheese with water crackers and dried apricots.
By that stage, I skipped the little dessert trolley -- a choice of cakes or an attractive fruit plate that my seatmate said was excellent. During the afternoon the crew offered a snack basket, and kept little bottles of water coming throughout the flight. Instead of a teatime meal, the crew passed through ninety minutes before landing with delicious pots of Maggie Beer ice cream from the Barossa Valley. I was really impressed with the in-flight entertainment system, which is controlled by a widescreen touch-sensitive monitor running one of the better systems I've encountered.
Dozens of new-release movies are the headline offering, with TV shows (including, for example, the excellent BBC Sherlock from last year), games and audio tracks also available. It's not quite up to the world-leading Emirates or Cathay Pacific offerings, but there was more than enough to keep me diverted for the eight hour flight. And if you prefer to BYO entertainment, there's the chance to plug a USB stick in to watch a movie, plus a full universal AC power point to keep your laptop charged.
In terms of in-flight service, Garuda's crew were attentive, cheerful and had their routines down pat, offering the option of tasting wine before pouring a full glass and passing through the cabin to check whether passengers needed anything.
I was really impressed by the new Garuda: a best-on-route fully flat bed, great service, new quiet planes, and a well thought-through meal. Aviation journalist and travel columnist John took his first long-haul flight when he was eight weeks old and hasn't looked back since.
Looks like they've come a long way in the past few years - the J cabin looked quite busy from your photos as well, so hopefully they are doing well out of the route. I use a Canon PowerShot S95, which does just about all the DSLRy things I need without needing to lug a whole camera case. I just got back from Jakarta and Bali flying Garuda SYD-DPS via CGK and was very impressed with the Y product.
Having flown Garuda Indonesia in Executive class over the past 2 years I can definitely see the vast improvements over the 'old' Garuda.
My most recent trip was no different - Garuda have addressed the issue of food presentation and are now plating their main course dishes instead of the older 'casserole dish presentation' in the above review. Encountered a very unfriendly female customer service with no smile at Garuda Indonesia check-in counter at Jakarta airport! Recommendations: Improve cleanliness of toilets in airport and lounges with the provision of adequate tissue paper. Most airlines try their their very best to achieve this - we are the travelling public need to be responsible for our side of the bargain too. This looks like a massive step up from the existing Sabre webcheck product that used to be on offer.
It's well-priced as a return -- you can buy a seat in LAN's "Premium Business" cabin at around $750 if you book well in advance. Check-in for both LAN Economy and Business takes place in section C, opposite the Qantas premium check-in desks. Early mornings in this lounge are quieter than the rest of the day, as the first big Qantas departure to the US is not until 11am. This is comparable to Qantas' Business Skybed (which is 4" longer and completely lie flat) but you won't find the Skybed on many of QF's Australia - New Zealand routes.For this three hour flight it's as comfortable as you'd hope, with good cushioning, support, adjustability and massage functions. Although having to be at Auckland airport at around 4am in the morning is a bit of a turnoff. This will result in the airline having to shut down its web, kiosk and Check mate check in services, therefore requiring all passengers to use counters to complete check in from 8pm AEDST on October 5 until 5am on October 7. There's a separate queue for Executive Class, and a friendly agent checked me in and sorted out my A$25 visa payment in no time at all. So if you're coming to the airport early, you'll need to be hand luggage-only or be prepared to hang around until the flight opens. Don't lose the arrival one for your return, because they're not always available in Jakarta.LoungeGaruda uses the Qantas International Business Lounge in Sydney, which we reviewed a few months ago, and with which Australian business travellers are likely familiar. You pay the A$25 30-day visa fee at check-in and everything is sorted before you reach the airport.

A good reason to pack carry-on only for the flight, especially since baggage claim in Jakarta airport is insanely chaotic. After a five-minute walk through the airport, it took 25 minutes for cases to come through.
A privacy panel slides forwards from the centre console, which is useful for claiming your elbow room on the shared armrest.
That's a bonus because there are two sets of bulkhead rows, which give especially tall people a few extra inches of room.
The advertised Riesling wasn't loaded, and was replaced by an unremarkable Australian Chardonnay to go with the French Chablis on the list. As something of a wine fan, I give top marks to airlines that serve their red wine at room (well, technically cabin) temperature.
The tasty starter plate of smoked salmon, chicken and capsicum was tasty, with the salad dressed in front of you with a choice of balsamic or creamy mayonnaise.
Top marks again for the food preparation here too: the ice cream was just the right temperature, neither rock hard nor melted.
While the audio lacked a decent classical selection, I enjoyed exploring the world music and Indonesian selections. Plus, with Australia outside the window for a good part of the flight, the view's pretty good if you want to sit down with headphones on and gaze out the window. With a total of five non-revenue passengers (two Garuda employees and three journalists) the cabin was about 75% full.
I picked it up in July, and I'm very fond of it indeed -- I just wish it zoomed more (3.8x optical). It really is a new airline, with service and on-board visa processing being the best aspects of the flight. Rice was very hard, almost inedible, don’t know how they can serve this type of food which I believe have been held for months.
I take over 80 commercial fights a year and have not missed one because I plan ahead and allow plenty of time - and as a premium ff I don't feel that any airline should wait around for me and I don't see it as a perk to be treated any different.
In the past when this happened the Travel Agent lost control of the booking so now the ticket is no longer is reissued, which means you cannot check in on line and the reissue occurs at the airport.
This means finding a seat is easy -- later in the day it can be more difficult.A barista was on call at the bar, so first up was a (decent-enough) coffee.
On boarding, business passengers were offered chilled water or orange juice while we waited for boarding to complete.
Travelling on to Santiago would test my 6'2" frame, as my feet were hanging over the end of the foot rests and I couldn't quite get them comfy in either of the foot-rest positions.
There were no meal choices, but for the time of day the meal was appropriate, and pretty tasty. The airline’s online and phone reservations systems will also be taken offline from 9pm AEST on October 5.
Numerous airlines more renowned for their service than Garuda fail to do so -- and chilled red doesn't taste right. I never seem to be able to get good photos in flight without taking my DSLR which is a bit much for short work trips.
I keep saying it: it really makes a world of difference having smiling flight attendants looking after you - I have (sadly) given up on the flying kangeroo.
When I checked in at the Jakarta airport on 17 April 2014 for my flight to Lombok with GA430, the lady seems confused and told me that we all had to sit separately and there are no seats for us to be sitting together. Take the neighbouring country Singapore for example; best airport in the world, carpeted floors, etc. Airlines have a business to run and I expect everyone to be treated the same here - if you are not on time we go without you - simple as that. There's an OK variety of food on offer, mostly a bit snacky, however there are enough healthy options, which can't always be said for airline lounges.
A full choice of alcoholic and other beverages was also on offer and the crew were happy to oblige, offering and topping up where necessary.Due to the empty seat next to me, I was given the option of the table being laid on the free seat. The hot breakfast offers the expected protein kick, however as the lounge only offers small plates it's hard to give yourself a decent serving.
This allowed me to stay reclined and watching my movie in comfort until I was ready to eat, either by moving seats, or moving the food to me. She keeps asking her neighbors about my reservation confirmation print-out letter, before leaving her station to talk to her boss.
LAN's A340-400 business cabin is configured as 2-2-2 and would have felt roomy even if close to full. They run the Auckland-Sydney route prior to Sydney-Auckland, meaning they've been on the go for a 4-5 hours or so by departure - but it didn't show. After what took like forever, with the help of my husband talking to the supervisor, we got the emergency seats sitting together on the same row! If you want even more privacy there's a mini-cabin for rows 6 & 7, however 2L was great - well ahead of the wing and engines for a quiet journey.
One crew member tended to my side of the cabin for the entire flight and was particularly accommodating with numerous drink requests, including decent coffee.
On the whole they were quiet, unassuming and blended into the background, which I like, although others may prefer more attentive service.The IFE is excellent - easy to use and with a great quality screen, although LAN's Chilean origins make themselves clear as soon as you switch it on, with the default language set to Spanish.
Flicking to English is simple, and English movies are not force-subtitled with Spanish so once you've made the switch you don't have to think about it again.The choice of entertainment was good, and the flight is just long enough to squeeze in a movie, although the IFE wasn't available until the seat-belt sign was turned off and was made unavailable 10 minutes prior to landing.
Pick your length of movie carefully and time the start accordingly, or you'll miss the end.

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