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We are excited to announce the release of Interdisciplinary (ID) Assessment in the MYP gradebooks. We plan to have the interdisciplinary criteria available on report cards within the next week, please stay tuned for further announcements.
CAS Student Roster: Administrators can now scroll through student worksheets without returning to the student roster. Gradebook navigation in Group 4: A direct link to the class Gradebook has been added to any investigation page in Group 4 classes. Personal Project Academic Honesty: Students can now add meetings via the Academic Honesty tab. Notes from Parents: Administrators can now choose to be notified on any notes posted by parents.
Unit Planner PDF Export: The Syllabus content and Assessment tasks have been added to Diploma Unit Planner PDFs. Bulk Message According to Sub-Statuses: Admins can now filter and bulk message applicants according their sub-statuses by clicking Messaging from the Students tab. The most significant update was for student profiles, which are now organised according to the student’s Personal Information, Exam Registration Information, Academics, Timetables, Portfolio and Reports. The Academics tab contains information about the student’s classes, including the units taught, academic progress with assessments, and a class description. Click Timetables to view an individual student Timetable, including color-coded attendance information. The student Portfolio is a collection of all coursework the student has submitted via ManageBac.
Under the Reflections tab, students input their term goals and respond to any reflection question(s) set by the school. For Teachers, the new user profile contains additional fields for tracking demographic information.

PDF Unit Planner Improvements: The PYP Unit Plan PDF layout has been significantly updated to include all unit planning content. Add links to Files: You can now add website hyperlinks directly into the Files tab of classes, IB Year groups, and groups to complement existing resources.
Export comments to Attendance export: You can now include Homeroom and Teacher comments on daily, weekly, and monthly attendance Excel exports. May 2015 and May 2016 Subjects and IBIS DP Registrations: The Diploma Plan worksheets have now been updated with the latest set of IBIS subjects for the May 2015 through to May 2016 exam sessions.
CAS Moderation in the Americas: If you are chosen for CAS moderation in the Americas, please submit your student samples and forms via IB Docs.
Status changes: When students are unarchived, their status no longer automatically reverts back to status of the student as it appeared before they were archived.
Notes: We now support nested notes to allow for more continuous conversation between users. Reconciliation Reports: Each export now includes the last four digits of credit card numbers.
Bulk Export of ToK PPD and PPF provide a way to download PDFs in bulk for an entire year group. For the current academic year: administrators will be able to view enrollment counts by day from the first day of the academic year to present day. For the upcoming academic year: administrators will be able to view the latest projected enrollment counts based on current forecast re-enrollment. Transcript Imports are now available allowing you to import historical transcripts via Excel CSV format.
Export WYSIWYG provides a simpler export function, so as you re-arrange the column orders, your Excel export will automatically mirror the view on screen.
Export as ZIP will now provide an automated email of the ZIP export when exporting Reports in bulk.

For CAS Activities, students can no longer request supervisors reviews unless at least one CAS Question has been answered, or one Reflection & Evidence has been submitted. For SA Activities, students can no longer request supervisors reviews unless at least one SA Question has been answered, or one Reflection & Evidence has been submitted.
MYP teachers can now assess students according to the four ID Criteria via the Submit Term Grades tab of their class. For those schools using our admissions platform OpenApply, the profile is seamlessly linked.
The ability to search paid applicants by the last four credit card numbers has also been added.
This will provide faster file upload and download speeds and enhance file storage redundancy. We are very grateful to the Admissions Directors at KIS International School, International School Basel, Jakarta Intercultural School, and many others for providing their guidance and feedback, which allowed us to build this feature and enhance the enrollment analytics. The new imports encompass the curriculum programme, the subject, class name, year or grade level, class ID, credit award, teacher e-mail, student ID, final grade, academic year & term and comments.
In May 2016, schools will be able to directly upload selected coursework directly to the IB e-coursework platform.
World Studies EE but which are not available for registration, but will now be automatically filtered out to avoid any registration errors. The new Transcript imports provide data validation to ensure that imported records are consistent with your Transcript settings and for your convenience, we have provided an “Undo” function to allow you to easily revert an erroneous import within 72 hours.
Teachers and administrators will not be able to make any changes in the term gradebook unless the term is unlocked.

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