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Brazilian simulator maker Cockpit Extreme Racing has unveiled a special Game Stock Car edition cockpit. The rig is made of powder-coated steel and comes with plenty of features such as full adjustability, easy storage by folding the rig and something rather clever – Two wheels to move the whole setup. The rig sells for 990 Brazilian real (roughly 380 Euros), check out the Cockpit Extreme Racing website for more info (in Portuguese). Ignite Skill Gaming has added the newest car to their free-to-play SimRaceWay title as the Audi R18 TDI is now available for purchase. While most add-on cars for SimRaceWay sell for cents or a few dollars, the R18 TDI costs $16 to drive.
The base content of SimRaceWay is free for everyone to try, giving players access to the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X as well as Mid Ohio & Zandvoort.
The title puts an emphasis on online racing, using a real-time skill matching system to offer close racing. I pay for a game but i have no clue why all wanna get money all the time for other things it is so CAPITALISM ..
I do websites free i host servers free it not get in my head that i shall take advanced of things i do over internet and is pc related to get me money why ? And btw, Trippy here does have a nice free service, if he doesnt make any money is because he doesnt want to.
Jag har hort manga saga men ta betalt for det du gor skulle man kunna gora men inget jag tycker om man gor tjanster och gentjanster fungerar battre men det ar min personliga asikt. Yeah, that’s a good point, how much knowledge do they have of the car’s internals (suspension geometry, engine dyno data, aero package, etc) at this point? Yeah, the SRW McLaren GT3 is $4.32, if that tells you anything how much more expensive an Audi license must be. That said, I would consider the classic Lotus cars, the Corvette GT1, and the HPD LMP2 to be top-tier brands.
The B class cars are the most prestigious, but the D class and rookie cars are more popular. SimRaceWay i understand if a game provider that makes game wanna have pay but for each car also ? I bet Simraceway visits that certain site alot of the rF community visits too, to get that dangerous stuff. I want nothing free, I even wouldn?t think about playing such a game, where one car costs $16. Strange coincidence Sandrox converted an R18 from pCars to rFactor recently, and now Simraceway, a couple of weeks later try to sell an R18 for 16 bucks! Patrik Marek’s pm3dm team has released a first in-game preview of their newest Assetto Corsa project,  the 1998 BMW 320i STW.
The new preview is the first time that we get to see the legendary touring car inside Assetto Corsa.
There’s no doubt that this will become another high quality addition to Assetto Corsa if Patrik’s Nissan Primera mod is anything to go by. Not running for me at all as it fails tech and won’t load I have a few mod cars like that.

Slightly Mad Studios have announced another major licensing addition to Project CARS title as Audi joins the WMD-powered title.
Project CARS will be available for the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam OS, and Wii U starting Fall 2014. I am sure European and North American Endurance Series will have variations as to what cars run in them.
When they nail the physics this will be an awesome game , as a console racer its already on a par with the concertmasters F1 games but will offer far more content. Well due to the fact that you are very big on Assetto Corsa and I assume in your mind if pCARS physics were to slightly resemble Assetto’s you would think the title is moving in the right direction? With some of the titles you mention I think it is dependent on the car because as far as my opinion goes there are flaws in all of them when it comes to representing real life and the hard core simmers are brainwashed into thinking that it’s reality when it is not.
With all these amazing cars I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a solid finish to this game! It’s not an individual part license, my understanding is the DTM license is the group license like you say.
If it’s like F1, maybe having DTM cars from only one brand is allowed, but as soon as you have DTM cars from several brands, you need the DTM license (not just the car maker license). These cars are boring to drive( the prototypes), but I guess I just won’t drive them. Some of the comment are getting nuttier all the time with what’s been done in the last month and a half I can only assume Release will be on time or close to it. Im not sure how’s your internet connection, but mine surprised me with fast pC update ?? Already got 3 new Audi! What makes this project remarkable is that this is Kazama’s first try at modding, resulting in a pretty and detailed model that he already managed to put in game as well! The Fairlady Z S30 was Nissan’s take at a two-seat GT car that was built from 1969 to 1978. Simracing RF has released a DTM 2012 skin pack for the T5 Touring Car Series mod for rFactor 2, turning the fictional mod into the full DTM experience.
The mod includes all DTM 2012 skins for both car models as well as cockpit plates and window banners. A free real world skin pack for a payware mod of a fictitious series based on the real series… my brain hurts. You are not free to attack, degrade, insult or otherwise belittle others or the quality of this blog. That makes it more expensive than any content item for iRacing, Junior membership on Project CARS or 20 DLC cars for Forza Motorsport 4. Additional content is available for purchase with prices ranging from a few cents to several dollars. I simply think they’re not going to make much money this way because the price is absurd.
Most of us only have club level talent, so the club level cars are the ones we can actually have close races in, rather than back-marking 7 seconds off the pace in an F1 car we can barely keep on the track. When racing online you have three different dificulty levels and with each dificulty level you get a different track and car combo.

Money doesn’t equate to a quality product when the people with the money have no clue how to spend it. This is entertainment and as long as it doesn’t involve illegal activity, they are free to offer a product and we are free to buy it or not. Some do come closer than others and I think some of the cars in pCARS are better than some of the cars in the same classes from the titles you mention. DTM requires license from all three manufacturers, because they collaborated on the spec components in the cars. DTM is a series license and requires licenses from all makes that run in it so it is multi license.
The collaborative nature of the car (everyone developed the safety cell together) means they agreed that no manufacturer could license their car individually. What I question is SMS had an Asano DTM car and the RL example is not mentioned here but we also had an Asano LMP1 that the RL counterpart is mentioned?
They might look quite nice, but they are just covered Formula 1-cars and they drive like that (even in real life).
The most important part of that car will be the engine performance, notably meeting the fuel limit. If you had an atom of knowledge in regards to the amount of time it takes to create a model and put that mosel in a sim you would not make stupid statements!!
Did they get info early with the details of the license to be worked out later, or are they using a best guess currently?
The Lotus 79 is one of the most sexy F1 cars of all time, but fewer people drive it on any given week than the Pontiac Solstice. Difference is you not only won’t be restricted (as Toca RD only allowed certain cars on certain tracks IIRC). With that said I really do like the most of the titles you mention and enjoy using the software but I don’t replace it with reality. Other wheels are better for pCARS like my CSW once you put aside the toys and get real sim gear the differences are noticeable as I have a G27 as well.
Will they just give the engine a conservative tune that’s expected to always meet the fuel flow limit, or will they peg back the fuel like the real world rules? The Spec Racer Ford (my personal favorite) gets more drivers in a week than any of the Le Mans cars except the fixed setup LMP. Whats the point of having all those cars and tracks when most of them can only be used in practice. They’ve basically jumped on the fact the likes of Turn 10 and Poly have fallen asleep in this respect.

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