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So delivering the content in error-free English becomes more important, because you don’t know who your reader is.
One small mistake in your content can make your reader feel bad about your blog and your writing style. And most importantly Google is very much strict when we talk about the grammar of our content.
These are the tools which are going to proofread your content automatically and show you the number of error in your content.
You can write error-free content on Facebook, Tumblr, Blogspot blog, WordPress blog, Gmail, Hotmail or any type of online writing tool. This will check your content for 250 most common grammatical mistake and suggest you to make the corrections. You can grab this tool at free of cost as well try their premium membership for advanced features. I am a big fan of Google docs, not only because of its proofreading capability but other awesome features which makes it a perfect tool for the business.
Google docs will check small errors like spelling mistake, sentence mistake, formation error and other mistakes to make it human readable. You can integrate this with your favorite softwares like Microsoft and read proof any type of content when you are writing.
This is available as WordPress plugin, Firefox addon, Chrome extension, bbpress, Windows live writer extension and for few other platforms to give most integration. You can easily create your projects for the different tasks and separate them for the future use. It improves the readability, remove the cliche words, find repeated words, spelling mistakes, errors and grammatical mistakes. If you into blogging or any online profession where writing plays a role, then these are the tools for you.

Use these online proofreading tools and make your content better for your readers and search engines. Let me know if you are already using any of the mentioned tools and tell us how it is working for you. Again a Great Article Kulwant you have Great Information your whole Post is Great But Tool Number 1 is Great and was Was Looking for that From Last Few Days And Finally I Found it Here. Agree with your points and yes, it is very essential to avoid grammar and spelling mistakes to please the readers and search engines. I aware of most of the tools which you’ve listed here, will check the details of unknow proofreading tools. I would like to add one more amazing tool to improve English and it is nothing but Hemingwayapp. Most of the Indian bloggers main problem is proof reading, we write articles in a flow, after writing article, we are in a hurry to publish our post without proper proof reading, this article really helps so many bloggers to become perfect in their writing.
Spellcheckplus grammar checker finds common spelling errors grammatical mistakes english. Copyright © 2012 Rachael Edwards, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners.
These tools can be further used to proofread an ebook, press release or any type of text content very easily. Which means, it’s going to keep eyes on you everywhere when you are writing anything in your browser. Google doc has inbuilt auto-correction feature which keeps checking mistakes when you write. By doing this, I not only make my content error-free but make other blog owners happy by showing them actual copy of my content without publishing on their blog.
This tool will analyze your content in realtime (like others) and do in-depth study about your content to make it 100% correct.

They have made this tool distraction free with quick correction and easy to check your writing for grammar errors, potential stylistic mistake. Here you get complete workflow management which helps you to work with more professionalism. This tool has been featured on some of the best blogs in the world like MakeUseOf, PC Pro and The Independent. I’ve recently started to use this tool and it helps me to enhance my scripting skill. I recently started using Grammarly and it’s working perfect to find those silly mistakes.
But now these tools are helping me to identify the problems before hitting the publish button. But I am searching for Grammarly review from you, as I love to read your simple to understand english.
A qualified verification engineer, I forayed into blogging and have never ever regretted it.
Also before publishing an article it is really necessary to proofread and fix small mistakes of the articles.
In this case your given writing tools can greatly help bloggers to create more engaging and killer content.

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