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As more and more people and organisations depend on computers to store and save their important documents and data, there is an increasing need for security, the establishment of an end-to-end trust is highly relevant and necessary for the success of businesses and organisations relying on transactions over networks, it increases the need for more adequate user security technologies. This article intend to introduce, a relative cost effective, easy to use and deploy biometric technology.
Examples of biometric technologies are : Facial Recognition, Voice Verification, Hand Geometry, Retina Recognition, Iris Recognition, etc. The table given below compares some of the commonly used biometric technologies based on their usability and cost effectiveness. It is clear from the table that the Voice Verification Technology is a more practical solution from the comparison table (Table 0.1). One of the major facts that prevent biometric technologies from being mainstream is their cost of implementation and lack of easiness to use.
Voice verification technology makes use of the distinctive characteristics of information, present in the speech samples of the speaker to verify the authenticity. Text-dependent version inherently increases recognition performance, but it requires a co-operative user who can remember a phrase or sentence. Text-independent version does not even need the user to be aware about the system, which makes it more convenient and secure. Enrolling a Person to a Voice Verification System is relatively simple; The user is asked to speak a word,phrase or sentence, the voice is captured and stored in the form of a voice print. Verification of a person against the Voice Verification System is somewhat similar; where the user will repeat the word or phrase so that the system can compare the voice with the stored template to verify the identity of the person. There is a slight difference between how text-dependent and text-independent systems work, text-independent systems uses predetermined phrases, words or sentences and require the user to repeat the same in order to gain access. Enrollment and Verification can be done by using standard microphones, telephones or Internet.
This question arises all the time when voice verification is discussed, a comparison of Biometrics technique used (see appendix 1) shows that the EER of voice verification is 3.5, which is very reliable and robust.
In addition to all this, voice verification supports vendor independent template storage; it makes it possible to upgrade or migrate to a new platform more simpler.
Failure to enroll rate and Failure to accept rate are relatively low compared to the other technologies; as it has no physical barrier. It ensure more reliability in terms of security since it has a low EER rate of 3.5 which makes it one of the most secure biometric technologies available at very low costs. The possible attacks are comparatively low with this type of technology; Change in voice due to health, emotional states and aging can be detected with the aid of highly sophisticated algorithms, which makes it more secure. The main advantage that voice recognition provides is, it can be used remotely over telephone or using Internet. Remote access is possible, Which can provide an easy and comfortable way to authenticate customers without them physically come down to the organisations location. Enable the organisation to provide access to a service with higher level of security irrespective of the customer location.
Very convenient to use; no more complex passwords or user names or Long alpha-numeric strings for authentication .
Perfect Component of multi factor biometric authentication (something the user knows, something the user is). Each new additional security needs more monetary investment; in addition to this the amount of money spent for the it infrastructure management associated with the new technology will increase the expenditure.
A case study by Jamison consultants in 2009 reveal that depending upon the industry,It spends on resetting lost passwords of employee itself can account for 10-60% of IT calls at a cost of $10-45 per call.With the voice verification technology we can either remove the need for password managed system or even we can integrate a voice verification system to automate the password reset system, which will help to save thousands of dollars per year.
Compared to the competing technologies Voice Verification provides a Higher Return On Investment Rate. A 2009 survey by Lieberman research group shows that 69 % of users are willing to use voice verification as a biometric security technique. There are a wide variety of products available in the market; which suits different needs and requirements of the organizations or customers. However there even alternative opensource platforms which can be adapted to custom needs; such as CMU Sphinx by Carnegie Mellon University .
The availability of wide range of hardware solutions for cheaper costs is one of the major advantage of choosing voice verification technology. The most easy to deploy biometric technology is Voice Verification; as it does not use any special hardware it is very easy to deploy and maintain. A remote scenario of phone based voice verification system can easily be managed using a VOIP solution.
The users need no additional training to use this technology as some other biometric technologies require training to start with the technology; the users some times even need not know about the existence of technology.
Now you have a basic idea of what voice verification is, and what are it’s advantages. It’s always exciting to read through articles from other authors and practice something from their websites.
The adoption of various digital tools has led to a seismic shift in the methods of marketing. No longer able to push messages onto consumers, brands and marketers are now challenged to remain relevant and engage with consumers in a two-way conversation.
This paper will address the changing landscape and benefits of digital marketing, assess how consumer trends in decision-making and their role in the marketing process impact campaign strategies, and finally propose a framework for approaching digital marketing plans. Changes in the way consumers are influenced can be directly attributed to the Internet, enabling a significant amount of information sharing. To understand the power of this transformation, it is imperative to first understand the pre-Internet relationship between consumers and marketers. In today’s pull environment of digital marketing, not only do consumers have access to the traditional push marketing ecosystem, but also to an endless number of online information hubs.
Additionally, the ease and cost effectiveness of digital marketing has led to a deluge of new product launches and heightened level of marketing messages. From the beginning, the Internet and digital marketing have presented a way for marketers to experiment over and again, constantly refining their messages to be more effective based on response.
On a more individual consumer level, digital marketing provides companies with methods to communicate specific messages and product benefits to different consumer types. The advent of the Internet and digital communication space presented marketers with an immense opportunity to communicate messages and product information quickly and cost effectively. Prior to digital options, marketers were not able to gain national reach with a single marketing campaign.

Changes in consumer behavior and interaction with marketing messages have made digital marketing a necessity to any marketing campaign. Digital marketing encompasses all digital channels for communicating or receiving information, and is not limited just to Internet vehicles. Traditional marketers spend about 60% of their media budget on paid media, 20% on content creation, and the rest on overhead expenses (such as agencies and employees). During the nascent phases of Internet marketing simple paid search, also known as sponsored links, tactics ruled the landscape. As consumers become increasingly savvy in their search queries, they often tune out paid search advertisements. There are several ways to game the search process; however the easiest and most transparent to consumers is to develop content and messages that incorporates relevant keywords and phrases.
Although it has never been easier for consumers to access company content and receive marketing messages, the competition for consumer attention and consideration is fiercer now than ever before.
The power of owned content rests with the development of a holistic message, which builds brand awareness across all media types that is relevant to your target consumer.
An example of cohesive owned content that is simple and sticks in consumer minds is GE’s “Imagination at Work, HBO’s “It’s not TV, its HBO”, and Burger King’s “Have it your way” campaign. For those consumers older than 25, remember all those direct mailers that would advertise products or services? As Marc Pritchard said, digital marketing allows brands to connect on a personal level with consumers. The frightening part to marketers of earned media is that there is limited to no ability for them to control what consumers choose to share. Consumer-to-consumer conversations are occurring across various SNS, blogs, and message boards, to name a few. An example of effectively utilized WOM and influential bloggers as advocates was in Toyota Prius’s launch strategy. By inviting consumers to interact with the brand and understand the product development decisions, Prius enabled advocates to blog, create Buzz and WOM recommendations for the new Prius model launch. User generated content allows consumers to express opinions and share interests across various platforms, making it a powerful WOM tool.
Explicit incentives are more easily understood and includes those tangible benefits where the creator would receive some kind of financial payment, contest entry, coupons, frequent flyer miles sweepstakes, etc.
FritoLay has successfully utilized both implicit and explicit incentives to engage consumers to create innovative customer-created ad campaigns such as “Crash the Super Bowl”, “Fight for the Flavor”, and “The Quest” . For the 2010 Super Bowl, Doritos had over 4000 entries from prospective copy writers, art directors, directors and producers. In a research study published by Forrester, the following table was created to outline the three main types of media, the role they play in a marketing plan, and the benefits and challenges associated with each. Prior to digital tools, marketers relied on television, print, and radio advertisements, as well as in-store promotions, to influence consumer decisions at points in time when they are the most receptive to influencing messages.
However, today the consumer decision journey has morphed into a non-linear decision process that involves multiple information touch points, various influencers, and strong WOM and feedback culture.
Unlike in the linear model, consumers are seeking, pulling, information into their decision making process, rather than relying on messages that are pushed by a brand. The circular decision journey also allows for consumers to constantly re-evaluate earlier decisions. Throughout the circular decision making process, consumers are bombarded with information from a variety of sources. Given the circular nature of the consumer decision making process, monitoring WOM and other digital conversations is essential to ensure the brand promise is being met throughout the consumer experiences, as well as protect brand equity.
As the Internet gains further in-home penetration and dependency, consumers will continue to evolve their decision making process, spurring two-way conversation between the consumer and brands. As a media agency expert stated, “Digital marketing is like Teen sex… everyone wants to do it, but no one knows how.” Although this paper by no means claims to be the end-all guide to how to effectively use digital marketing tools, it proposes a framework of how to approach the creation of marketing strategies that incorporates the new consumer dynamics attributable to digital tools.
Given the circular decision making process and the prominence of consumers in the marketing experience (desire for two-conversation and authenticity), developing a consumer based strategy for marketing is essential. The proposed approach below has five key steps, each building on the previous step and with a feedback process that allows a brand to continuously improve marketing efforts. The basic tenant of brand management for companies like Procter & Gamble is that everything begins with the consumer. Historically, most organizations would target consumers through print, radio, and television advertising based on aggregate demographics of audience. Based on consumer segment demographic and psychographic trends, there are different tools marketers would utilize to effectively engage consumers.
Ultimately, marketers should understand who, how, when, and frequency of consumers interaction with various digital tools.
Marketers can utilize this type of information to begin mining information about their target consumers. Gaining consumer insights requires marketers to listen to consumers conversations and observe their behaviors to ensure the brand message is relevant and placed where consumers are searching for information or receptive to messages. To harness the true power of digital marketing tools, marketers must have clear business objectives for the marketing campaign to be designed around.
In 2009, PepsiCo’s Quaker’s portfolio of brands was faced with various business challenges. To achieve this business objective, the campaign leveraged several digital tools to create a cohesive digital campaign. Quaker measured the campaign based on the following 3 metrics: double digit sales growth, share growth, increased perceptions of Quaker as a leader in nutrition. With over 143 million impressions, the rich-media take over of Yahoo’s home page (which occurred over the course of two ? day time slots) outperformed all of Yahoo’s benchmarks by 2-fold, resulting in click thru rates and impressions in excess of any previous Yahoo take over initiatives and CPG benchmarks (120%). Mom Power communities drove movement in awareness and message association, as well as purchase intent.
Although the “Go Humans Go” campaign successfully increased awareness of Quaker’s portfolio of products and brought Quaker to the forefront of consumers’ minds, it did not solve individual product’s business problems. Digital media offers many opportunities for brands to interact with consumers and increase brand awareness.
In marketing, the “right message” in the “right location” is critical for reaching consumers when they are most receptive to messaging. P&G is known for its 20+ billion-dollar brands in product categories ranging from personal care, to beauty items, to commodities such as soap.

Procter & Gamble’s market leading dishwasher detergent brand Cascade reaped significant gains from combining consumer insights and business objectives to create a new strategic marketing plan.
Cascade brought on a Digital Brand Manager to develop a holistic approach for the brand’s digital marketing plans. Although consumers may not directly engage in discussion about toilet paper and dishwashing soap, they may discuss these low-consideration brands during other online conversations .
It is imperative that marketers design campaigns that are flexible, scalable, and sustainable in the digital world based on functionality and points of differentiation (driven by consumer insights) .
Owned-content should be tailored to incorporate consumer insights (which indicate what is relevant and influential to consumers), clear business objectives (determines what features content should include – “call to action” statements for transaction objectives or “engagement” features to build relationships), and what vehicle the marketing materials will be delivered through (where is the consumer most receptive to influence – teens receptive to brand awareness building through Facebook sites’ buzz marketing vs.
J&J’s simple, yet evocative statement “Having a baby changes everything” is a simple concept that no parent would disagree with. Now that the observation of the ‘who’ uncovered key consumer insights, which allowed the established business objective to be translated into tailored placement or utilization of media tools, which then lead to the creation of appropriate content united under a brand’s simple promise, marketers are positioned to execute their strategic marketing plan.
From a high level, the traditional measures of audience exposure to a marketing message, also referred to as reach, is much less compelling in today’s fragmented, high volume media environment . From an individual campaign level, marketers should track how their strategy performed against desired business objectives as outlined in Step 2.
In today’s Internet and digital media savvy world, marketers are challenged to find innovative methods for remaining relevant and building engagement with consumers amidst the increased competition for consumer attention and plethora of new products being launched.
Once the marketing plan has been tailored to incorporate consumer insights and to interact with consumers where they naturally interact, marketers should constantly monitor WOM and other user-generated content to ensure that 1) the brand is delivering on its promise, 2) the messages are relevant and influential, and 3) engage with consumers to manage post-purchase experiences. Beirut, Lebanon- It's all about the World Cup, World Cup matches, World Cup teams, World Cup news. The gift shop store located in Lebanon is divided by personality types to make your shopping easier. With five amazing men personality categories, you are bound to fall in love with their original gifts offerings.
You will also find a personality type quiz to help you pick the most suiting gifts for men section for the men in your life: personality quiz. OK, ok, I need to write this to reprimand one of our local TV stations *takes a deep breath to calm down* I feel offended and cheated by MTV Lebanon.I apologize had it not been done on purpose, but I think the chances are scarce, given the beneficial marketing results to MTV and traffic this drives to their site. Many of the Biometrics technologies only make use of only two of the authentication factors discussed above. Speech samples are waveforms with time on the horizontal axis and loudness on the vertical access.The voice verification system analyses the frequency content of the speech and compares characteristics such as quality, duration intensity, dynamics and pitch of the signal. Bulk buying can reduce this cost even further; resulting in very cheap implementation costs. Microphone arrays can be implemented with ease to use it for more demanding environments where more users can verify themselves against the system at once. Hope this will help you consider Voice Verification, while you are looking for a cost effective and secure biometric technology for your organization. This includes the Internet, mobile phones, SMS messaging, digital outdoor displays (Times Square billboards), and other digital forms of media .
After all, there is no other vehicle that can reach massive number of consumers and still remain relatively cost efficient.
Restaurants and pubs display the World Cup games on big screens, and it's all over your friends' Facebook and Blackberry statuses. Here's my issue, let me lay it down:Lebanese are devoted patriots, and I am pissed off, as I feel MTV Lebanon is trying to take advantage of this patriotic feeling to market its newly designed website.
However the Voice verification outshines the other biometric technologies by using all the three factors to authenticate a person while maintaining its cost effectiveness and ease of use. Now the user has an authentication profile in the system which is equivalent to a user-name and password.
There are Open Source software solutions like Asterisk VoIP which can be adapted and customized for specific needs with very low cost for over-phone voice verification. There are industry standard opensource VOIP Solutions like Asteriskt available in the market; which are free to download and customise to fit the need of the organisaiton. At work, people would take days off when their favorite World Cup team is playing, and otherwise the internet is put to good use to stay up-to-date with the World Cup results.
I know it's kind of an old story in Internet Marketing history, but it's still as interesting as digital marketing ever was. Proceedings of 2004 International Symposium on Intelligent Multimedia, Video and Speech Processing. I thought the difference was staggering.Worldwide, "Internet Marketing" and "Marketing Online" were common searches. I am Sorry, but I am angry, as they appear to the ignorant visitors to have pledged their support to the cause, benefiting from the Corporate Social Responsibility effect in the eyes of the Lebanese. Content is increasingly just one component of a fragmented and interactive landscape, where content and word-of-mouth are dependant on each other . To create relevant content, first establish who you are targeting and what you would like to convey to them. It's been said on ABC News that factions stopped fighting in Lebanon to watch the World Cup in 1990. I am revolted, as while they appear as an angel of light, they are beneath it all, more like Lucifer, as they take advantage of the people and the otherwise humble cause to add traffic to their website.While I am fanatic about good successful marketing, especially internet marketing, SEO and social networking, I feel cheated and cannot keep quiet. This idea of individuality played well in the digital marketing space where consumers interact with brands and control their online experience. There were no sign of the digital marketing era in our top 10 searches.Moreover, the fact that people were looking up "Marketing Mix" showed a basic knowledge of marketing on the global front. Because these are natural results, there are no costs associated with appearing as part of organic search results. This type of consumer engagement allows marketers to reach consumers when they are not specifically searching for information. These behavioral insights are derived from observing simple tools such as search queries, pages viewed, and time spent in different media mix vehicles.

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