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Today, Virgin America became the first airline to offer secured Visa Checkout as a payment options via their website. To celebrate the launch of Visa Checkout on Virgin America’s website, the airline is offering a $25 voucher for future air travel for anyone who books a flight on Virgin America and pays with Visa Check out between February 25 and March 15, 2015. To find out more about Visa Checkout, including what other merchants currently accept Visa Checkout, visit Visa’s website. I have noticed my exit rentry visa has 0 digit extra after the alphabetic character of the passport number , i noticed this after exit stamped the rest of the data in exit-rentry are correct . I was came from saudi on leave on basis re entry exit visa but I was extended my leave and that re entry exit visa has been expired. So any body can tell me it is necessory that name should be currect on order letter and when I will say my company fir again apply then how much days will be go for that process.
I am Sabish Sahadevan i came on vacation for one month on 18th of may and my re entry was of 40 days .
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Open a new Discover Online Savings account and earn a great rate on all balances (currently 0.95% APY). How To Track Your Visa Status and Passport (USEM Passport Tracker, CEAC Visa Status Checker) | Life As Mrs.
Search through Frequently Asked Questions about the whole process from I-129F - K1 Visa - AOS - ROC and other processes. The articles found on this blog are applicable to all I-129F Petitions, K1 Visa Applicants, AOS (from a K1 Visa), and ROC applicants unless otherwise noted.
IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT buy your plane tickets until you have your Visa and Passport on hand. You’ve used CEAC before to track your Case if it has been received by the Consulate, now you’re using the same website to track your visa status! This means your case is undergoing necessary administrative processing. These are final case and background checks to make sure everything is in order before switching to a decision. I’ve complied with the 221G Request for Additional Documents and sent my paperwork to the U.S.
Hello my husband got approved and they even gave him a letter that said it was approved during the interview. Our status was on Administrative Processing for almost three months( her interview was March 30, 2015). Every case is unique, and no one will be able to tell you when your case will be approved, no matter what anyone will say. After you choose the right visa, the first thing you must do is complete the online Indian Visa Application form. The form seems easy enough, but a simple mistake can lead to your application being rejected, which means you lose your application fee, and you have to start the process over again!
1) Filling out the Indian Visa Application form online does not mean you have submitted it. If you are applying for any visa other than the e-Tourist Visa, click the Online Visa Application in the upper left corner. For Business, you will need to be prepared to give the address of the company that is inviting you. Name – When inserting your name, put it exactly as it appears in your passport with no mistakes. Visible Identification Marks – In a country with thousands of Suresh Babus and Parminder Singhs, a mole or scar can be helpful in identification.
Passport place of issue – Again, this should read exactly as mentioned in your passport, even if it says something like “Department of State”. Present Occupation – This may seem like a harmless question, but how you answer it could cause a lot of frustration later on. Camera Man, Film Producer, Journalist, Media, News Broadcaster, Press, Publisher, Reporter, TV Producer,and Writer are all matches to the Journalist Visa.

In the case of Housewife and Student, you will need to give the details of your spouse or father.
Choose whichever of these three options you are most comfortable with, although none are guaranteed. If you work for a media company but want a Tourist Visa, have your manager write a letter that says your trip is purely personal and you will not be doing any official business.
If you work for a religious organization, you may need a letter that says you will not engage in any proselytizing. If you are a professor wanting a tourist visa, you may want to have a letter from the university saying that this trip is purely personal and you will not be doing any official research. 3) Choose the “Other” category for your occupation and give an alternate but truthful name to your profession (i.e. Expected Date Journey – This doesn’t need to be the exact date of your travel if you haven’t booked tickets, just close to the date. Photo Upload – It is not necessary to upload a photo, unless you are filling out the e-Tourist Visa. You are welcome to put your questions in the comments below; I will do my best to respond as I am able.
If you have a canadian passport, It says issuing country in one place and it says issuing authority(city) written in another, what would i fill in for the issuing place? The other problem is that there is not enough space for me to fill in the entire address of my reference person in India (whom I will also be staying with). Hi I applied for a e-visa online and it all went through ok but I missed of my middle name. I don’t know about the rules for reapplying, but if you are doing it under a different name (the correct one) I think that should be fine. If you are applying for a student visa, your paperwork should show all the other necessary information. Hi Neil, Im in Sri Lanka applying for the tourist visa, after looking through the questions, when it asks what countries have you travelled to in the past 10 years. I am due to go India in 2 weeks and have an appointment for visa tomorrow, the problem is I have made the payment but have just realised my middle name is not on the application form?
If there is no record of your visit in any of the documents you are submitting, then just say that you have never been. I have just completed the visa application form and realise that the period of visa is only 1 month. The online platform allows consumers to sign up through Visa in order to charge their credit cards online with a virtual swipe, or in this case a simple username and password. After processing the payment, Virgin America will send those customers who paid using Visa Checkout a promo code which can be used system wide for $25 off future travel.
When you apply for Exit re entry visa with your HR department, they may return to your passport next day claiming that exit re-entry is done against your passport without any paper.
After I was mail to my cimpany then they was sent order letter from saudi government for new visa.
And any panalty will be pay from my side to saudi embessy and last thing that what a documents required for that process. Actually, the visa duration info can be seen on MOI-public query exit re-entry status link.
There are a lot of unforseen circumstances that might happen and might cause inconvenience (ie. My interview was on June 13th, 2012 and my status kept on updating almost everyday (updated date) but was stuck on Administrative Processing.
Barring unforeseen problems, the visa packet will be delivered to your designated address by courier service within 7 to 10 working days from the visa issuance date.
It has been advised repeatedly in official US Government websites that one isn’t supposed to buy plane tickets before visa is in hand. Is there a particular pattern we should watch out for as a sign that our petition was approved? Thanks for having a blog like this .Its a helpful way in bringing things that really happens . If this is your first interaction with the government of India, you should refresh yourself on How to Please the Babu. The purpose of the online form is to make sure you have filled in all the correct information in the right format for easier processing.
If your residence is in Birmingham, but you are in Bangkok and need a transit visa, choose the Bangkok Mission.
Every time I fill out this form I have to do it a few times and wish I had saved the number. Read this post for a more detailed answer, but basically this is about identifying what community you come from.
It will also be cross-checked electronically to match it with the Indian mission you chose. Also, if the employer you list is a media company, you may be put in the Journalist visa category. Even if you are the IT director for a Media company, you may get earmarked for the Journalist Visa.
It is a loose confederation of South Asian nations (Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka). On the first page, make sure your signature is completely inside the box underneath your photograph. I have verified all the information regarding the visa but still no downloadable pdf is being provided to me.

Since minors in the US typically only get passports valid for 5 years, I would guess that they only give 5 year visas as well. The one with no middle name came through as approved, but I reapplied anyway as like you said didn’t want to run into any difficulties with the babu at the airport. Under education, do I put the last level of education that I have completed or the one that I am currently in?
Whilst I will not be staying longer it only gives me a week to to make an appointment submit visa at the Sydney office before I leave as it states what the visa is one month from when it is issued. I read that most North Americans just put Christian, however I am really not associated with any religion. The secured online platform protects consumers from having to share their credit card information with companies or manually type in credit card information including long credit card numbers, expiration dates, security codes, and addresses. Kindly someone guide me what action should I take now and is it safe to travel back to riyadh with the current exit-rentry paper. I seek advice from the experts that can i go back to saudi as now i got an opportunity in one of the company. Some K1 Visa Process articles are written specifically for applicants from the Philippines. Do not finalize travel plans, purchase plane tickets, dispose of property, or cease employment until the visa is delivered to you. There’s really nothing that anyone can do right now but to wait for updates or call the embassy for follow-ups. It was understood that the only missing document was a Police Clearance report from Hong Kong( she worked there for 4 years). Once you print it out, if you want to make any change at all, you must start the application form over again.
If you are applying for a visa other than what your profession matches, you may need to supply additional documentation or else you might not get the visa you want.
If you work in a media-related field, having a Journalist visa is not a bad thing, so you may even want to apply for it the first time. This will cause the agent reading the application to consider it on a case-by-case basis and will increase your chances of being approved for the visa of your choice. Then look over it again from the visa officer’s (aka the Babu’s) perspective to make sure everything is completely filled out and matches nicely. Look over the PDF since it is in a different format and something new might catch your eye. Right now CKGS is the final authority on these things in the US, so whatever they say, you’ll have to go with.
Im now travelling with my NZ passport that doesn’t have any information of previous travels. I am trying to complete my India tourist visa application before I leave home here to keep everything easy, however I have a few questions.
With Visa Checkout, a simple username and password securely processes your payment and saves you time!
Below you will find tools on how to track your visa status on CEAC, how to track your passport if the visa has already been issued by the US Embassy Manila (USEM) and if it is already in the hands of the courier, 2Go. Ask questions if you want, but make sure you've read all the articles I've written and searched both the Facebook group and KnowledgeBase for answers first. The CO didnt congratulate me nor gave me a 221g for additional docs, and upon reaching the releasing window the man there told me that ill receive my visa within 5 to 7 working days.
If your parents were Christian, but you haven’t been to church in 30 years and don’t believe any of it, you should still put Christian. Similarly, if you are applying for a Business Visa, remember that it is illegal for you to earn money from a company as salary.
For all other questions, the embassy will get in contact with you if they want more information.
Im unable to get hold of past visa details from my other old passport, do I just go ahead and say no to previous travel to india since its not in my new passport? I will go back to school at some point once I’ve figured out what career path I want. But after this status, proceed onto checking your passport status with US Travel Docs as outlined below. Most North Americans and Europeans should put Christian, even if your personal beliefs are more complicated.
Here brother who lives in Manila went by on May 10 and was told the envelope was picked up. It seems I cannot select Lebanon for present address and UK for permanent address, and in any case, if I chose this option, would I have needed to be resident in Lebanon for at least 2 years (as per the old visa rules, before the evisa)?
I have already booked my appointment I hope this isn’t a mistake, please reaasure me Neil!
Per the NVC Website our case was updated on the web site on May 14 2015 but it is still in Administrative Processing. I did an environmental science degree, and my last job was with an environmental consulting company.
The US Consulate never responds to my E-mails and there is a constant busy signal when we call.

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