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Their site has an online form that customers can fill out, and learn in minutes whether they have been approved. In order to make the process even easier, East Side Lenders has implemented a new program that will offer its loyal members a number of great rewards. East Side Lenders offers monthly prizes to its VIP program members, and anyone with an active account is entered to win. Applicants must have less profit by giving entrepreneurs 24 Hour Payday Loans 24 Hour Payday Loans an apr that its benefits. Don2 is consecutively 2nd Movie (after Ra.One) of Shahrukh Khan for which Game is also releasing. Wallpaper abstracto negro con reflejos blancos esta dentro de la categoria Fondos Abstractos. East Side Lenders has set itself apart from the others by setting the standards as a payday loan lender that specializes in online transactions.
East Side Lenders is known for their speedy transactions, and within 24 hours of being approved for a loan, customers can have the money deposited in their bank account.

This VIP program was launched in 2010, and in order to kick off the experience, they chose three clients to receive, in total, $500 in prizes. The other requirements include maintaining an active account as well as a good record with East Side Lending. Once one has been approved for a loan, a member of the customer service department will contact them and invite them to become a part of the VIP program.
They have received rave reviews for their promptness, security and the ease with which customers can apply for payday loans. If one discovers that they need a second loan, they are given the option to renew the current one on the due date. So long as a customer returns to the company within a year after having taken out one loan, a VIP discount will be applied.
They also offer financial tips and other information and through their commitment to excellence, have received many testimonials and satisfied customers.
This program has several levels that a client can be qualified for depending on their account activity.

The VIP Platinum is the top level of the program, and customers receive a $75 discount off their first loan payment, provided they take out at least four loans in a 12-month period. Next is the VIP Gold level, which equals a $50 discount and three loans must be taken out in a year.
Finally is the VIP Silver, which is best for those people who are not frequent users of payday loans.
All one needs for this level is two loans during a year, and they will get $25 deduction off the payment of their first loan. If clients apply for a loan and receive approval seventeen days following paying off their first loan, they will receive a $25 bonus that will be applied to future loan payments, in addition to the VIP silver reward.

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