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Compare quotes online life insurance income protection, Life insurance companies we compare. Compare quotes online life insurance income protection, Compare quotes to view instantly online: life insurance quotes (including tpd) trauma insurance quotes income protection insurance quotes.
Compare life insurance income protection free quotes, Life insurance & income protection insurance from the top life insurance companies in australia. Let’s analyze a couple of these sites and their quote request forms, starting with the one below. In this first example, we see the quote form used for a website where it first draws you in by asking for your zip code only.  Then on the next page you come to this form where they not only ask for your phone number and email address (as do I), but also your home address, as well as your height and weight, and personal medical questions. The reason we offer truly instant life insurance quotes online using the form to the right is because we realize that some people just want to get an idea of what term life insurance or whole life will cost them without the hassle of telling an agency your entire life story. What could actually be happening is they could be selling your personal information to several life insurance agents, who will flood you with calls and fill up your voicemail and email inboxes for the next 3 months.

There are some other risk factors such as driving history, travels, occupation, and hobbies that could move you out of the Preferred Plus category, but again, we know you’re just trying to get an idea of the cost of term life insurance.
If you take a medication or two for cholesterol or high blood pressure, you can probably still qualify for Preferred Plus with most companies, provided that no other health issues are present. Instant Life insurance products include: Life Insurance, Accidental Death Insurance, Dread Disease Cover, Work Disability Cover, Funeral Insurance as well as Cancer Insurance, Medical Gap Insurance and a Family Funeral Plan.
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