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So, ignoring those markets with low Internet connections per population might have other implications if these regions growth changes drastically. Description: This course is intended for students who wish to increase their understanding of computer software and hardware systems. Additional Requirements:Access to a computer with administrative rights to install provided programs.
You can probably count on just one hand the number of people you know who don’t use a personal computer. If you’re getting ready to begin the application process for online degree programs, but need a bit of help narrowing down your degree choices, here are some ideas for you: these are just a few of the computer based degree programs that are in high demand among employers right now.
A bachelor’s degree in information technology is, in many ways, one of the building blocks for just about any computer-related career. Throughout your classes, you’ll gain experience with database concepts, UNIX, web design, business systems development, and server networking. Your classes will typically include intermediate programming, web database development, and computer architecture, among others.
While a bachelor’s degree in information computer science is fairly common among those who are looking to break into the IT industry, it’s decidedly not a degree that anybody and everybody will enjoy. A degree in computer science will cover logic and computation, data structures, programming, and much more. The computer science degree will help students become well-rounded entry-level or even mid-level computer experts, thanks to a wide variety of classes that cover diverse and practical skills. Your coursework will include classes in computer servicing, server administration, algebra, internet commerce, and communication arts. We’ve covered several bachelor’s degrees so far, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t name one more type of degree for students who want to reach just a little bit higher. In addition to a wide range of technical courses such as quantitative methods and data management, students will also have the chance to study marketing management, human-computer interaction, and even leadership theory.
The university, which pioneered massive open online courses, unveils two new homegrown software platforms to host the courses.

Fall quarter's free online courses cover a wide range of fields including computer science, mathematics, linguistics, science writing, sociology and education.
Sixteen courses and two new platforms for interactive learning will highlight Stanford's free online offerings this fall, with more to follow during winter and spring quarters.
From cryptography to science writing, technology entrepreneurship, finance and a crash course in creativity, the courses are open to anyone with a computer, anywhere.
As the number of Stanford online courses has grown, so too has the range of fields, which now include computer science, mathematics, linguistics, science writing, sociology and education.
Stanford is unique among universities in that it is offering its online courses on more than one platform. Also notable is a team-based course, Technology Entrepreneurship, taught by Chuck Eesley, assistant professor of management science and engineering; the course garnered 37,000 students when it first appeared last spring. The most widely available online learning platform, Coursera, will host nine Stanford courses this quarter, among them a new course, Writing in the Sciences, taught by epidemiologist Kristin Sainani, as well as Scott Klemmer's Human-Computer Interaction, which last spring enrolled around 29,000 students. Students interested in registering should go to the course websites listed below or to the Stanford Online website, where updates will be available as new courses appear.
But why this sudden change of stance over the last five years or so, bar the obvious battle against piracy and the shift towards digital content. Sadly, we’re only looking at data from 2000 for comparison which suggests that in the USA there were 95 million internet users. One perfect example of this are countries like India and Brazil, where the latter had just 5 million users in 2000.
Students will learn how to apply problem-solving methods and techniques to computer solutions. This is reason alone for pursuing a computer-based degree: computers are everywhere, and people who know them inside and out will probably always be in high demand.
This is a degree that will cover an incredible amount of ground in the computer world; you’ll be able to immerse yourself in just about every aspect of information technology (IT) and system administration. Most of us know only too well how much data the average person generates and interacts with over the course of even one day.

Quite simply, this is among the more difficult computer-based degree programs out there right now, though pursuing an accredited online degree will give you with the resources you need, provided you have the will to follow through. Students who earn this type of degree typically go on to become web developers, network administrators, software engineers, and systems analysts. A master’s degree in information systems may open quite a few doorways that otherwise would remain shut to you. Each has its own distinct features and capabilities, among them video lectures, discussion forums, peer assessment, problem sets, quizzes and team projects.
It is hosted on another new platform, Venture Lab, developed by Stanford faculty member Amin Saberi specifically for classes in which students work in teams. Obviously someone has looked long and hard at the numbers, and quite frankly we now live in a well connected planet unless you live in the Australian outback somewhere or the top of Mount Everest. That’s no small number at all, but as already mentioned, last year that figure rests at 245 million and no doubt growing but with little headroom as the majority of the population is already connected. Students will explore issues in computer science and the societal impact of computer technology. Graduates with this type of degree will be well-prepared with not just technical expertise, but a working knowledge of end-user needs, information organization, and the economic and social factors of information technology.
Jokes aside, one look at Internet data paints a picture why it’s not such a bad move to ignore those without Internet access. Information science is a 4-year degree that will teach you the fundamentals of how government agencies, companies in the private sector, schools, and financial institutions manage their data needs. However, on the other end of the spectrum, China has the highest number of Internet users in the world at the time of June 30th 2012, with only 40% of its population connected, yet with such a high density of people thus equates to a massive 538 million people. Perhaps Microsoft and Sony are chasing the wrong markets here as the growth potential over the next 10 years is massive.

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