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When I studied linguistics at University, we had a great deal of lessons on English grammar.
After graduation, I took some time to revise English grammar using various textbooks published in the UK. In this .pdf file I collected and structured different rules on the indefinite, definite and zero article (a, an, the and "no article") trying to put them as clearly and logically as possible. Now I'd like to share a few hints how you could not only memorise those rules, but also understand them deeper.
The definite article came from an Old English word "that", therefore we can use it when both the speaker and the listener understand what exactly is meant.
The definite article is required with ordinal numerals, but zero article should be used in combination noun+cardinal numeral, e.g. Many geographical notions are used without any article when they mean one object (countries, cities, lakes, mounts, islands), but with definite article when they mean groups (the USA, the Great Lakes, the Andes, the Caribbean).
Some public places must be used with the definite article (museum, theatre, cinema, park, hotel, station, airport). But others should be used with no article (school, college, university, church, hospital, prison).
I used the association technique to remember them: the first group goes under the category of entertainment and travel, whilst the second one is associated with regular visits and something people do not necessarily wish. Public places like airports and stations are used with the definite article, whereas kinds of transport are used with the zero article (go by bus, go by train).
I use this technique to remember that we should use the names of canals, rivers, seas and oceans with the definite article. The same way I remembered forests and deserts, which are also used with the definite article.
You can create simple cardboard cards with collocations and highlight the article used in a different colour.
Then write a translation to your language on the opposite side of the card and try just to learn the cards as vocabulary. Experienced teachers will correct your mistakes tactfully and will give you a couple of phrases to revise each particular rule.
I don’t know about you but whenever I have been shopping for clothes with my husband it has been an excruciating experience.
I must point out that I do this sort of shopping once every six months so I don’t feel guilty wasting all that time.

However going back to the original question of why drag a man clothes shopping, why would anyone do it?
Whilst he is in the fitting room, I act as his helper (slave) by running back and forth to change items for different sizes (small, large, extra large, etc) and as his style guru by giving him my opinion about how he looks. After 20 minutes, he literally shuts down like a robot, so an emergency coffee and croissant (or bacon roll) break is urgently required to re-energise the batteries.
At the end of this exhausting 2-hour trip, I normally reward myself with a glass of Prosecco no matter what time of day it is.
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I remember a boring thick textbook with lots of rules we had to memorise and then retell our professor.
I also found out that my mind can remember only the things that: 1) are important 2) I understood completely.
Many linguists believe that it is easy to test a person's level of English just checking how skilfully he or she uses articles, phrasal verbs and idioms.
I just imagine how canals flow into rivers, rivers flow into seas and seas are connected with oceans. Within 20 minutes of arriving at the shopping mall, he is fidgeting, checking his phone, complaining that he is hungry and thirsty and asking when we can leave.

Once he is fully charged we can return to the serious job of clothes shopping where once again, I am given a 20-minute window in which to select the next item of clothing, shoes or accessory (belts, hats or scarves).
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Avoid incomplete words such as TY (as Thank You), Pls as Please, gud as good, dpt as dapat, etc. In fact, I love that time to myself when I can walk into all the different shops that catch my eye, browse through the clothes racks, spend half an hour to forty-five minutes deciding on the colour of a pair of jeans (that’s before I ¬†even decide to go to the fitting room to try them on!), browse through the jewellery shops dreaming of the time when my husband will finally buy me something shiny for my birthday. This creates the sense of urgency in his mind, especially if I have given his old clothes away to charity and he can see an empty¬†wardrobe.
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