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The LEGO Games theme used standard bricks and building techniques in both construction and play, though two elements - the microfigure and the die - are both characteristic of the line and were exclusive to it. The LEGO Games release schedule differs greatly between the European and American territories. In 2010, games were introduced that were based either on actual LEGO licenses, or, in some cases, original themes. In mid 2011, a subtheme of LEGO Games, Heroica, was released, which was based on the concept of RPGs (role playing games), such as the iconic Dungeons and Dragons. A characteristic die element was included in every game, and features prominently on each game's box.
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The die is actually so intrinsic to the theme, that it is actually incorporated into the theme's logo.

They are typically released in Europe in steady waves much earlier than in America, where they appear sporadically and, in some cases, not at all. The subtheme would see players exploring various environments such as forests and dungeons, collecting keys and battling monsters. It is composed of a red hard-plastic core cube covered in black rubber rimming to give the die a strong bounce.
These are single pieces styled to represent minifigures - some original, others based on existing minifigures - but are only one stud wide and two bricks tall, and have no moving parts. Unlike previous LEGO board game releases such as Chess or Tic tac toe, the LEGO Games line featured original games developed by LEGO in conjunction with veteran designers from various game industries. Most of the games feature a playing board that must be constructed, although some others use a number of standalone structures instead.
The various games in the subtheme would also be combined with each other to form a larger playing area.

With the Undo command and the Game Record list, you can take back your moves or return to any of previous moves.
Each side features four studs, and each game supplies different tiles - many with unique printing - to modify the die according to the game's needs.
To easily find a move where you have made a mistake, you can look all the game from the very beginning as a cartoon.

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