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Up until now we have covered site-specific login guides and login related security tips here on the site. What we have not talked about yet is what you need to do when your online account got hacked. There are things that you need to do in such an event, and these things need to be prioritized so that you start with the most pressing and important matter before you continue with tasks that do not need to be prioritized. If you suspect that a virus, keylogger or other malware has been used as part of the attack you should start with the virus scan in the section below. If the email address has been changed, contact site support and use Urgent: in the subject of the message. One example: If your Facebook account has been hacked by someone, visit the password changing page on the site. If you can’t log in anymore, use the forgot your password link to request a new password. Use a minimum of two of the scanners provided here to make sure you catch any malware that may be on it. If you have used the same passwords on multiple accounts, you should now visit each individual website to change the password there as well.
Password managers can help you remember all those passwords, so that you can select secure passwords without having to worry about forgetting them right away. Good password managers not only remember all but one password for you, they also come with options to generate them for you. If you have found malware on your system, you should go the extra mile and change passwords of all your accounts just to be on the safe side of things. Even if you have taken care of all the things above, you should make sure you monitor your accounts and related things carefully for irregularities.
Getting hacked is one of the worst things that can happen online, as it requires you to spend time fixing the issue.

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It requires the active participation of the user ( which is enough to start the activator) .
PS : If you have an error during extraction, while others are working try different directory path on a PC. You find a selection of popular posts in the sidebar, for instance our Security 101 guide or how you verify that you are on the right website. This does not necessarily have been your fault, as servers and databases can get hacked as well. For web services, you should check if it is possible to log in to the service that your account was hacked on. You need to log in to access the page, and type in your current password and the desired new password. Someone could have planted a virus or other malware on the computer to steal your login credentials this way. I strongly suggest to select a different password for each service to improve protection and avoid situations like the one your are in right now. And while you can mitigate some of the risks by selecting secure passwords and the like, there is no option at all to mitigate the risks on the server side. Each window every 24 hours beginning or reactivate service for 180 days ( reset the counter ) with a random kms emulator . Depending on how the passwords were protected and the password that you have used on the site, it may as simply as copying and pasting the password for the attacker, or near impossible to get hold of it. If that is the case, changing your account password won’t be of help as the virus has not been removed yet. If you have the choice between changing the password of your Twitter account or your bank account, you should obviously start with the bank account.

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To solve this problem , as an example just paste the tgz file on the C drive and extract ( just inside the C drive not in any other folder ) .
Reduce notificationsBeing notified what’s going on is nice but having too much will get you distracted. Declutter your taskbarIf you are like me, you would need all the space you can get on the Taskbar as you will be pinning apps down there as much as you can. Decide what to syncBy default, windows 10 syncs all of your settings, themes, passwords, and other preferences with your Microsoft Account to bring a consistent environment for you if you log in the same account on different computers. Decide which browser to useIf Microsoft Edge is yet good enough to be your primary browser for the internet, it’s time to install Chrome or Firefox on your Windows 10. Set default appsIf you decided to keep using Chrome or Firefox as your browser or Adobe as default PDF reader, you need to set them as default apps in Settings > System > Default apps.7. Check Windows DefenderTo make sure 1) real-time protection is on, and 2) version info is up to date.
It’s the built-in anti-virus system that comes with Windows 10 so you save money on something else.
You don’t want to throttle your network just because you are downloading your whole OneDrive onto your new Windows 10 computer.
Check the following post for more details.How To Limit Upload Traffic Bandwidth in OneDrive9. In addition to Password, Pin, Picture Password, you now can use your face to sign in using Microsoft’s Hello face recognition technology.

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