The copy of earlier insurance policy effectively owns the car until the designated proprietor or driver of the vehicle. There is an app for Apple and the.

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The billing number can be found in the top left hand corner and the yellow highlighted section below the label of your renewal certificate. The usage shown on your Certificate of Registration is one of the following: DEMN, OMNI, SALE, SBTX, TAXI, TOW, TOWT, TRAD. Your inspection station has not sent an inspection report electronically to Roads and Maritime Services. Your passed e-Safety Check (also known as a pink slip) from an e-Safety Station, if INSPECTION REQUIRED is printed on your renewal notice. Valid CTP insurance (also known as a green slip) sent electronically to Roads and Maritime Services by your insurer. A valid credit card from American Express, Diners Club, MasterCard, Visa or the ability to pay using BPAY. Primary producers-->Primary producers must be in possession of evidence required by Roads and Maritime Services. You can nominate to change the use your vehicle from and to some registration usages when renewing registration online for a light vehicle (Gross Vehicle Mass 4.5 tonnes or less). To - Private, Business, Pensioner, Pensioner Incapacitated Ex-serviceperson and Primary Producer. Yes, a new receipted Certificate of Registration and label will be issued if you change your vehicles nominated usage online.
No, after payment you can attach the label that came with the renewal notice, as usage isn't shown. Why must Primary producers be in possession of evidence required if Roads and Maritime Services can't view evidence? Roads and Maritime Services will conduct checks and require proof to be sent to ensure that vehicle was eligible for a concession at the time of payment.
The deferred Centrelink validation refers to Centrelink being unavailable to validate your pensioner details at the time of your transaction and the validation is being queued in the background for what we call a deferred validation when the Centrelink system is up again. A green slip is an insurance policy, which provides cover for compulsory third-party (CTP) personal injury insurance. Other road users, such as drivers, passengers, pedestrians, cyclists, motor cyclists and pillion passengers. Do all CTP insurers send details to Roads and Maritime Services electronically, and how long does it take? Call your CTP insurance provider to check that they have sent it electronically to Roads and Maritime Services. Six month registration is only available if you renew the registration within 21 days of the vehicle's registration expiry date. Once you have successfully completed your registration renewal online or by phone, you will be issued with a renewal receipt number. How do I get my Roads and Maritime Services receipt number for the registration renewal certificate if I pay by BPAY? The reference or receipt number given by your BPAY provider can be written in black ink in the space provided, on your Certificate of Registration. If your vehicle had a Roads and Maritime Services HVIS inspection, your Certificate of Registration can be used as a GST tax invoice.
Law enforcement authorities have mobile access to verify Roads and Maritime Services records.
Important: It is an offence to drive a vehicle with an expired label, a label for an incorrect term or without a label. A STOP sign or a stop line means you must give way to all vehicles travelling in, entering or approaching the intersection, whether vehicles are turning left or right, or going straight ahead.You must give way to any pedestrians crossing the road into which you are turning. Note Where a STOP or GIVE WAY sign has been removed, the line marked across the road has the same meaning as the sign. At T intersections the vehicle travelling on the road that ends must give way to any pedestrians crossing or vehicles travelling on the road that continues unless otherwise signposted.
This diagram shows a T intersection where the continuing road (which is marked with broken white lines) goes around a corner. Plan your turns early so that you are in the correct part of the road and have enough time to signal where you want to turn.Left turnsYou must make a left turn from the left side of the road. Note When turning left or right you must give way to any pedestrians crossing the road into which you are turning. Plan aheadYou need to think ahead in order to stay in the same lane as you drive from one road to another.
Note Before moving from a stationary position at the side of the road or a median strip parking area, you must signal for at least five seconds, checking mirrors and blind spots.
RoundaboutsFind out about about roundabout signs, how to make turns, give way and signal correctly at roundabout. From today, New South Wales has joined South Australia, Queensland and Victoria in adopting laws for P-platers that don’t put a blanket ban on all turbocharged vehicles. NSW Minister for Roads, Duncan Gay’s plans to “redefine high performance vehicles to reflect the reality of today’s cars” have come into effect. The new rules for NSW will make cars with power-to-weight ratios of 130kW or less per tonne acceptable for P-platers, while those with more power per tonne will remain outlawed. Gay said this will enable P-platers to drive a broader range of cars that will “help make life easier for families and young drivers”, and that “super charged no longer just means super speed”. P-plate drivers or their families or employers can find out whether a vehicle is okay on the Centre for Road Safety website or see the Roads and Maritime website for Help and FAQs. If need be, introduce a harder safety test, or one that includes a psychological component. Quite frankly, it’s bloody ridiculous that there are any restrictions on what vehicles p platers are allowed to drive. Mate, you need to understand that age shouldnt be a factor in this situation because some people on their p-plate are 50… it is not a choice if you are on your p-plates, you need to look it from other peoples perspectives and i would like to know what you would think of the matter if you were in a p-platers situation and were limited on what car you could drive. They should be able to do tho posted speed as should l platers.just drove the M1 yesterday with an l plater and its frustrating tk pass trucks up hills only to have them pass you again on the flat. But a 4cylinder commodore is DEADLIER because anyone can buy a car with rego but no roadworthy certificate!!! Take the car to the local Race track, join up for a day, race around the track without fear of Police radar and other poor drivers.
Quite frankly, turbo or no turbo has nothing to do with how fast you drive a car, driving mum’s old ford at 250kmh is exactly the same as driving 250kmh in a turbo charged car.
Really interesting topic, I’d like to know others perspectives and opinions on this matter. Ban P platers from having phone in car with them (Turned off at least) then let them have any car they want to. Also its just no us young people that cause accidents old people forget how to drive even you middle age people still use your phone probally even some of you law people still do things wrong but its just not us who cause accidents and for the fact learners have to go 90km aswell as red p what the hell we have had 120 hours of learning and you still want red p to go 90km yous are stupid.. Parking rules are designed to stop vehicles from parking where it would be dangerous or inconvenient for others.
Before moving from a stationary position at the side of the road or a median strip parking area, you must signal for at least five seconds, check mirrors and blind spots. Within three metres of any double centre linesWithin three metres of an Australia Post letter box unless dropping off or picking up passengers or mail (see image). On or within 20 metres before and 10 metres after a children’s crossing or pedestrian crossing (see image). When you are parking on a hill or a curve outside a built up area, make sure that someone coming over the hill or around the bend can see your car from at least 100 metres away. Before opening your door check your mirrors and blind spots for pedestrians, bicycles or other vehicles.
Motorcycle parkingYou must not park your vehicle between these signs unless it is a motorcycle. Motorcycles may angle park anywhere it is legal to park, even if a sign shows parallel parking. Only vehicles transporting a current Mobility Parking Scheme (MPS) permit holder can park in areas displaying this sign.
If you park in places such as clearways or no parking zones, you may restrict traffic flow and create danger for other road users and residents.
Hourly parkingThese signs mean that in certain areas you may park at the kerb for the time shown on the sign between certain hours and on particular days.
Arrester bed and safetyrampSafety ramp and arrester bed areas are used by heavy vehicles in cases of mergency such as brake failure. Restricted parking areasRestricted parking areas are used in large public areas that usually have a limited number of entry and exit points, such as Darling Harbour and Homebush Bay.You must not stop or park your vehicle, between the signs RESTRICTED PARKING AREA and END RESTRICTED PARKING AREA, except in a parking station or in a marked parking bay according to the directions on the bay or on the signs. Special Event ParkingSpecial event parking areas are used near major sporting or entertainment venues during special events.You must not stand or park your vehicle within the hours of operation unless you have a parking permit exemption.
A clearway is used to improve traffic flow and safety during peak periods.You must not stop your vehicle at the kerb between these signs during the times shown unless there is a medical emergency.
Special Event Clearways can operate any day of the week and carry exactly the same parking fine and towing fee as if you were parked in a clearway.A broken yellow line is also used to indicate a clearway. Taxi zoneThis sign means that in the direction of the arrow or arrows you are not allowed to stop your vehicle unless it is a taxi. When you hail a taxi, make sure you are not in a NO STOPPING or a BUS ZONE as taxis must not stop in these places.
Bus ZoneThis sign means that in the direction of the arrow or arrows you are not allowed to stop your vehicle unless you are driving a bus.Hours of operation may apply to some signs. Works zoneThis sign means that a driver must not stop in a works zone unless the driver’s vehicle is actually engaged in construction work in or near the zone.
Before opening a vehicle door on a roadway, you must ensure that you don’t endanger road users or impede traffic.

The superior design and clean lines of FLEXFENCE Wire Rope Safety Barrier (WRSB) has seen it become the road safety industry's preferred wire rope barrier. FLEXFENCE WRSB 4 Rope System has been fully crash tested to meet NCHRP 350 test Level 3 (TL3) requirements. According to the NSW Road Rules, a bike is considered a vehicle so bike riders are expected to follow road rules such as stopping at stop signs, red lights, giving way if a sign is present and using hands to signal a change of direction. Wearing a helmet: It is compulsory for all riders (regardless of age) to wear an approved, correctly fitted helmet in order to protect you against head injury should you have an accident. Bike safety: Your bike must have a bell or horn to sound a warning to other cyclists or pedestrians and (to state the obvious) have at least one working brake.
Footpaths: Children under 12 years can ride on a footpath and adults can ride on the footpath if supervising an under 12 rider. Overtaking: Riders are permitted to overtake on the left-hand-side of stopped or slow moving vehicles if they can do so safely.
Pedestrian crossings: Riders cannot ride across unsignalised or signalised pedestrian crossings unless special bike crossing lights are present. Cyclists should also consider the types of clothing they wear while cycling – high visibility and reflective clothing will make it easier for drivers, other cyclists and pedestrians to see you both day and night. A red rear reflector that is clearly visible from 50 metres when a light is projected onto it (e.g a vehicle’s headlight on low beam). Drink riding: As with driving, riding under the influence of alcohol is a serious offence which may result in a fine or imprisonment. This entry was posted in Family, Motoring, Safety and tagged Bike, cycling, Drink riding, myNRMA, nrma, penalties, Riding, road rules by NRMA_Wendy. In addition to being a licensed motor car driver, I applied for a motor cycle licence about 18 months ago and had to undergo a 2-day training course in order to qualify for my Learner license. Spent the day in Sydney yesterday, and was absolutely horrified at the antics of the pedal pushers, none, repeat none of whom followed any of the road rules. Oh yes yet another whingey contribution from some fat-arse, worn-out buffoon complaining about the great injustice of the world – that cyclists don’t have to pay rego, get a license, blah blah blah! I find it hard to believe that the cyclists you were following didn’t obey ANY of the road rules. One thing that needs to happen is a better understanding of the rules pertaining to Bicycles – maybe even a set specifically for cyclists. I also drive a car and when I come across a rider i am patient sand allow them enough room to do their thing. I have been a professional driver for a large part of my working life and in my 3 million plus km on the road I have seen the entire spectrum of cyclists from the sober and responsible to the downright suicidal.
To use your argument, because I have a driver’s license, and have multiple cars, not only should I be able to go out and ride a bike, but I should also be able to drive a B-double with no additional requirements. I see flagrant disregard for the road rules EVERY day by pedal- pushers, sometimes with frantic evasive action having to be taken by motorists. So if you want to come out and play with the big boys, I can’t see too much wrong with being forced to play by the same set of rules. One of the main reasons we require cars to be registered is to ensure that the vehicle is properly maintained.
Registering your bicycle and carrying registration plates is logical; it is after all, by definition, a vehicle. You can also have a petrol powered motor, but neither the constabulary nor the RTA can control this one as it is so easy to wring more than 200w out of a very small petrol motor. Cyclists in Australia should be banned completely from motorway class roads and off and on-ramps, UNLESS the route has a dedicated and quite separate cycleway adjacent to the the motorway -along its route. You are still missing the point, read both the NSW Motor Traffic Act and the Metropolitan Traffic act and you wil find that your beloved pushbike comes under the definition of a Motor Vehicle, being a vehicle powered by any means be it internal combustion, horse powered or any other animal for that matter and that includes human power, unless we are to believe that bicycles have no form of propulsion, in which case I believe they are called Scrap Metal and as such would have no place on our roads. There is nothing in the NSW road rules that states riders should keep to the left of a road any more than there is for any other vehicle and even then, this is only applicable to single lane (per direction) roads. As a bicycle is classified as a vehicle, a cyclist is entitled to use the entire lane should they choose to. Most cyclists, myself included, choose to cycle to the left of the road way in most circumstances so as to not hold up other traffic.
I must admit, I didn’t mean to paste that URL onto my post, but rather the URL to the NSW road rules that links to that page.
I simply replied to prove a point but I forgot to add some defensive driving courses to my CV. And no, I’m not more entitled to the road than anyone else, just a motoring enthusiast.
Part 11 Rule 125 : (1) A driver on a road (except a multi-lane road) must drive as near as practicable to the far left side of the road.
Part 15 253 The rider of a bicycle must not cause a traffic hazard by moving into the path of a driver or pedestrian.
As I said earlier “As a bicycle is classified as a vehicle, a cyclist is entitled to use the entire lane should they choose to. This is the same rule for all vehicles – there is no need to add it here as if it applies only to cyclists.
NRMA, perhaps, should have added that they will be quite difficult to spot as they are almost non-existent. I live in the country and ride on country roads that are narrow and have lots of corners and have no bike paths and frequently not even any verges and the roads are hardly wide enough for opposing cars to pass safely let alone have bicycles demanding a metre of space but I must say in all my years of biking on country roads I have only met courtesy from drivers and it was only on occasions when I was biking in nearby Canberra that I was abused by people shouting out of windows that they didn’t want to see the bikes anywhere near roads which I found extremely curious, extremely rude and extremely obnoxious given that I was riding on an on road bicycle lane at the time. I have no objection to cyclist using the same road but I live in the country where most of the roads and bridges are narrow and in a lot of cases double lines apply( Martin Bridge Taree cyclist using road as entitled but cannot maintain traffic speed, a longish bridge and may only slow traffic by 30k but frustrating to the car and truck driver particularly truck. Solution; when roads are being built or upgraded add a bicycle lane as most adult riders are likely to be owners of registered vehicles then we all are paying for this. You will need to renew your CTP insurance green slip as usual and get an e-Safety Check (previously known as a pink slip), if required, from an e-Safety Station. If there is no billing number on your renewal certificate, your vehicle is not eligible for renewal online.
You can provide details of your Centrelink or DVA card on the myRego service and the details will be verified electronically by Centrelink.
Your concession will be provided subject to the deferred Centrelink validation at a later date. You will need a six month CTP insurance policy which has been sent electronically to Roads and Maritime Services by your insurer. For heavy vehicles you will need a three month CTP insurance policy which has been sent electronically to Roads and Maritime Services by your insurer. If your vehicle is more than five years old you will require an e-Safety Check to renew your registration. Please note: Roads and Maritime Services does not send out a receipted Certificate of Registration or label unless you have also changed your usage or the registration term. If you have changed your registration term, you must destroy the label that came with the renewal notice.
Roads and Maritime Services has business rules to ensure your private and personal information is effectively managed. It is very important that you approach an intersection at a speed that lets you give way to any vehicles in or approaching the intersection. You must stay on the approach side of the intersection until you see a space in your lane on the other side of the intersection that is big enough for your vehicle. Where there is no stop line, stop before reaching, and as close as possible, to the intersection. Giving way at a STOP sign means the driver must remain stationary until it is safe for the driver to proceed.
When you come to a GIVE WAY sign you must slow down and prepare to stop if necessary.A GIVE WAY sign or line means you must give way to all vehicles travelling in, entering or approaching the intersection, whether vehicles are turning left or right, or going straight ahead. Give plenty of warning by signalling before you turn left or right, or change lanes.Make sure your indicator is turned off after each turn or lane change. The diagram shows a situation that calls for planning ahead.Car A needs to turn left into the road marked X. If there are no road markings, you must make a right turn by passing as near as possible to the right of the centre of the intersection.
But blanket laws are not the answer – for every idiot P-plater out there, there is a hundred perfectly safe drivers. If your family was not well-off yet had a turbocharged car, it would be very difficult to buy another car and would limit everything you do in your life.
I fear every time i go on the road that i will get a truck that has not quite judged the distance and just changes lane, yes i slow down but then puts me at more risk of the person behind me not noticing i have to hit the brakes harder then usual.
I could buy a legal p plate car and modify it internally with ways that couldn’t be seen on a roadside inspection (in most cases a chip change can increase the power output by more than 10%) and the car would still technically be legal. Whether they drive a 3cyl charade or a 6L commodore, they will be a hoon and so stupid things. At lease they have finally realised this was a stupid idea now all they need to do is lift the curfew law for red p platers. How are we supposed to become experienced with limitations, such as the ones this law is changing, preventing us from getting the practice we need. Kid jumps on s2000 or honda type r or VWr32 and speeds of completely legal before wasnt enough to kill themselves and others so now cars they can buy will increase to boost economy nothing else. Since P platers are emphasised to be bigger risk takers and less mature when it comes to road safety, what sense is there in allowing them to drive more powerful cars? Many lives have been lost at the hands of P platers, Shouldn’t we stop and of ways we can prevent this rather than fuel it. Make sure, however, that your motorcycle does not stick out further than any parallel parked vehicle.

You must remain in or within three metres of the vehicle.Hours of operations may apply to some signs. They are usually located where there are steep gradients.Drivers must not drive on these areas unless necessary for safety. You may park at the kerb for the length of time shown on the sign provided that you pay he required charge. Some taxi zones have times shown on the sign.You are allowed to stop your vehicle in these taxi stands at times other than those shown on the sign.
Any vehicle may stop to pick up or set down passengers.Hours of operation may apply to some signs. FLEXFENCE® WRSB has gained popularity as a median barrier for the prevention of cross-median accidents. With more and more cyclists hitting the streets, we thought it worth a reminder of riding safely on NSW roads.
This rule also applies to children and on bikes fitted with training wheels as well as any children carried as passengers on a bike or in a bike trailer.
However, when riding past roundabout exits, riders must give way to any vehicle leaving the roundabout via that exit.
Riders aged between 12 – 17 years can also ride on a footpath if they are under the supervision of an adult.
This was a repeat of the normal activities of the pedal-pushers in my local area but to a much greater and more dangerous extent.
I could, perhaps, hit someone on the head with a tennis racket and kill them, but it’s unlikely. Bicycle riders do not have to demonstrate knowledge of the road rules before riding, because the greater danger is always to themselves than to other vehicles. My god can you come up with anything resembling a unique perspective instead of the same tired and idiotic arguments you trot out each time one of you opens you tedious mouth or pen?
Just remember that they are human too and they do not have the protection of a metal surrounding. It’s no contest between a 15Kg bike plus say an 80kg rider vs a 1000kg car or 10000kg truck.
They are usually the most dangerous machine the average person will ever come in contact with. I am no more a danger to society when on my bicycle than I am when merely walking down the street. PLEASE DON’T GET ME WRONG, I respect peoples right to make the choice to ride bikes, (although I prefer mine with a motor), but fair is fair, same road, same rules and it should be same penalties for cyclists who disobey the rules. There is nothing on the site that relates to cyclists being required to ride to the left of a lane. You could also point out that lines and bicycles painted on the road are NOT bicycle lanes, nor are Shared Use Pathways with bicycle and pedestrian symbols painted on them.
Both your CTP and e-Safety Check are now sent electronically to Roads and Maritime Services. If your vehicle is registered in joint names, you will both have to go to a motor registry to notify your details and arrange the first renewal. If the deferred Centrelink validation fails you will receive a letter from Roads and Maritime Services requesting payment for the registration. The time it takes for Roads and Maritime Services to receive the details varies depending on the insurer. If your indicators are not working, not clearly visible or your vehicle does not have indicator lights then you must give a hand signal when turning right or stopping. In fact, the feeling that they’re doing something against the law generally is what drives people to do it, not the other way around. The law will just affect people who are honest and abide by the laws and unfortunately, will be enforced by police or rta improperly trained on mechanical issues. With a simple ecu tune which is undetectable by police it will easily add up another 35KW ATW power to allready fast car which in the first place is fast and unnecessary for a P plater. You cannot park for longer than the length of time shown on the sign.Resident parkingIf you are parking in a particular area and have a valid Parking Permit for that area displayed on your vehicle and the sign indicates that you are exempt, you may park at the kerb without time restrictions or paying any charge. Cross-median accidents are typically violent collisions with a high probability of multiple serious injuries and death. Note, cars are also permitted to enter bike lanes – though not for more than 50 metres and only if they are entering or leaving the road. Cyclists can use paths that are marked as ‘shared’ (for use by both riders and pedestrians) however, they must travel at a speed that is safe for other riders on that path as well as pedestrians. What about walking through the local car park … Im near cars there too – perhaps I need a visa for that? It’s not impossible for a person on a bicycle to cause injury, but far more injuries are caused by people on foot, especially to the elderly. Such silly arguments show your complete lack of understanding of … pretty much everything. Also by riding they are helping the community by reducing green house gases, keeping fit and healthy thus reducing the need for potential visits to the hospital or doctors and not wearing out the roadway infrastructure by adding another car into the traffic. They are very simple to operate and require very little in the terms of upkeep and maintenance.
Cyclists need to be held accountable for their actions on the roads and a simple form of registration and license would ensure that they were. There are many situations where it is very sensible for a cyclist to position themselves in the middle of the lane on both single and multi-lane roads – in fact I do this every day on my way to work. Perhaps this could explain why, in accidents involving cars and cyclists, it is the motorist that is at fault 90% of the time. I spend about 95% of my on road cycling doing exactly that – riding about 1 metre from the kerb.
The combination of high severity of consequence and high probability of occurrence makes it an unacceptable risk in my mind. Please note if you elect to pay by BPAY to allow for processing time, you must make BPAY payments at least 3 business days before the CTP 'use by' date or the registration will not be renewed. You can attach the new receipted label when received, or if the registration expires before the new label is received, you can obtain a replacement label from a motor registry for no fee. Increasing speed limits, road-safety awareness and putting responsibility back in the drivers hands, rather than trying to take it away (with restrictions and speed limits) is what we need. Thus, the design trend is towards providing positive vehicle containment in wider median applications for which barriers have not historically been warranted. It makes sense to provide special training to someone who is going to use something that has the potential to kill people … more than 1000 people die every year because someone made a mistake while driving.
Similarly, I don’t need a license for my bicycle because it is incredibly safe and I am very very very unlikely to kill anyone with my bicycle. As for other cyclists, to this day I regularly see them disobey road rules all the time, they do not care about anyone but themselves.
At the end of the day drivers should be paying at least double for their rego and their fuel.
Requiring me to register my bicycle and carry registration plates is like asking me to register myself and carry registration plates when I go for a jog. Based on what I have been reading above, country drivers have a lot more common sense than city drivers.
They should have to be licensed after the age of 16 and all riders should have to pay some form of Third Party Insurance, the same as any other road user. Use common sense when creating legislation concerning these issues, not the preconceived notion that all P-Platers are incompetent and dangerous behind the wheel. They should also have to have proof of Identity to show to Police if requested, I say this because the majority of Police that I have spoken to say that it is virtually impossible to identify cyclists if the stop them for committing a Traffic Offense. Your car travel is already hugely subsidised through a de-facto network of inaccurate and under-valued pricing. Should they fail, or if the driver is negligent, there is often a large bill to be paid – in both financial as well as human terms. More specifically, how do we as a society (a) re-educate him and, if that is ineffective, (b) prevent him from riding? Why don’t we talk about the idiots I see on the roads every day, whether I’m driving a bike, car, bus or truck?
But the cyclists all cry woe is me the car drivers don’t respect us as road users, Respect has to be earned, it is not a God given right!
But if somehow we manage to achieve the latter, he’ll only take to a motorised vehicle and still be inconsiderate. On the roads, as in life, there’s just a few people who screw the whole thing up for everyone. I ask this because, despite your protestations, there really aren’t any rules that prevent me from doing this, and not a single RULE that says I have to cycle in the gutter.
Sadly, there’s no law against being a loser, and probably some of these people really are just having a bad day.
Perhaps, with your sports car and motor sport club you just think you are more entitled to the road than everyone else?

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