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The SUV phenomenon started back in the 1970s with intoxicating images of peaceful places far way from the hustle and bustle of the city and has since become a tidal wave that has flooded our every day lives. The weekend getaways to the beach or bush have given way to the trek of a lifetime for baby boomers who have taken to the open road in huge numbers, but the SUV has also set down roots in our towns as more and more families turn to it for day-to-day family transport. SUVs, or Sports Utility Vehicles, like the Nissan X-Trail have become the enduring phenomenon of modern day motoring and there’s no sign they’re going to lose favour with car buyers any time soon.
With the evolution of the SUV have come a number of variations on the theme as carmakers have striven to meet the expectations of a wide variety of buyers. What was once a rough, tough four-wheel drive designed to do the hard yards in the bush is now a jacked-up wagon with town manners that struggles for survival once the black top stops.
Most carmakers give their SUVs the look of an offroader, but it’s what’s underneath that separates them from the real bush bashers.
When the road was wet and slippery there was the ‘Auto’ setting, which engaged the centre viscous coupling and drive was electronically distributed front and rear as needed.
The X-Trail’s four-cylinder engine was on the money when it came to output, which ensured it had plenty of performance available under the right foot when desired. X-Trail buyers had the choice of a five-speed manual gearbox or four-speed auto, the latter being the choice of most townies. Inside there were comfortable seats and roomy accommodation for five, although the centre rear seat passenger had to make do with a lap belt only.
The entry ST model can be found for $13,000-$17,000; the better equipped Ti will cost $2000 more, while the Ti-L will absorb an extra $5000 over the ST. The X-Trail is generally robust and reliable if serviced according to Nissan’s recommendations, so check for a service record to make sure it has actually seen the inside of a workshop.
Dual front airbags provide protection for the driver and front seat passenger, while standard ABS antiskid brakes and EBD electronic Brakeforce Distribution kick in when things are looking like going pear shaped on the road. A good blend of town manners and bush capability makes the X-Trail a good family all-rounder. NEW Riding on a wave of success with its X-Trail, Nissan tweaked the compact SUV rather than re-invent it when it launched the new model in 2007. So you had to get up close to see the changes.If you dug deep enough you'd find it was longer, wider and taller - with more interior space - but it was also heavier. WITH Bad Moms in cinemas this week, we’re taking a look back at the most uproariously hilarious female-fronted films of all time. A NEW toxicology report ordered by the family of Clueless actor Brittany Murphy raises new questions about the cause of her death. A NOTE ABOUT RELEVANT ADVERTISING: We collect information about the content (including ads) you use across this site and use it to make both advertising and content more relevant to you on our network and other sites.
Used Grey Nissan X trail 2007 X-Trail 2.0 DCI 173 with Manual Transmission, 4x4 Body style, Diesel Engine, AVENTURA EXPLORER EXTREME 5DR for Sale in Newmarket area - Suffolk UK. Though often used only as an on-road station wagon, Nissan's X-Trail is pretty competent as an SUV. Demand for used X-Trails means that there aren't any outrageous bargains floating about the network, but if you want the best in the business, you'll need to pay for it. The rise of the so-called 'soft-roader' has been one of the key motoring trends of the last few years. Although an 'extrail' sounds like something that would have you quickly flipping the page of Gray's Anatomy, Nissan's interpretation of the compact SUV theme is pretty inoffensive.
Given that it was fairly sparsely equipped, the S trim level didn't find too many buyers, most preferring to opt instead for an SE+ or Sport variant.
Dennis Buyacar Ltd, 30 Cleveland Street, London, W1T 4JD (GB09151058) (FRN:667368) is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Nissan attempted to give the X-Trail, the compact soft-roader SUV it launched in 2001, a degree of off-road credibility with its smart drive selection system.
Select ‘2WD’ and all the drive is directed to the front wheels for regular driving when the rear wheels are just there to keep the back bumper off the bitumen.

For more tricky going the drive could be locked, which set the torque split at 53 per cent to the front and the rest to the rear. Manual gearboxes are normally preferred for control when driving off-road, but even in auto form there was good control of the gears.
The dash was rather unusual with the dials located in a centre cluster, and there was a second glove box located ahead of the driver. Any time an SUV is driven off-road it’s susceptible to damage from sand blasting or flying rocks, so check for damage to the underbody, suspension, drive shafts, and exhaust system etc. Servicing is even more crucial if a vehicle is used off-road, even if it appears undamaged from the experience. The annoying centre-mounted speedo and other gauges were replaced by a more conventional dash in front of the driver. While not intended to be used in extreme 4WD conditions, it can handle most recreational off-road driving with little trouble. The pick of the range is probably a 2.2-litre Sport but this is one of the few car line ups without a significant duffer.
Largely kicked off by the success of cars like the Suzuki Grand Vitara and Toyota RAV4, the sector became typified by the market leading Land Rover Freelander and was soon populated by cars like the Ford Maverick, the Hyundai Santa Fe and the Mitsubishi Shogun Pinin. The massive headlights are probably the most striking design feature, but the detailing is neat, the stance purposefully chunky and the bloodline looks more like a scaled-down Patrol than a latter-day Terrano II. Few X-Trails will have done anything harder than climb a grass verge but you can never be too careful. The rest of the controls were housed in the centre console along with a couple of drink holders and other switches, including the drive mode control. There are owners, however, who are unhappy with the economy, but the X-Trail is in line with the average SUV. He particularly likes the X-Trail’s versatility, as on a trip it can go places a normal car can’t. Providing enjoyment to adventurous families while doing so. Nissan X-Trail uses a complex 4WD system that offers good traction through a variety of driver selected settings, or can be left to its own devices under Auto.
Garnering instant critical acclaim for the boldness of its interior styling and the quality of its chassis, the X-Trail went on to notch up steady, if unspectacular, sales. With chrome touches on the grille, tail and door handles, the X-Trail leaps into a commanding lead over the Land Rover Freelander and Ford Maverick in the shininess stakes.
An automatic version of the SE+ was reasonably popular and this tacks an additional £300 on again.
Get underneath the car and check that over enthusiastic off-roading hasn't wreaked havoc with the suspensions, the exhaust, the front spoiler or the wheelarch liners. The turbodiesel in particular is a perfectly agreeable powerplant, it's common-rail architecture providing enough clout to heave the chunky X-Trail to 60mph in a vaguely whelming 13.5 seconds before physics contrive against it at 103mph. It was a pretty good compromise that delivered decent smooth-road manners and reasonable capability off the road. LPG systems have been developed to meet the demand from some owners who want to save on fuel expenses, and these work well.
He’s had it on the Bloomfield track north of Cape Tribulation, which involved creek and dry riverbed crossings and last winter being exempt from carrying chains he was able to drive on snow and ice in the NSW snowfields without any problem.
Unlike many all-wheel-drive systems, the X-Trail can be used on unsealed roads as well as on bitumen if extra traction is required, particularly during wet and icy weather. The Nissan X-Trail was a relative latecomer to the market but benefits from avoiding many of the mistakes earlier cars made. Britain's leading off-road magazine '4x4' voted the X-Trail the best soft roader two years running and in 2002 the range was bolstered by the addition of the 165bhp 2.5-litre SVE version, a car that took aim at V6 versions of the Land Rover Freelander and Ford Maverick.
Although it's tempting to bring a premature close to this contest with the Nissan ahead on points, it would be a same not to explore the X-Trail's potential a little further.
Try to avoid the 2.0-litre petrol car if you suspect its been subjected to heavy towing duties.

Refined on road and relatively capable off, it blends smart design with MPV-style practicality.
The end of 2003 saw the mildest of mild facelifts with a slimline front bumper along with new light clusters front and rear. Where the Nissan strides ahead of the Ford and the Land Rover is in terms of interior design. All three engines are solid units and no significant faults have emerged, the X-Trail doing well in used car reliability surveys. One dealer advised the owner to lower the oil level to prevent oil blowing back on to the air filter but we would be concerned about lowering the oil level and what problems that might lead to itself.
If you're the sort of person who has never been able to see the point in this genre of car, take a drive in an X-Trail.
Yes, we appreciate that it's a Japanese car, and it's interior is expected to be about as chi-chi as a McDonalds staff room, but bear with us here. It's a sweet engine, but lacks the diesel's gruff urge, and would probably be the choice for the low mileage user who didn't object to a slight lack of low-end grunt. If you find oil on the air filter best take the car back to the dealership and ask them to check it; that way your problem is on record should it develop into something more serious.
Loads of space, a big tick in the oddments space box and some beautifully judged trim colour combinations make the Nissan as good as it gets in this sector. The 2.5-litre lump, as fitted to the range-topping SVE, only penalises you by 1mpg compared to its smaller petrol sibling yet can sprint to 60mph in less than ten seconds. We're regularly asked about converting the petrol X-Trail to LPG and, while opinion is divided, we think it's best not to.
The centrally mounted instruments give the fascia a wonderfully symmetrical look spoiled only by a steering wheel offset to the right (European and US buyers get theirs offset the other way!) and the centre console is trimmed in silver and features a drinks cooler that actually works. However, like many big fours it's not all that happy to run to the top end of the rev band. Whereas guiding the petrol-engined car's stick around the five-speed box is merely obstructive, the six-speed box fitted to the diesel versions is, despite its well-chosen ratios, pretty woeful. Unless you've got biceps that resemble condoms stuffed with walnuts, you're going to find it hard work. Anyone opting for the CVT should test drive a car before making their decision because this is a different beast to drive and you need to get used to its idiosyncrasies, one being the constant whirring noise. There were some issues with the CVTs in early T31 series X-Trails because of a bearing that was overloaded and prone to failure. The boot is an exceptional size. While the Nissan X-Trail is relatively easy for the home handyperson to work on, we advise that safety-related items be left to the professional mechanic. If you do your own work do yourself a favour by buying a workshop manual.There are plenty of Nissan dealers throughout Australia, even in remote areas.
We've had some reports of chassis cracks around the towbar mounting points, and anyone thinking of using their car for towing should check the towbar area. Not all dealers in the outback will carry uncommon spare parts for an X-Trail, but should be able to get them within a few days.Insurance costs are about average for this class and most companies seem to rate the vehicles at much the same price. It certainly seems capable of holding its own, although it lacks the fancy hill descent control of the Land Rover. Although most compact 4x4 buyers are as unlikely to venture off-road it's good to know you have the Nissan at least has some trousers to back up that shiny mouth.

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