The copy of earlier insurance policy effectively owns the car until the designated proprietor or driver of the vehicle. There is an app for Apple and the.

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According to NADA each year, millions of vehicles are totaled and thousands of wrecked, flooded, or stolen vehicles are sold without proper disclosure of their history or true condition.
Our laser scanners are not dependant on lighting and position like phone scanners such as Android and iPhone VIN applications are.
You buy and own the VINtrack-Live Smartphone with integrated laser barcode VIN scanner, and only pay for the valuation guidebook you currently use.
VINtrack arrives charged and ready to scan and book cars (based on your guidebook accounts), saving you time and money at the auction and later. Many VIN scanners currently being sold by several other companies were last made in 2008 and have been discontinued.
This rugged (IP64 5' drop to concrete) Business Class SmartPhone VIN Scanner, with built-in 3.2 megapixel color camera, can connect directly to any service you subscribe to.
We provide unlimited free technical support, as we have for all our satisfied customers for the last 15 years.
Sites such as Manheim, KBB, AutoTrader, and BlackBook Mobile Xpress work well with small screens such as this.
If you don't currently have accounts with valuation companies consider GigglePop as a resource.
VINtrack-Webservice allows you to scan directly into our website and decode the VIN while checking for VIN validity, counterfeiting, and if there are any current liens on the vehicle. If you current system is not Bluetooth enabled order the below USB Bluetooth device and you can have a scanning range of up to 300'.

Car buyers, dealerships, auction houses, insurance adjusters, and law enforcement rely on our systems.
VINtrack-Live for law enforcement includes VINtrack software, click here for law enforcement.
The VIN is captured in the correct format for online systems and requires no extra steps to format it like other systems do (we take care of the extra characters). You can scan directly into NCIC, NICB, ISO, in-house database or your stolen vehicle system to check for stolen vehicle or claims status if your agency is running Windows XP to access the data. If you don't need the convenience of Gigglepop and already have online accounts with your guidebooks, you can just log into them from the field and scan the VIN into their prompt. VINtrack-Live is not dependant on lighting conditions and is lightening fast compared to built-in phone camera scanners. Since this is also a smart phone you can replace your current phone, swap SIM cards if your plan supports it, or use it as a stand alone data center. For the smoothest use services such as GigglePop allow you to scan the VIN once and bring the data direct to the screen in an easy to read format pictured below.

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