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Find out what breed is (theoretically) ideal for you by using our exclusive Breed Selector tool. A range of helpful and informative articles covering a range of topics including Behavioural Advice, Training, Common Pests, Grooming, Diet & Nutrition and General Pet Care. Kia nicked Audi's chief designer a few years ago and the cabin of the Sorento has plenty of Audi-esque touches. The moment you slide into the Kluger's front seat, it feels big: big steering wheel, enormous centre console and jumbo-sized cupholders. It may be grandpa's axe but the Territory still feels the sharpest of this trio on the road.
A clever cabin, punchy six-cylinder engine and impressive car-like dynamics made the SUV an instant success.But it enters this battle in its twilight years. There are thumbwheel controls on the steering wheel and there's a classy digital readout between the tacho and speedo.Elsewhere, the main surfaces are soft to the touch, including the faux-leather armrests with white stitching.
It's as if they ticked the "super-size-me" box at the dealership.There are some handy touches, including a tray in the dash that allows you to store your mobile phone and hook it up to the USB port underneath.

It makes you wonder what Ford could have done with it given the development budgets of its rivals. People have abandoned large cars — but a sizeable chunk of them have graduated into bigger, thirstier vehicles.The seven-seat SUV is still one of the most popular types on the road.
The styling feels up-market, with brushed alloy handles and modern-looking woodgrain highlights.It's generously equipped, trumping the Kluger with standard satnav, electric parking brake, auto-up windows all-round, dual-zone climate control aircon — and controls in the third row. The centre screen is big and easy to navigate, although it lacks the standard satnav of the Sorento and Territory.But there are signs of cost-cutting, with our model getting plain black plastic handles and brown plastic inserts, no match for the woodgrain and alloy highlights on the Sorento. It's a better drive than both, has a lower starting price but has been left behind in some key areas, including safety and interior packaging.There's no doubting the Kluger's family-sized appeal, its refinement and its reputation for reliability and resale value — but it's been overtaken on all fronts by the Sorento, which has the right blend of style, practicality and value for money. The large SUV segment is still the second-biggest in the new car market and everyone wants a piece of the action.The most recent arrival is the new Kia Sorento. The interior design lacks cohesion, too, with too many competing elements.What the Kluger lacks in style, it makes up for in comfort and space. We've pitted it against two pioneers of the seven-seat scene, the Toyota Kluger and the Ford Territory.

On the freeway it feels effortless overtaking and it is quieter than the Sorento under acceleration.Having lost none of its roadholding nous, the Territory sits flat through corners and maintains composure over rough surfaces. At cruising speeds, it is impressively quiet but the engine is the most raucous of the three under hard acceleration. Unhappily the rest of the mechanical package isn't up to the impressive engine.The Kluger's steering wheel tugs under acceleration and the steering feels vague and lifeless. The curtain airbags don't extend to the third row and the second-row seats don't slide fore and aft, which means you can't mix and match legroom for rear passengers. The transmission shifts seamlessly, though, and there's enough initial urge to spin the front wheels on takeoff if you're not careful.The Sorento isn't as well sorted as the Territory on the open road, the steering lacking the precision of the Ford and the nose pushing wide without too much provocation. The suspension is also too softly sprung — the ride is impressive over city expansion joints and potholes but it wallows over freeway bumps and leans through corners.This isn't a hot-hatch comparison but it's still important for a family car to inspire confidence on a country road.

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