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TTAC (well, mostly this writer) has been enthusiastic about low cost cars, which are sold in Europe and emerging markets as a kind of no-frills, back-to-basics type of motoring for people who might previously have been able to only afford a knackered used car or something with two wheels.
All I need is good brakes, better then average handling, decent looks and utility, decent performance and MPG, Cruise control, Sunroof, Remote locks, and a decent seat. But another thought asks me…do we really want more ICE equipped vehicles on the road? Ron, you make a good point on factoring in product reliability over the long term to codify the cheap car. These days, cars are a lot more reliable, as the market demands it and the reality of the WWW makes any quality issues well known, if not over blown.
There is very little market for sub $10k penalty boxes when cars are so reliable and long lasting that a $10k used car will give you far more for the money. I’m sorry but this is so retarded (referring to the trend, not the article of course). Especially when the increased ride height is accompanied by a flattened greenhouse so the net effect is not increased visibility and perspective but merely compressed occupants. I understand it (and this C4 Cactus is actually sort of cool), but they can pry a normal ride height from my cold, dead hands. Alan Garfoot's 1953 FX Holden was actually raced by Des West in the first ATCC race in 1960. A red 1953 FX Holden, that actually competed in the first ATCC race in 1960, has been uncovered.

Now owned by automotive engineer Allan Garfoot the FX was raced by Des West in the first race at Orange. The car was sold to fellow racer Kingsley Hibbard in 1961 and raced for two more years - still in the paintscheme West used in 1960 - before being put away. Garfoot says the car has been mechanically re-conditioned but he was been advised by experts to keep it in its current condition - a rare unmodernised example.
It still has its original drum brakes and asbestos (God forbid) and brass brake lining material. The standard C4 has a regular ride height, but Europeans have become crossover crazy, and the raised ride height will pay dividends in traffic, allowing drivers a better perspective, while adding the requisite style quotient to compete with the Dacia Duster and more upscale rivals like the Rental Captur and Opel Mokka. I was just replying to TonyJZX’s comment as an example of why someone might opt for the lower priced Cactus over the Citroen AirCross.
A cheap car here is some you buy around $12,000 (Mitsubishi Mirage et al) and it comes with all sorts of breakable things like air con but cheap light fittings which can bought on line for a few bucks.
Moreover, the $10,000 car is like a $100,000 house in Los Angeles: a quaint memory, never to be seen again. Consumers Reports did a review of entry level econoboxes several years ago, and finished their article with a list of 2-3 year old more upscale cars that could be had for the same price. There are so many signs, shrubberies, etc., on corners around here that an extra foot of height would be greatly appreciated. It’s getting to the point where you need a raised ride height to get a better perspective, around all the other damn crossovers.

It is largely untouched after having been in storage behind a bakery and then in a garage since 1963. Garfoot says that back in 1960 the car finished 11th outright and eighth in class after West stopped mid-race to help a fellow driver escape his crashed car. It was finally taken out of storage and cleaned up by Garfoot to appear at the 50th anniversary celebrations of the first race at Orange earlier this year but makes its return to the track at Eastern Creek's Father's Day Muscle Car Masters next weekend (September 5) - nearly 50 years since it last ran. Those off-colored bumpy surfaces are actually rubber, and meant to prevent against door dings and scrapes, while the bumpers have what appear to be rubber surfaces as well. Think of it as shopping at H&M rather than a nondescript High Street store (or JCPenny in the US).
It’s cheaper AND a different selling proposition (funky and rugged versus faux premium). Next month when the current title's next V8 Supercars round is held in country Victoria it will be Commodores and Falcons only on the grid.
It is believed to be the only car from the original field to have survived in its original condition. In cities like Paris, this is a huge deal – parking by touch is common, and cars get damaged as a result.

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