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Do engine and trim revisions make Suzuki’s all-wheel drive Swift supermini a perfect winter companion? As a result, it looks pretty fancy - rather like a pastiche of the Swift Sport - but under the bonnet things are more conventional.
Blatting along an empty B-road, there’s just enough pace to tickle the fun glands in your frontal lobe, but at sensible speeds. It’s also got a decent amount of front-end grip, which, if you trail-brake into the corner to keep the front tyres loaded up, gives enough purchase for the mobile rear to rotate around – in a happy, safe sort of way. Bearing in mind the dinky dimensions, the Swift is roomy in the front and pretty comfortable.
In the back, it’s tight, yes, but leg room isn’t the worst in the class and only anyone well north of six feet tall will struggle with head room.
You might also baulk at the cabin’s brittle plastics and the small sat-nav screen with its fiddly icons, but then remember the price. Suzuki are a bit strange with their performance figures, Auto car did a 0-60 time for the Vitara S and it was nearly 2 seconds quicker than Suzuki claim.
This must be one of the most under rated small superminis around, usefully smaller and lighter than the norm, more powerful and very keenly priced. But it's not got the right badge, it's not a wheel mans motor like the Fiesta and that's what it's all about.
It's the only car of this size on the market that I "want" to own, rather than own because I have to. The 488's incredible engine and handling and open-top experience make for something very special indeed. The Isuzu D-Max is starting to show its age; after a drive in the range-topping Blade version, is it still competitive? Description Item # 1927025The Contender™ 65 convertible car seat holds a rear-facing infant from 5-40 lbs. The Renault Captur is small crossover that was first launched for 2013 model year and right away it became the second best-selling model in Renault’s line-up.
New 2015 Signature is characterized by improved exterior and some new features in the cabin in comparison to the standard model. Interior of new Captur Signature 2015 is also very beautiful with leather upholstery, distinctive door sills and mats, as well as with some beautiful details on the center console and air vents. The first car I owned was a TR6 Sports Car and I loved it till the dreaded rust set in, and it was only after I sold it I found out they made a fibre glass body I could have added and still had it today, Like so many young guys Speed, Fast Cars and Girls was all I thought about in them days. I decided to put this website together for people that just like to look at and admire the cars and can leave comment and share their feeling's with other like minded people. The new Sony Xperia XA Ultra answers the call for a Sony smartphone that really shakes up the formula. Get the best tech deals, reviews, product advice, competitions, unmissable tech news and more! The information remaining in the iPhone 5se roundup reflects the rumors that circulated about the 4-inch iPhone before its debut. For several months, rumors about the 4-inch iPhone were all over the place, perhaps as Apple itself worked to solidify a design and internal specs. Rumors suggest the iPhone 5se will be the close in size and shape to the iPhone 5s, with the same general dimensions.
When taking into account all of the different rumors we've heard, the iPhone 5se may be on par with Apple's larger-screened devices when it comes to performance, but it's not going to share all of the same features as Apple's flagship devices. Like all of Apple's recent iPhones, the iPhone 5se will include an NFC chip and Touch ID to support the company's Apple Pay payment service. The iPhone 5se will be available in the same colors as the iPhone 5s, offered in Silver, Gold, and Space Gray, along with a possible Rose Gold option. Apple's new 4-inch iPhone is expected to launch in the spring, at an event that will take place on Monday, March 21. A set of iPhone 5se mockups based on information sourced from accessory makers depicts a design that is very similar to the iPhone 5s.
The differences between the two separate iPhone 5se concepts can be seen clearly in renderings created by designer Martin Hajek.
We've heard plenty of rumors about the iPhone 5se's design, but we have seen no part leaks that depict the back of the device, which is another factor that contributes to uncertainty about its look. An exact design for the 4-inch iPhone isn't yet pinned down, but rumors seem to agree that it will include a pill-shaped flash as on the iPhone 5s and a power button located at the top of the device. Cases for the 4-inch iPhone have been surfacing recently and have not cleared up the question of what the final design might look like.
Other cases, like this clear case, have an iPhone 6-style design with rounded corners and a power button located on the side of the device instead of the top, something that hasn't been depicted in design drawings. Case renderings from Spigen, an established and well-known case maker, support the rumors suggesting the iPhone 5se will have a design that is very similar to the iPhone 5s. Back in January, an image surfaced depicting Apple's alleged 4-inch iPhone next to an iPhone 5. Given the fact that the device in the photo does not match up with rumors suggesting a more iPhone 5s-style design, it may be fake.
An image depicting what might be the iPhone SE packaging seems to confirm it will start at 16GB of storage on the low end. For several months, rumors have agreed that the 4-inch iPhone will be similar to the iPhone 5s, adopting its aluminum shell but we've only recently learned that two devices may share a similar body design as well.

According to design leaks and information from Japanese site Mac Otakara and multiple design mockups, the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5se are the same size, but the final design of the device remains in question due to a lack of part leaks. While the body of the iPhone 5se is said to be similar in size and design to the iPhone 5s, its display may have slight differences. The A9 was a huge step up over the A8 used in the iPhone 6, and will offer even greater performance improvements over the A7 in the iPhone 5s.
The A9 includes a built-in M9 motion coprocessor, which will allow the iPhone 5se to use the always-on "Hey Siri" feature. The M9 motion coprocessor is also able to measure walking and running pace in addition to steps, distance, and elevation changes. The 12-megapixel camera in the iPhone 6s introduces more detail in photos along with improved autofocusing speeds and better noise reduction. Early rumors about the device suggested it would be a followup to the colorful iPhone 5c, adopting the same general design and plastic casing. Rumors about the 4-inch iPhone have varied wildly over the past few months, making it hard to pin down details about the device.
Apple is planning to hold an event on March 21, which is where the iPhone 5se is likely to make its debut. Well, it's based on the mid-grade Swift SZ3, so you get niceties such as air conditioning, Bluetooth and seven airbags.
The engine feels hollow low down next to the current crop of torquey turbo superminis, especially beyond first and second gears, but that merely encourages you to give it a hiding. It gets more urgent beyond 3000rpm, then gives you a final burst of multi-valve goodness between 5000 and 6500rpm. The gearbox plays its part by being slick and precise, with a relatively short throw – a good thing, seeing as it gets plenty of use. The rack is sensibly geared, with 2.75 turns between the locks, but there’s no substance to it. We know the engine is sweet, but with the five-speed manual gearbox you do tend to hear it buzzing at 70mph, along with a fair amount of wind noise.
The seats don’t offer much side support and the steering wheel on this version doesn’t telescope in or out, but both it and the driver’s seat adjust for height. The boot is tiny, though, so you'll need to drop the split-folding rear seatbeacks if you want to carry anything more substantial than a few shopping bags. And if you sacifice some bling it won't cost much more, might even cost less in the long run. Back in the day an XR2 (850kg) would manage about 110 mph and 60 in 9 point something, with 95 bhp.
What does this 567bhp range-topping brute have to offer, seeing as it costs more than ?100,000? We have compiled a collection of HD Lamborghini wallpapers, which you can use on your desktop and tablet devices. Exterior of new 2015 Captur Signature features 17-inch alloy wheels, a lot of chrome details and two-tone paint finish. New 2015 Renault Captur Signature also offers some new and improved technological features, like USB connectivity on 7-inch touch-screen infotainment system, improved stereo with 3D sound, rear-view camera and rear parking sensors. It's among the latest from the Japanese powerhouse and features a near bezel-free, six-inch display pumping out a vibrant FHD resolution.If you're used to the company's Z-series of Xperia phones, the XA Ultra brings some fresh ideas to the table. You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission. Despite rumors, no new device materialized in 2015, but as of 2016, rumors have ramped up and it appears a new 4-inch iPhone will launch in March of 2016 at an event to be held on the 21st.
With parts for the device now in production ahead of the March launch, we're getting a clearer picture of what we can expect from the 4-inch iPhone. The name is meant to denote its position as a second-generation upgraded version of the iPhone 5s. It will include a display that curves slightly at the edges, but the curve is said to be less dramatic than the curved display on Apple's newest devices.
It will include improved autofocusing, support for larger panoramas, and the ability to capture Live Photos. The image below compares a mockup made by 9to5Mac and a mockup made by OnLeaks (both designed from independently sourced information). Taking all of the different rumors into account, we commissioned a set of renderings based on the OnLeaks drawing that combines a curved front display with an iPhone 5s-sized body. With no visual evidence, it's still difficult to determine whether the iPhone 5se is an iPhone 5s clone or if it features a fresh design that takes cues from multiple devices. It will reportedly come in standard iPhone colors -- Silver, Space Gray, Rose Gold, and Gold. The iPhone SE has been rumored to include slightly curved glass at the edges rather than the sharper chamfered edges found on the iPhone 5s, so that could account for the difference in fit. Photos of a display assembly said to be for the iPhone 5se seemingly confirm the device will not include 3D Touch. Rumors suggest the iPhone 5se will have a front glass panel that curves slightly at the edges, similar to the iPhone 6s but not as dramatic. It is 70 percent faster at CPU tasks and 90 percent faster at GPU tasks than the A8, which was already an impressive chip. In A9 devices, "Hey Siri" can be used at any time to activate Siri by voice for hands-free operation.
Elevation is measured using a built-in barometer that's also expected to be included on the iPhone 5se.

It supports 63-megapixel panoramas, is able to capture 4K video at 30FPS, and includes support for taking Live Photos.
Two battery life rumors have transposed those last two numbers, so the correct capacity is unclear. Some rumors said it would have a colorful metal casing, while others pointed towards more standard colors. Current thought suggests the iPhone 5se will use the same A9 processor and camera system that's found in the iPhone 6s.
However, the SZ-L bundles in all manner of additional equipment, from cruise control, sat-nav and a DAB radio to styling upgrades including gloss black alloy wheels and a rear spoiler. It’s smooth, too, so while taking it to its upper reaches may hurt fuel economy, it won’t hurt your ears. The problem comes when you encounter someone dawdling along in front, because overtaking requires a strategy and a lengthy gap. The fact that the Swift rides bumps with aplomb doesn’t just make it comfortable, with an uncanny ability to absorb most of the undulations delivered by our woeful roads, but also keeps it stable.
Around the straight-ahead, there’s barely any self-centring action, and it hardly weights up as you add on more lock. The result is nothing in the way of feel as a precursor to the front tyres losing grip and no detectable sensation when they do. Road noise is a bit resonant over coarse ground, too, but then plenty of superminis suffer similarly.
The silver stitching on the seats and chrome highlights around the vents do help augment the overall effect, though. It easily grows with your child with the Simply Safe Adjust™ harness system, which automatically adjusts both the harness and headrest height. Time to rev-up your wallpaper – click on any Lamborghini Wallpaper below to enlargeIt is more than just a car.
Customer will be able to choose between six body colors, including very distinctive Flame Red paint.
Rumors suggest it could have a 1,624 mAh battery, which is larger than the battery in the iPhone 5s. Also included is a rendering designed by Curved Labs, which is purely fictional and not based on actual information about the device. It is not clear if this is the design the iPhone 5se will adopt, but it is our best estimation of what it might look like based on current rumors. Given the chamfered edges of the iPhone 5s, it is unclear exactly how Apple will meld these two very different design elements. In older iPhones where the motion coprocessor was a separate chip, "Hey Siri" was only available when the iPhone was plugged into power. Early rumors also positioned the device as a lower-end entry-level model like the iPhone 5c, a notion that was abandoned by some later rumors. Rumors also disagreed about the internal specifications, with some saying it would have an A8 chip and others pointing towards an A9, while still others disagreed between 1GB and 2GB of RAM. It was later suggested the iPhone's actual name is "iPhone SE," dropping a numbered designation entirely.
Returning to that B-road we were blasting along a moment ago, you’ll find the Swift quite settled where other small cars might get a little bouncy, even when thrown a mid-corner surprise.
It’s a real shame, as it slightly nobbles the Swift, and it would be boosted enormously if it were improved. While we can't confirm the display in question is indeed from Apple's upcoming iPhone, it is largely similar to the iPhone 5s display assembly without being identical. The iPhone 5se may see small gains in battery life, but will likely continue to offer the 10 hours of talk time the iPhone 5s offers.
Contender 65 features a removable head and body support, machine-washable seat pad and two buckle positions to help keep your growing child snug and secure. This seat is Safe Seat Engineered which includes Side Impact Testing and features EPS foam.
During our testing, the pictures we snapped looked quite alright.Unlike most other phones, Sony's latest stunner puts as much focus on the front-facing snapper as it does with the rear.
You will find all classic Lamborghini cars in this collection of the Lamborghini wallpapers.The fusion of different coloured Lamborghini cars with funky backgrounds is all you can expect in these Lamborghini wallpapers.
Thankfully, the XA Ultra features a microSD card to expand your storage horizon, but at the time of writing, Sony told us that you won't be able to install apps on removable media.The Sony Xperia XA Ultra is set to release in July if you're in the UK and (fingers crossed) sometime this year in the US. In life, there are times that you desire for the best in this world, and there are some people who demand only the best things in the world. If you aren't a fan of the white model shown in our hands-on photos, you'll also be able to choose between black and lime gold seen above. For while experiencing a ride in the Lamborghini car, not only will you experience uber level of comfort but the pleasant look will also make you awestruck.
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