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Following a brief introduction, you will have the chance to explore the fragment in detail. It is likely to be illustrated in any survey of the history of Egyptian art, or indeed to illustrate Ancient Egypt in any survey of 'world art'.
It is quite brightly coloured, the forms are clear, there is a lot of incident for the eye to fix on, and it now has an air of the exotic that will appeal to someone's sense of being adventurous and open-minded about art.
For it seems at first sight as if it shows the good life; a handsome man with a beautiful wife and a child, engaged in sporting activity in a warm climate, almost as if they were on a family holiday.

It contains recognisable figures, yet manages to be wholly un-academic, provides a bit of a puzzle about what exactly is going on, yet doesn't suffer from the obscurity many people associate with contemporary 'conceptual art'. There is something very powerful about this conjunction of the manifestly ancient with the apparently modern, as if time and space can be collapsed, and everyone, everywhere, has always been a bit like 'us'.
This is, at the very least, an idealised image of what Nebamun might once have been, before he became rich and old. More than that, however, the way the body is represented is not quite what it seems at first glance.

As in all Egyptian representations of the human body, the apparent whole is the sum of several surprisingly independent parts.

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