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If you regularly set up new connections on your wireless router, it can help to enable WiFi Protected Setup (WPS). WPS settings are disabled by default, however they can be enabled from the router's admin pages.
When setting up a wireless connection, you may be given the option to push the WPS button on the router. When setting up a wireless connection, some wireless software will prompt you to enter the router's PIN to set up a secure wireless connection. Enter your email below to get exclusive access to our best articles and tips before everybody else. You can still set up basic local user accounts without any online service integration, parental controls, or fancy login methods. When setting up an account on Windows 8.1, you have a choice to use either a Microsoft account or a local account. You can convert accounts between Microsoft and local accounts in the PC Settings app, so you can always change your mind later. After setting this up, you can access the parental controls and reports from Microsoft’s Family Safety website. Be sure to choose a secure password if you set up this type of login method, as anyone can choose to log in with your password instead of your picture password or PIN. As on previous versions of Windows, accounts can be either administrator accounts or standard user accounts. Even while using an administrator account, UAC provides additional protection so programs running on your account have to prompt you before writing to system files, installing software, and doing other things that require administrator access. Windows 8.1 displays a lock screen before you log in, but this screen is really suited more to a tablet.
Microsoft doesn’t provide an obvious way to automatically log into your Windows 8 PC.

This obviously reduces your computer’s security, so be careful when enabling this option. If you are using a Microsoft account, you can still log in, even if your Internet is not working. I'll answer the second part first: It's not possible for someone to log in to your computer unless you give them permission, whether they're using a MS account or not.
As to the first part, the answer is "no, not really." Even if you log in with a local account that's not tied to an MS account, Windows will try to link your account to a Microsoft account when you use the Windows Store or any app that links to an MS account. Disclaimer: Most of the pages on the internet include affiliate links, including some on this site.
This allows compatible wireless software to connect to your router by pushing the WPS button, instead of having to type the security code. Even the process of logging in and setting up user accounts is extremely different, with new types of user accounts and login options. Whether you like Microsoft accounts or prefer not to use them, there are interesting options for you here. These parental controls allow you to restrict access to websites, control when the accounts can use the computer, and monitor their computer usage.
After trusting a PC, you can sync passwords to the PC and use it to reset your Microsoft account password if you forget it. Administrator accounts can change system settings and install programs, while standard user accounts are more restricted.
An assigned access account only has access to a single app — yes, this means only Store apps are allowed, not desktop applications. If you just use a touchless desktop PC and you don’t care about seeing app information on your lock screen, you can permanently hide the lock screen and go straight to the login dialog each time you boot or come back to your computer.
If you have your PC in a secure location and want to speed things up, you can use the old, hidden User Accounts dialog to set up automatic login.

Could i login to Windows 8.1 with Microsoft Account, also if i dont have a Internet Connection? In other words permanently lock out everybody that haven't been specifically granted access.
Your password is actually saved on your PC, so Windows can always log you in, even without network access. Using MS login does not grant the world access to your PC; it simply synchronizes your password with your MS password and automatically updates your password on all of your Windows 8 devices.
You can tell each app to ask for your password separately, but Windows will still ask you for each new app. You won’t be able to use OneDrive, desktop settings sync, or other account-based features if you choose a local user account.
These login methods just give you an easier way to log into your computer with less typing.
After you do, anyone can sign into your computer without a password by selecting the Guest account on the login screen. For example, you could set up an account and restrict it to only Internet Explorer, effectively creating a web browser-only, kiosk-like account.
This is ideal for tablets where you want to tap a few times to log in rather than type a long password on a touch screen. Anyone using the guest account will have restricted access to your computer, so it’s ideal for allowing a guest access to a web browser while restricting the damage and snooping they can do. More bizarrely, you could use assigned access to┬áturn one account on your Windows 8.1 system into a Chrome-OS-style environment.

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