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Just when I thought I had created the most simple No-cook, No-egg, No-machine Homemade Ice cream I found the "ice cream in a bag" phenomenon.
Combine half and half, sugar, vanilla, (cocoa powder if making chocolate) and salt in a pint-size ziplock bag.
If you’ve been looking for a way to thoroughly enjoy your sweet treat for the day without feeling like you’re not getting a satisfying serving, this recipe from Spoonful is sure to please! If you want to save some money, just buy one tub (or make one batch) of white frosting, then separate it, adding a few drops  of red dye to one portion to make it pink for the inside of the clam.
We feature funny food recipes that we discovered online, and do not own the rights to the recipes or the images. I think this is the most elaborate and decadent cake that I've made to date and I enjoyed every second of it!
Luscious chocolate mousse threatening to ooze out from in between the brownie and sponge layers but hanging in there! Most of the chocolate mousse cake recipes that I found had the other kinds of mousse as a middle layer (set with gelatine or only relying on whipped cream) but I eventually found a recipe that was exactly what I was looking for which got me very excited.
I did get it all done before we were meant to head out the door, but only just barely, which is not the way I enjoy doing things. Posted on March 29, 2011 by Mandy Mortimer and filed under baked, sweet and tagged Brownie Cake Chocolate Mousse Chocolate Mousse Cake Chocolate Roses Cigarillos Truffles.
I got the idea browsing the internet, finding tons of variations, so I decided to do a few test batches to come up with a creamy soft serve with simple ingredients.

The recipe calls for slathering two cookies with frosting and then using a yogurt covered raisin to hold it open like a clam shell. Tasty and fast, use it as an after-dinner treat or wow your guests at your next clam bake or seafood heavy feast! The goal of our website is to aggregate all cute and amazing food creations from around the web.
If you believe we are using your image without permission or with an incorrect credit, please refer to this page. From the beginning of the process months ahead of ordering the chocolate cigarillos and white chocolate roses, to baking, making and assembling. Baking shouldn't be a mad rush and scramble, it should be enjoyed and you should have plenty of time so that there's no stress. I used milk chocolate cigarillos and the 40mm & 50mm rosesI've had a few e-mails about the white chocolate roses, as I've mentioned, I bought them online from Squires Kitchen, but if you're not able to find somewhere to order them from, you can make them yourself if you're familiar with sugarcraft flowers. This easy soft serve is made out of cream, sugar and vanilla and the best part is, it is ready to eat in minutes! Well, I shouldn't use the word "real" 'cause there are different types of mousse and each is a mousse, I shouldn't be labelling one of them as "real" when they all count!Rather, I wanted to make a rich chocolate mousse with egg yolks, beaten egg whites and whipped cream.
See, I was a little worried that the type of mousse I wanted to use wouldn't be able to hold up under the weight of another layer on top of it 'cause it's normally something served in a bowl and doesn't need to have any structural strength to it.
Preferably over two days.The way I planned it out worked quite well, although I did actually rush towards the end of assembly which is my own fault for not starting on it early enough on the day 'cause we were due to our friend's place for her b'day lunch.

Also makes for less mistakes.Anyway, the time pressure that I put myself under was completely forgotten when the birthday girl saw her cake and was thrilled with it, and then when we all sat down to have huge slices with our coffee.
The chocolate version was my favorite, but try mixing in your favorite candy bar or cookie pieces for a gourmet twist. If it had been a b'day dinner I would have been fine, but me not being able to get my butt out of bed early on a Saturday did 'cause me a little bit of stress.
It was sinfully delicious!I'll say this, it could feed a fair crowd 'cause it really is very rich, as you can imagine with all of that chocolate. Keep shaking and kneading the bags until the liquid mixture begins to harden and turn into ice cream.
I love getting my way!The brownie base and chocolate sponge was an easy recipe search and so I was set for some birthday cake baking! We ended up taking two slices home with us and ended up making those into four slices 'cause that was more than enough for one sitting! For the chocolate lover out there, you really do need to have this cake! The whole cake hugged by chocolate and decorated with chocolate truffles and white chocolate roses. Something like the cake I made for my friend's 30th birthday.What can I say, she loves chocolate!

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