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If you have had a scooter stolen, please post any information you have in order to alert shops and other scooterists of the theft. Enter your e-mail address to receive a FREE muscle car download, cool wallpapers, and informative newsletters from OCW and partners. If the thieves who swiped Bill Schill’s 1962 Chevrolet Impala SS many years ago had known how great the car was going to look and what a wonderful machine it would be at 56 years of age, they might have tried harder not to get caught. As it turns out, having been stolen and moved across the country just makes the car a little more interesting. Aside from a few maintenance items, Schill hasn’t changed or restored anything on his authentic Impala.
A while back, Schill used the Impala’s original paperwork to contact the car’s first owner.
Long before the car ever made it to Wisconsin, though, it was heisted from the first owner and smuggled across about a dozen state lines. The black coupe still bears a few small scars around its back bumper and below the trunk opening from the episode. The Impala resided at the top of the Bowtie hierarchy and was available in almost any configuration a buyer could want — convertible, two-door sport coupe, four-door hardtop sedan, post sedan, and six- and nine-passenger wagons. The redesigned 1962 Impalas had new C-pillar styling on everything except the four-door hardtop, with a new wraparound rear window replacing the “overhanging” roof look seen previously. Schill says he was actually snooping around for a 1964 Impala when he came across the ’62 with a “For Sale” sign on it at a show in 2003. Schill admitted that there will probably come a day when he has break down and have some restoration work done to the car, especially if he keeps driving it several thousand miles a year. The 2017 edition of the Collector Car Price Guide is packed with pricing information for collectors, restorers, buyers, sellers, insurance agents and anyone who could benefit from reliable and authoritative data.

This brand-new version includes over 275,000 prices for sports cars, domestic cars, imported cars, classic cars, special-interest automobiles, muscle cars, and trucks in 6 conditions.
The owner of this stolen Yamaha XT660Z Tenere may be offering a reward for information leading to it's return. Send a tip if you have any information about the stolen Yamaha XT660Z Tenere reported below. If you have information about stolen property or receive an online stolen property tip, do not take the law into your own hands. This stolen Yamaha R1 has been reported in the stolen Motorcycle sub-category of the stolen Auto category on the Online Stolen Property Database. If you have any stolen Motorcycle information, stolen Auto information, or Auto theft prevention tips of your own, please let us know. If you need to report a stolen Yamaha R1 , a stolen Motorcycle or a stolen Auto, click report stolen Auto to begin the easy process. Somehow, the gorgeous black coupe has remained almost entirely original and unmolested, and that’s the way Bill and his wife Bonnie aim to keep it. The bandits left their mark on the Chevrolet, and Schill knows the scratches only adds to the car’s authenticity.
The Impala was one of the country’s most popular cars in the early 1960s and for the 1962 model year total production was a whopping 704,900 assemblies. The 348-cid V-8 was dropped in favor of the 409 and the Turboglide automatic also disappeared from the options list, although Powerglide was still available. The 2016 edition lists all models made by 109 carmakers and 37 truck makers between 1901 and 2009! For more information about Yamaha R1 theft, Motorcycle theft, Auto theft or Auto theft prevention, be sure to visit the Consumer Protection Tips and Info center.

Your online stolen Motorcycle report will appear on the search engines within a day, alerting the world instantly and increasing your chance of recovering your stolen Motorcycle, long into the future! One day they got a phone call from some police department on the East Coast, and they had the car.
Interiors were plusher cloth and leather grain vinyl combinations, with embossed vinyl headlining.
Then he moved to Lake Tahoe and he decided — he was in the mountains — that was no place to have the car, so he put it up for sale. Schill is even still running the same tires that were on the Impala when he bought it 13 years ago. A gentleman from Fond du Lac, Wis., who ran a body shop bought it and had it shipped back to Fond du Lac … It ended up he died and it had been parked for about eight years in a storage shed. Front fender ornaments were standard while at the rear, a brushed aluminum cove panel with six taillamps was found. Plus It was also a big tanker (not knowing then for what I know now) I would get gas out of the fuel barrel on dads farm and it sure took a long time to fill it. And they tore the VIN plate off when they had it out East, I guess so they figured they couldn’t be traced.
A simulated rear window vent was seen, below the glass, on all styles except the convertible. They were getting pock-marked and rusty.” Schill says he also bought new “hockey stick” trim pieces for the that wrap around the corner tail lights, but he didn’t like the way they looked so he had the original pieces refurbished.

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